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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The dimensional square block is perhaps the key to the universe a hexagon situated on Saturn a box_swirls_in-it? The core to planets maybe more mysterious than we know? Saturn's hexagon tells us that earths beginning's had to begin this way, I think the sun is going to burn brighter to accommodated a new world life on saturn soon. As I was sittting at the mall pondering on my research thesis today I felt a tap on the shoulder but nobody was there also when I looked back and this large cubes statue was there and that what was on my mind in general at the time? Hexagon box theory we are heading into a golden age soon, when FACTS BECOME STRANGER THEN FICTION I'LL BE THERE TO MAKE SENSE OF THINGS

Here's a video that was sent email to me via William G that thinks somewhere down the lines of me in principle ?

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville


Saturday, May 21, 2011


The recent end of the world scenario turns out to be basically a bizarre rant as I thought so? I am prophetic a_vancouver_airplane_crash will validate my Michel Nostradamus abilities.

I believe the sun holds the key to understanding the universe many past ancient civilizations held such a high regards to the sun to so much as calling it the sun god. Were they wrong in worshiping the sun or maybe we are right with believing in religion based on the jesus story in which jesus king of the jews was taken out of context of Egyptian mythology/ hieroglyphs, plus the bible is very controversial? and the sun is the life to of planet earth the sun serves a better purpose than the bible on the merit of that sun it gives life to the our plant earth unconditionally plus religion is all about money if you really think about it and many wars or people have been killed in our past were caused by religious powers?

Its not a question if my prophecy will ever happen its a question when? and if its prevented that may cause a paradox and perhaps cause a end of world scenario?

King of the keys to the Universe

Keith Ranville


Friday, May 20, 2011


Winnipeg gets a NHL team the atlanta thrasher the official deal could be made as early as today cbc reports atlanta flames folds yet another team to canada? What will winnipegs new 2nd NHL hockey team be called the last manitoba NHL hockey team was called the winnipeg jets. I am aiming for to call the new winnipeg NHL team to be called: the buffaloes or bisions Indians?

Winnipeg Canada my home town,


Keith Ranville

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Mobilicity banking scheme nickle and dimes 3 dollars from consumers in elaborate financial scam adds to 1 month fee to yearly costs.

Moblilicity telecommunication company charges a monthly annual three dollars+ only if you do not bank at the following banking institutions TD, Scotia, R.B.C Bank of Montreal. Imperial bank of commercial and other banks is subjected to being duped dinged about three buck, but through in which cost about the average bank maybe a dollar fifty to pay? What ever happened to the customer is always right especially when they are getting taken advantage of by a sneaky company? In a phone conversation with moblilicity they see this as a inconvenience matter?

To what is mobilicity is actually getting away with is at least one months fee charge of using there services charged to you out of a year?; 3 times 12 is 36 that comes around one months user fee service of using there's phone and Internet use? If you have been abused by this moblilicity banking scheme contact the Better Business Bureau

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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Manitoba or Mississippi rivers over-flowing, we must look to ancient solutions to this natural water works crisis? dikes, sandbagging is it really the answer? Ancient aqueducts idea may offers a possible solution to these recent river crisis in Canada and America, I believe the rate of the flow of water is important in maintaining the constant rivers behaviors without them being congested, So I would imagine perhaps maybe speeding up the flow of the rivers water at strategic area's of the rivers lengths and maybe cutting through snake like zigzag lengths of rivers patterns may help in dealing with this over flowing river issue? [The Right Balance of flow of Water ]

Dropping the rivers bottom beds down in slanted like staircase would help in controlling the rivers distribution of water flowing down river its when the water slows this is when water swells rivers? You don't see ancient aqueducts over flowing back then cause if they were to over flow it would be at the mouth of the Ancient aqueducts like they were once designed to do so?



Keith Ranville

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Revelation 13 bias report podcast Ep7 oak island mystery birch island treasure map pictorial but-no-mention-of-Ranvilles-theory.

As seen in diagram above of youtube podcast radio program shows my researched treasure map leading from off oak island to my discovery of the birch island triangle but in the 3 part youtube radio program it is not mentioned at all but hideous shown? In my over 5 years of researching the oak island mystery to me and to a lot of people that have been following my research its been about ignorant people and there suppression's of oak island research or real treasure hunting. [News Media Exclusive]

This oak Island mystery can seem like quite the hideous treasure hunt in Nova Scotia, Mahone Bay?

First Nations Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Many native tribes believe man came from within the earth & there is a world deep beneath our hollow planets core?

It's just not native cultures whom believe in this mysterious notion that we originated from deep inside the earth other ancient cultures likewise did too, like the ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks, Norseman and even the Mayan and who knows this is perhaps where the ancient Mayans and there lost treasures vanished to deep beneath the earth when the Spanish Europeans ransacked there civilizations for gold?

Journey to the center of earths story may be truer that we think?

Reference :

Are Native American Indians
descendents of a race of
Subterranean Dwellers ?

  • The Hopi believe that this world we live in is the Fourth World and the other three are inside the earth.

  • The Navajos believe that they emerged at a place known only to them in the Navajo Mountains.

  • The Oneidas point to a hill near the Oswego River falls of New York as their birthplace.

  • The Witchitas say they rose from the rocks around Red River.

  • The Aztecs feel that they were one of seven tribes that came out of the caverns of Aztlan.

  • The Zuni believe that, "in the old days all men lived in caves in the center of the earth".

  • The Mandan tribes of the Sioux believe that their nation lived in a subterranean village near a vast lake.

  • According to the Pawnee story of creation "All living things came from under the ground".

  • Chekilli, the head chief of the Creeks Indian tribes said "The earth opened in the west, where it's mouth is. The earth opened and the Creeks came out".

  • My Dreams tell me there is something to this story.

    First Nations Native Researcher

    Keith Ranville



    Kids in panama discovered and killed a alien being like creature in a creek it may have been a new undiscovered species? [Bizarre News Video Footage]

    Scientifically the jury is still out on this intriguing story?

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    Keith Ranville



    Osama bin laden a CIA agent patsy fall guy to 9/11 terror plot that cia orchestrated osama bin laden CIA Agent? America blew up its own trade centers and pentagon, and also the cia were next doors keeping tabs and protecting osama bin ladens safe house? This is why the navy seals mission was so secretive they weren't worried about the Pakistan government they were more worried about the own government the cia.

    The cia plot objective to to destroy the u.s trade centers and pentagon, the cia weren't indeed on the real hunt for bin laden cause because osama bin laden was one of there own a cia field agent. In fact the navy seals commandos were unsure if they even caught osama bin laden? cause they were not even sure that he was tall enough to be bin laden there must of been other doubts in the navy seals minds that would of casted other doubts that they may have got the wrong man? he may have been the wrong man that is why the man the navy seal commandos killed now sleeps with the fishes killed and dumped gangster styled?

    U.S Government Conspiracy

    - Keith Ranville



    U.S CNN ABC Propaganda news to be little bin laden's image cause he dyes his hair who doesn't these days? disguise good "yes" Howard Hughes a famous american billionaire icon purposely recluse himself on his own doings, however he to was also paranoid that the American [cia] government was out to kill him too up to the day he died?

    You tube Propaganda film footage of osama bin laden was disabled to post on blogs and websites? ??

    News Interest Story

    By Keith Ranville

    Friday, May 06, 2011


    Extraterrestrial ufo formation film footage explains my the carnac megalithic reason for humans to build them cause-of-ufo-sky-alignments

    [Fukushuma Japan video footage of ufo's making sky formations as to them to single some-kind of messages in elaborate code to us humans]

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    -Keith Ranville



    Have you noticed you don't hear much on japans nuclear power plant crisis cause alien technology is assisting them; ufo hoovering over nuclear power plant [News Film Footage]

    In vancouver b.c canada I witnessed ufo formations as to what I was drawing in my note book journal similar to like this japan ufo film footage [above] this is when I knew extraterrestrials are perhaps offering me messages subconsciously? How else why do I know so much on a very high intelligence level this all began prior to my treasure hunting adventure across canada. They chosen me.


    Keith Ranville



    President barack obama disrespectfully insults Native American Indians by comparing osama bin laden to Geronimo a-native-american-legend. There are some racist remarks that I would like to rebuttal back to racy barack obama but I wont stoop down to that jive turkeys level. But have you know the native american people are the most undetermined and stereotyped culture out there, and here the u.s is afraid of upsetting the muslims/middle easterners in any wordings towards them? and then the u.s turns around and insults the american native indian people and there past great native legend Geronimo? Hopefully president barack obama can find it in his mind to apologize to the native american people for his insulting behaviors and move on..

    [Maybe U.S president barack obama should of called his osama bin laden code word mission BUCKWHEAT that little rascal! anyway.]

    Synopsis By

    Keith Ranville


    Press Contact:
    Sarah Sloan at 202-904-7949

    This following statement is being submitted to the official record of the United States Senate Commission on Indian Affairs Oversight Hearing on "Stolen Identities: The Impact of Racist Stereotypes on Indigenous People,” taking place Thursday, May 5, 2011, at 2:15pm in Dirksen-628.

    Statement from Harlyn Geronimo
    on behalf of himself and other surviving lineal descendants
    of the Historic Apache Leader Geronimo

    Whether it was intended only to name the military operation to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden or to give Osama Bin Laden himself the code name Geronimo, either was an outrageous insult and mistake. And it is clear from the military records released that the name Geronimo was used at times by military personnel involved for both the military operation and for Osama Bin Laden himself.

    Obviously to equate Geronimo with Osama Bin Laden is an unpardonable slander of Native America and its most famous leader in history.

    And to call the operation to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden by the name Geronimo is such a subversion of history that it also defames a great human spirit and Native American leader. For Geronimo himself was the focus of precisely such an operation by the U.S. military, an operation that assured Geronimo a lasting place in American and human history.

    The Encyclopedia Britannica (1967, Volume 10, page 362) has described the real Operation Geronimo in the following words:

    During this last campaign, which lasted 18 months, no fewer than 5,000 troops and 500 Indian auxiliaries had been employed in the apprehension of a band of Apaches comprising only 35 men, 8 boys and 101 women, who operated in two countries without bases of supply. Army and civilian losses totaled 95; Mexican losses were heavy, but unknown; Geronimo’s losses were 13 killed, but none from direct U.S. Army action.

    Geronimo was not killed and was not captured. After the Chiricahua Band of Apaches were taken from reservations in Arizona Territory and New Mexico to Ft. Marion, Florida, Geronimo and his warriors saw no chance of reuniting with their people except by surrender with the promise that they would be reunited with their tribe.

    General Miles promised: "There is plenty of timber, water, and grass in the land to which I will send you. You will live with your tribe and with your family. If you agree to this treaty you shall see your family within five days." None of the promises were kept.

    Nearly half the Chiricahua band, the band of Cochise, died in Florida and later in Alabama within several years before being moved to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. Geronimo was held a prisoner of war for the remaining 23 years of his life, though he was a major attraction at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis in 1904 and was second only to President Elect Theodore Roosevelt in the applause received along the Inaugural Parade route of 1905.

    But Geronimo died a prisoner of war at Ft. Sill in February 1909. His bodily remains, if none were removed as has been alleged, are to this day in the Ft. Sill Apache Prisoner of War Cemetery despite his repeated requests to return to the headwaters of the Gila River in the Gila National Forest and within what was the first forest wilderness area designated in the U.S., in western New Mexico.

    As the son of a grandson of Geronimo, who as a U.S. soldier fought at Omaha Beach on D Day and across West Europe to the Rhine in World War II, and having myself served two tours of duty in Vietnam during that war, I must respectfully request from the President, our Commander-in-Chief, or his Secretary at the Department of Defense, a full explanation of how this disgraceful use of my great grandfather’s name occurred, a full apology for the grievous insult after all that Native Americans have suffered and the expungement from all the records of the U.S. government this use of the name Geronimo. Leaving only for history the fact this insult to Native Americans occurred in all its pity.



    The prelude to the controversial capture & murder of osama bin laden 9/11 is the greatest man-made mystery ever, America perhaps alike freemasonry they are both also shrouded in bizarre unexplained mystery's along with estrange symbolism's?

    Maybe man in manipulation also mean's what man does best to lead man into one mystery one after another, by using ways of manipulative trivial lies and deceptions, could it be said America is trumped up behind one controversy after another and "why" cause this is how perhaps the ancient civilization leaderships in our pasts rolled along before us. This is just business as usual for states of unusual minds?

    Fear not the words but the actions of evil in man, is how this new world man rolls.

    Keith Ranville


    Tuesday, May 03, 2011


    Operation Geronimo Native Man Breaks Code As Osama Bin Laden's to G. W Bush's Obsession-&-also-Geronimo's-Ancestor? Navy Seals extraction of Bin Laden out of Abbottabad Pakistan may have been a 2012 golden goose election tool for the barack obama administration like how osama bin laden was for g. w bush's fear election scheme that stemmed from the controversial 911 terror attacks then the off course hunt for bin laden went off direction to iraq a far from where 0sama bin laden was stationed or had any ties too? [oil hunt scheme]

    Is America that much safer since the reported death of osama bin laden? the aftermath of bin laden's supposedly death may have been handled to suspiciously secretly by the commander and chief barack obama? any photo's film footage of osama bin Laden's hunt down is perhaps now maybe believed to have time to be doctored photo shopped or questionable for anyone knows, but by conspiracy theorists it'll be like another government alien autopsy scrutiny episode to entertain or fiction us further?

    CONSPIRACY THEORISTS BELIEVE THAT OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS ALREADY DEAD? I am skeptical of American dealings ever since 911 and the dead Kennedy assassinations ect..

    America still fears al Qaeda after the reported death of osama bin laden and yet they still act like scared kids, Americans have to learn how to man up and not fear terrorists or Muslims extreme religious feed back they are "evils murders" nothing more like tommy lee jones said in one of his movie quotes " I don't bargain" this is how I feel about terrorists organizations I don't care anything what those scumbags think woe wise, hey Benito Albino Mussolini was stoned spat on and hung up side down by angry civilians after he was through causing crap there was no love lost there in that incident.

    My enemy of my enemy is my friend is how politics goes

    George w. bush mean Geronimo in the code to get osama bin laden there is something in this bin laden killing that just don't add up from his body [burial at sea]

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    Operation osama bin laden dead code name Geronimo

    Logic don't apply to politics

    Keith Ranville


    Monday, May 02, 2011


    The latest British royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton involved entertaining at least 8 dictators as guests, should all proceed revenues of the British royal wedding be given to charity on the account of entertaining of dictators.

    Beyonce Knowles Mariah Carrie, nelly furtado & Usher, 50 cent, timberland performed for a dictator like Muammar Qaddafi and some of the mentioned performers later they were embarrassingly subjected to give there performance earnings to charity? British arrogance gives them permission to do anything hypocritical. A Royal Beef
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    News Column
    Keith Ranville


    Is Osama Bin Laden Really Dead unconfirmed reports are floating around the internet of-his-death photo, barack obama’s recent conspiracies of him toying around with the press of his not to mention his latest him and [donald trump] joking around on his birth certificate just sparks further speculations on this well scripted breaking news of the death of osama bin laden? There are conspiracies going around the internet web that osama bin laden was already dead years ago or he is not even dead? then also there is osama bin laden buried at sea to further peoples doubts on this elaborate possible American government lie to gain popularity in u.s politics and to upswing the u.s economical finances? President Barack Obama has become pretty sly when it comes to entertaining the media to get the greatest attention cause he also now knows america loves conspiracies of many theories so he left a door open for conspiracy theorists to ponder by having osama bin laden buried at sea if in fact was even captured dead at all?

    Osama Bin Laden sleeps with the fishy story?

    Photo of latest unconfirmed death of osama bin laden?

    skeptical inquiry

    Keith Ranville


    Osama Bin Laden still alive? Osama buried at sea I am not buying it a barack obama birther II conspiracy forensic proof unavailable? May maybe this is a 2012 election scheme for the obama administration?

    Is this like a billy the kid conspiracy? You would think the american people would want proof of a corps

    Keith Ranville

    Sunday, May 01, 2011


    President Barack Obama gets Osama Bin Laden Osama; osama shot in the head by american special operations unit 911 is now 411 "WANTED MAN IS DEAD"


    Keith Ranville



    Nasa 1969 Apollo 11 lunar mission angel statue moon rock is from earths asteroid impact 200,000 years ago? Tswaing crater; approximately a kilometer wide and a 100 meters deep and happened some 200,000 years ago about the time of the age of the moon angel stone statue image is aged too?

    Judging by the depth of the tswaing asteroid crater impact it must of blown debris to the freaken moon along with this lunar rock image found and kinda just recently released information by nasa? both earths crater impact and the mysterious moon angel statue were dated to be around 170,000 years old in which is years before humans were believed to be walking the earth? But I am not discounting that life nevered occurred on the moon before? this mysterious mystery still continues on the merit of the moon rocks ancient images age? Ancient Aliens We Maybe So.

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