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Monday, April 26, 2010

Don’t Chat to Aliens, Says Stephen Hawking

Whats you talking about hawking's, aliens should never be approached cause it maybe dangerous says stephen hawking - british astrophysicist, extraterrestrial life is almost a real possibility mr. hawking claims? Mr. hawking goes on to say, the search exploration for alien life should be a avoidance instead of a contact quest, because any possibility of alien life that would come to earth would be a visit to our lives to dominate, and to take our planets resources.

68 year-old stephen hawking compares a alien visit to earth would be as equal to christopher columbus coming to the new world, things did not work out to good for the native americans? The astrophysicist stephen hawking is confined to a wheelchair and suffers from ALS also known as lou gehrig's disease and communicates through computer technology via a electronic voice synthesizer.

- Keith Ranville

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Racism comes in many forms & cbc perpetrates racism in hideous boundaries you see it in a oak island land and sea film. But its what you don't see that is repulsively discriminative to first nations natives, its cbc's exclusions of a native man's notoriety to do with the oak island mystery?

"So what" if cbc excluded first nations work from a nova scotia treasure hunt, its how they did it that is so tasteless of them. What cbc was trying to do was segregate first nations natives from caucasian in this cbc land and sea film, and done ignorantly!

Well it sure seems so, that cbc was trying to ploy the race game in this oak island treasure hunt. We could just ignore this matter or we can just let it slide. But what if we just do that... and "forget about it" ? What will this country canada become over time, will it move eventually towards a racially driven country run by bigots, because if cbc canadian broadcasting corporation can try to get away with bigotry then other corporations will engage in cbc's dubious acts of racism also and it will trickle upwards or downwards in canadian society.

CBC more of less thinks this oak island land and sea racism controversy will all blow over, and they can go on doing the same thing to other canadians or even go to other countries and behave in the same irresponsible manner. If I feel that I am being treated unfairly by a canadian government institution its my right to speak out, and this is a wrongly done matter to me that is something that needs to be addressed promptly and also needs to be spoken out and shareD with other canadian citizens, its there right to also to know of this kind of discrimination that has been done to there fellow canadian citizen.

- Keith Ranville of First Nations

Monday, April 12, 2010


A oak island film of any kind; cbc's land and sea propaganda production is a attempt to construe you away from first nations capabilities & endeavors. Are we led to believe peoples ventures should be categorized just to there culture? In my case I think its been done to me, by cbc not acknowledging myself as a treasure hunter in there new oak island film because I am a first nations native indian, but they proudly portray some caucasians in this oak island land and sea film and then not mentioning or having first nations involvement to oak island? And with cbc very well knowing that there is a popular first nations man involved in this treasure hunt?

I myself would not be so caring in cbc's ignorant behavior in there oak island land and sea film, but we are talking about "cbc canadian broadcasting corporation a government run institution the canadian people pay there taxes to them", and then they go around treating people unfairly because of there indifferent canadian culture. They endorsed people from another country than before there own country in this land and sea oak island film, like before first nations oak island achievements in-which was never mentioned in this new controversial oak island film flop of cbc's.

I honestly believe cbc turned on its country, and wrongly treated the first nations people country wide with malicious intent to undermined what first nations people are actually capable of doing in a caucasian dominated world. If this nonsense cbc land and sea film was to be a journalistic look, like into doing a cover story on oak island then they biasly failed by them leaving out a popular first nations element to this oak island treasure hunt. A oak island theory that is responsible for giving new oak island mystery in mahone bay n.s with a new treasure island discovery "Birch Island" since 2005 - its been keeping people's minds inquiring' worldwide.

A cbc letter of resentment

- Keith Ranville of First Nations

Tuesday, April 06, 2010



Recent new first nations code breaking formula gives new perspective to oak island mystery!

- Keith Ranville,

Monday, April 05, 2010


CBC's oak island land and sea film is biscuits with no gravy, cause the gravy is whats not mentioned in the film? Birch islands gravy this is what gives the oak island treasure mystery a full course meal worth serving to the public.

Is this new cbc land and sea film just another you tube film that belongs on the cutting room floor? Lets just see, cbc's oak island land & sea film was obviously butchered into leaving out oak island key theories and recent new oak island discoveries, it just seems like a bunch of dumb people made this new cbc land and sea oak island film + not to mention a couple uncertain looking characters that were in this oak island film that were b.s'ing about old rehashed oak island going ons, like leprechaun, like fairy's living under the island, for starters?

"Common now" this cbc land and sea oak island film was a flop, this was probably the only time that this oak island could get really good national exposer properly, sadly it was an uninformative failure? Is oak island cursed in this way you might think so? but its not, its peoples personal behaviors thats involved in oak island with them aggressively scrambling for there own oak island fortune and fame to themselves, and will get it at any cost, this is why this new cbc land and sea film failed on arrival. And the pros between the cbc land and sea oak island program, and the old oak island you tube video, is the oak island youtube cost probably not even a fraction than cbc's full film budgets cost to make, and the con about these two cbc - youtube oak island films is they both ignorantly don't have this invisible lost island; called birch island and its invaluable native research content in it? Now "really" how dumb is that of them to not know? These oak island film researchers they must not read the internet or never researched oak island good enough? to not know of the birch island - oak island connection?

Review - cbc land and sea oak island film gets a big thumbs down or rated I for ignorant film.

- Keith Ranville

Saturday, April 03, 2010


News -CBC bad review on oak island, is cbc apart of a corrupt group of carnival clowns that have to much emotional issues to portray the treasure hunt properly? You might say so if you saw the cbc documentary with these oak island characters holding there tongue on popular current oak island research, and with nothing significant new to say in terms of bringing oak island to informal light?

I don't think people that are oak island researchers are impressed with this cbc oak island documentary, and the closest they came to mentioning the birch island triangle is that when dan blankenship revealed two align stone triangles that he found on his oak island property? I liked Mr. blankenships opinion on those university students money pit bright idea on the the money pit, Dan thought it was nonsense. I have to agree with him on that point of his, then them students pandered for $10.000 the 15 million after that I fast forward that part ha ha.

It just seemed like the people that were interviewed about oak island in the cbc oak island documentary was just there to pick up a pay check. Well here's what I know in this little oak island business, you have to play ball with them to get anywhere in this treasure hunt in order to get exposer as a treasure hunter. I don't play there kiddo games I don't do the brown nose game like the peculiar characters on the latest cbc oak island documentary. And its a shame the canadian people are missing out on the real news to the oak island mystery due to a few emotionally out of touch oak island head game players? that should not be describing oak island in any way!

I am disappointment in cbc, a government TV network concerning oak island, this is so un-canadian of cbc, and its a sad day for first nations efforts, that put this oak island mystery in a new logical perspective!

Watch cbc oak island documentary if you must; Land and sea CBC

- Keith Ranville

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Nostradamus Prophecies Reloaded

Michel nostradamus lived from 1503 to 1566, The telescope wasn't invented until 1608?, in the pic above that I interpreted, it shows astronomy images - perceived in through a telescope? This means one of two things; michel nostradamus either fore saw the invention of the telescope, or this picture (above) was made after michel Nostradamus's death? by another .- Keith Ranville

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