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Monday, April 05, 2010


CBC's oak island land and sea film is biscuits with no gravy, cause the gravy is whats not mentioned in the film? Birch islands gravy this is what gives the oak island treasure mystery a full course meal worth serving to the public.

Is this new cbc land and sea film just another you tube film that belongs on the cutting room floor? Lets just see, cbc's oak island land & sea film was obviously butchered into leaving out oak island key theories and recent new oak island discoveries, it just seems like a bunch of dumb people made this new cbc land and sea oak island film + not to mention a couple uncertain looking characters that were in this oak island film that were b.s'ing about old rehashed oak island going ons, like leprechaun, like fairy's living under the island, for starters?

"Common now" this cbc land and sea oak island film was a flop, this was probably the only time that this oak island could get really good national exposer properly, sadly it was an uninformative failure? Is oak island cursed in this way you might think so? but its not, its peoples personal behaviors thats involved in oak island with them aggressively scrambling for there own oak island fortune and fame to themselves, and will get it at any cost, this is why this new cbc land and sea film failed on arrival. And the pros between the cbc land and sea oak island program, and the old oak island you tube video, is the oak island youtube cost probably not even a fraction than cbc's full film budgets cost to make, and the con about these two cbc - youtube oak island films is they both ignorantly don't have this invisible lost island; called birch island and its invaluable native research content in it? Now "really" how dumb is that of them to not know? These oak island film researchers they must not read the internet or never researched oak island good enough? to not know of the birch island - oak island connection?

Review - cbc land and sea oak island film gets a big thumbs down or rated I for ignorant film.

- Keith Ranville

Canadian Cree First Nations Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

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