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Friday, April 13, 2007

Legendary Oak Island Treasure Story To Be Filmed

Legendary Treasure Story To Be Filmed

Chittenango, NY – Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC the producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series, has received the exclusive rights to film the Oak Island treasure story. Ryan Prucker of Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC will be the co-producer.

For centuries the treasure on Oak Island, Nova Scotia has been a mystery to treasure hunters, historians, and adventure seekers.

“The Oak Island treasure has been as puzzling as any treasure story in the world. What is buried on Oak Island and where it is buried has received interest for more than two centuries. Some say the “Holy Grail” the cup that Jesus drank from at the “Last Supper” is buried on the Island. Others have speculated that the treasure may very well be a book or a letter that could significantly affect the world today. Whatever is buried on Oak Island may now be located based on a new interpretation of a centuries old clue. The clue could lead to what the treasure is and it’s whereabouts,” Pandozzi states.

The Oak Island treasure legend began in the summer of 1795. Three individuals, Daniel McGinnis, John Smith and Anthony Vaughn were adventuring on Oak Island when they discovered a spot on the ground that looked as if it had been recently uncovered. Fifteen feet above the ground, swung a ships tackle hanging from a sawed off tree branch. On the tree were carved strange markings.

Visions of a buried treasure danced in their heads, so the three kept digging.

Digging deeper the individuals encountered a flagstone with a strange inscription scrawled into it. It is this mysterious cipher that has captivated the world of treasure hunters. No one has been able to establish what the code means.

However, Keith Ranville, a Canadian Cree Native Indian, has studied the clues and believes he knows where the treasure is buried.“Keith Ranville has worked diligently to uncover the mystery behind the code. I believe he is on to something,” Pandozzi says.

Filming will begin sometime this year.

Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC in Chittenango New York started operations in 2005.The production company produces Exploring Historys Treasures Television series and DVDs. The series features history, metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC in Syracuse New York is the co-producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series. Imagelight also provides full-scale film production, editing, media buying services as well as advertising to businesses and corporations. Interested parties may visit For more information please visit, or #

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Written Stone Ciphered, the Secret of Coumesourde

Good Friday 2007

Renne Le-Château
Written in stone, Keith's new cipher of the secret inscription of Coumesourde

The legendary Coumesourde Stone, now lost, is believed to have concealed a secret? of great importance to the mystery of Rennes-le-Château's, Lost Treasure.

New Research Discovery: cipher

This diagram is a partial of triangles, the upper and lower crosses, are center points of four triangles the same as the visible triangle. The V’s at each end of the crosses represents one of four triangles; Line (A) is center means there is triangle (B, C, D, E) this is a simple math equation of pi square or a diagram of a inverted 1/4 pyramid.

New Oak Island Research: New Discovery


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