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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Fear and loathing Vancouver British Columbia's radiation rain so do we blame it on the rain? seasonal fruit&vegetables, I was just mentioning the other day on facebook that local fresh produce will bring down the cost when veggies are in season in vancouver.

But in light of this Japanese radioactive rain falling out in British Columbia I am somewhat uneasy about consuming b.c grown caught fish and produce? Well we already have pesticides hormones chemical cancer causing food additives in our diet already let alone were taking (Medical Mafia) pharmaceuticals to combat this vicious cycle of us being a walking toxic dump revolving door otherwise we have become talking toxic acidic mutants already? So why should we be so concerned about ingesting nuclear foods?

April Whine


Keith Ranville

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Radiation hits Vancouver B.C Canada via japan's earthquake "yes" its in Vancouver's rain mutation in b.c's biological small creatures would be the first signs in the extent of radioactive material that has impacted British Columbia's west coast?

Vancouver Sun News

"Radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactor damaged in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami has been detected in B.C. seaweed and rainwater samples, researchers say.

Tests found iodine-131 in samples taken in the Lower Mainland on March 19, 20 and 25, Simon Fraser University said in a news release Monday. ###?"


Keith Ranville of Vancouver

Monday, March 28, 2011


Egypts ancient pyramids not 10,500 years as theorized pyramids shafts sphinx star aligned to-civilizations-arrival?

Time, times and half, :Daniel referring to the three great pyramids of egypt.

(Above in Diagram)

How ancient egypt would of looked 10,500 years ago? but without out the pyramids thus sphinx. 10,500 B.C is perhaps how old is ancient egypts civilization arrival to Egypt however that may have been done, the linage age of the great pyramids its age is recorded in egypt's elaborate astrogeometry designs in regards to constellations leo,orion. So archaeologists may be accurate in dating the actual age of the great pyramids of ancient Egypt on being around 4,500- 5,000 years old?

After all king Solomons temple is planned to be rebuilt once permission is granted? Do you think Solomons temple then would be built other than to is plans from ancient scriptures. This would of went asame for the ancient Egyptians there plans of the great pyramids and sphinx to the age they would of been made to the era in which the plans were most likely designed by there past priests or the great geometry wizard of the universe.

Keith Ranville

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ancient Egypt's recently deciphered calendar aligns to Mayan december 21, 2012 end of days doomsday date calander. Egyptian pyramids are time monuments in relevant to the mayan calendar these to ancient civilizations are related in similar ways as I produced in upper diagram.

Reference to theory


King pekow was discovered in his secret tomb in a "pyramid" masked in a jade mask and, beholded with a jade sphere in one hand, cube of jade in the other. Was king pekow holding in his hands secrets to the universe thus, the secrets to ancient Egypt's pyramids I believe they were distant relatives that once beheld ancient mystic knowledge relating to our universe..

King Pekow

Keith Ranville

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ancient Egypts civilization related to Mayan calender through geometric encoded patterns? Orion's belt cosmic clock maya hold time navigation's on to several worlds?

The mayan calender may hold time on other worlds as ancient egypts as on of them "wow"? I believe we are descended from the stars, however reading into our ancient past may unlock this code in one form or another to our lost past.

Keith Ranville

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I toad everyone so "Joking" there's a ripples on the pond in Hollywoods controversy? Mr. funny pants gets a laugh. Blogger funny pants 500+ blog pages cooking worldwide internationally myself.

I don't get out of bed at all unless 8 million people are willing to listen to me, tb or not to be that is the question. Eight million dollar man michael showalter of no real notarized talent fox trots in charlie sheens light of expecting his income? According to showalter's interview he wrote mr. funny pants in 250 pages "Showalter's book "Mr. Funny Pants," which chronicles over 250-plus pages in full the writer's inability to write a book and is written in like seinfeld format a book about nothing is what I gather. What was released earlier this year interestingly, fellow comedian lookalike to sarah palin Tina Fey is releasing her first book, "Bossypants," in April"

Hey' how about longtime hundred's of pages blogger mr. treasure pants with his jewels hidden somewhere in the oak island money pit. Does it have a shot? lol

Related Story

Keith Ranville


Submission archived regarding first nations Canadian material of great interest in a situation western shore, nova
scotia mahone bay. Birch Island Duh' "Winning"

Mr. Steve Zou, P.Eng.,Ph.D.

Mining Engineer

Dec 1, 2005 To whom it may concern: Re: Mr. Ranville's discovery of the Oak Island Mystery Last week, Mr. Keith Ranville came to see me in my office and provided a document regarding his discovery of the Oak Island Treasure Mystery. He made a Presentation and explained his Findings.

I found that his interpretation of the inscription carved on the stone discovered in 1803 is very different from others. I believe that his translation has some logic and is reasonable to certain degrees. If his discovery can be proven to be correct, it will have a significant impact on Canada's heritage on the east coast. Therefore I think that his proposed project is worth consideration for support.

Sincerely Steve Zou, P.Eng.


From: Danny Hennigar
To: keith ranville
Subject: Oak Island Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:22:11 -0400

Like I promised you, here is my e-mail address and letter of support.

Last evening I looked over the package of documents and drawings you have assembled and have discovered that you have spent a lot of time on this enigma. The energy you have expended to follow your idea is impressive and I greatly respect the tenacity you have shown. The first day I met you, this Fall, I did not really understand the depth of your commitment to this project and have come to realize you are very serious.

I support you and your quest in principle, and hope you are able to find the funding to continue your understanding of the Oak Island mystery. I wish you luck in pursuing a better understanding as you touch base with many Mi'Kmaq elders, reserves, leaders and contacts along the way of your journey here in Nova Scotia. To understand the present, I think one must understand the past.

Kindest regards,

Danny Hennigar
Oak Island Tourism Society


January 19th, 2006
To Whom It May Concern; In the fall of 2005 Mr. Keith Ranville came to visit the Sault Ste. Marie Museum and provided an explanation of his research and his proposed project to the Museum Director / Curator.

On December 29th, 2005 the Museum received a fax from Mr. Ranville asking for a letter of support for his project.

The Management Board of Directors of the Sault Ste. Marie Museum was provided with his information package and his request at the regular meeting of January 19th, 2006.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we support this project in principle as it relates to the history of Canada and look forward to further developments which may result.

Mr. Bruce E. Pearce, President
Management Board of Directors
Sault Ste. Marie Museum SAULT



Bear River First Nation

P.O. BOX 210 PHONE: (902) 467-****
BEAR RIVER (902) 467-****
NOVA SCOTIA FAX: (902) 467-****

October 18, 2005

To whom it may concern:

Please be advised that Keith Ranville has met with the BEAR RIVER FIRST NATION of Nova Scotia and provided a presentation of his proposed research on Oak Island or Mahone Bay. On behalf of the Bear River First Nation, we support this project in principle and look forward to the progress of this endeavor.


Chief Frank Meuse jr.


Oak Island Radio Interviews

The World today With Gord MacDonald CKNW AM 980 Vancouver, Interview about The Oak Island Treasure Mystery

CKBW, 98.1 FM Radio in Nova Scotia Keith's radio Interview October 15th 2006 on CKBW, 98.1 FM in Nova Scotia. He appeared on South Shore Sunday Morning with host, Sheldon Macleod. To listen to the interview about Oak Island's buried treasure, click the link below.

Errie Radio Keith Ranville casually chats with his new friends radio jockeys DK & Fizz about Oak Island and it’s Mystery including conversations about theories on the Money pit and it’s connection to the famous Birch Island Triangle. Mp3

XZONE RADIO SHOW- I would like to invite Keith Ranville, to be my guest on, Monday, May 21 2007, 10 pm – 11 pm Eastern to talk about “Oak Island Story.”

Exclusive Oak Island News Articles

LOST TREASURE MAGAZINE Cree Code Breaker Challenges 140-Year Old Cipher

Cree Native translates ancient stone as a treasure map By Angie Zinck- Lunenburg Progress Enterprise - October 18, 2006 WESTERN SHORE- Nova Scotia

NEW READING OF MYSTERIOUS OAK ISLAND INSCRIPTION Theory points to possible connection with nearby Birch Island HALIFAX, Nova Scotia: Wednesday, 11th, 2007

Canadian First Nations

Keith Ranville

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Keith Ranville

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Charlie Sheen cbs, warner wants mr. sheen back to two and a half men, fox tv in talks with charlie sheen?

Reporting Keith Ranville:

jimmy kimmel late night, gate crasher charlie sheen surprised mr. kimmel with a romantic smooch and handed jimmy kimmel fox coffee mugs hey maybe two in half men is finished for cbs and charlie sheen is going to fox t.v with better terms and bigger pay?

Hey I aways thought actor charlie sheen was a nice guy he show's up to work and did his job right what can go wrong with ones life from there? Perhaps cbs warner bros. television were to caught up in the Hollywood cnn headline news controversy drama gossip whom on regular basis criticize in how people should run there lives?

After all charlie sheen is Hollywood royalty with martin sheen as his father one can't get any better than that? perhaps everyone can learn something out of charlie sheens clever shenanigans me including? lol

Full Story



Sammy Hagar rock & Roll icon, ex van halen lead singer claims he was extraterrestrial abducted telepathically & downloaded uploaded greatest hits tunes into his brain by two alien beings? O.k I was just kidding about getting his greatest hits idea put into his head by aliens?
But this whole idea of aliens abducting rock legend sammy hagar really sound amazing and you can't help to not kid about it some?
Oak Island Blog News
Keith Ranville

Monday, March 21, 2011


CNN fabricating news to inspire bogus rebels in Libya simulated by America's propaganda war for oil in middle eastern countries. Conspiracy is these rebels in Libya with weapons fighting there own government' wouldn't this be a terrorist act that the U.N is supporting? And where did the libya rebels get these weapons all a sudden to over throw there government?

What if this rebel situation was going on in the united states or even the u.k, france, canada ect. and a uprising was brewing up in the west or European governments and weapons just seemed to have drop from the sky to battle the u.n's countries attacking libya right now, would that be a act of terrorism just what or who are the terrorist these days since wct 911?

People don't be "fooled" this or these fantasy wars trumped up by the u.s.a is one big sham to get Saudi Arabia's oil. I am not the only one that feels this way, I think America is pitching us a gullible kids story to us using cnn news as there fake news to lie to us! just what really is going on in the middle east don't believe CNN its your most untrusted news source.

Imperialism, New World Order ect; Something is not right thats going down in the middle east it'll lead us into world war 3, perhaps a coo is brewing by other countries like russia china..? right now against the bribed corrupted U.N

Keith Ranville


Video details below.

Video youtube by 2012 tv - CNN News fictional depiction of 'rebels', fake war, phoney invented rebel uprising. CNN fantasy world news reporting.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Saturday Night Fever march 19th 2011 brings in the fullest moon since 1993 disasters? is it a coincidence natural disasters started up around this time frame? and the next brightest full supermoon will be on Nov.14,2016 in about another five long years when nothing will be the same.

From my Iphone film footage I seen no difference in the moons phase from Vancouver B.C it seemed normal and kinda small to average of a full moon to me? it may have been different for others elsewhere. But I am looking to the cosmic stars these days they will provide signs of things to come in time I think the earth is lashing out in desperation against us for our disrespectful neglect to our planets environment.

We are poisoning our planet thus ourselves, think about it?

Keith Ranville

I have other photo's on my facebook page as well link

Here are some facebook post of mine in the following:

There is more than likely unworldly phenomena all around us, our perception hasn't evolveď to that level yet to read into the spiritworld!

I think the world of this planets inspiring emotional energies

Notice the fights were scheduled on a full moon this is not by coincidence rome perhaps done likewise in there gladiator days. Are you not entertained. Observer

Friday, March 18, 2011


Taj Mahal treasure tomb hidden beneath black taj mahal's reflection on thus across yamuna river? during taj mahal's construction large anchors were sunk deep beneath under yamuna's rivers bed shore to stable the taj mahal and to prevent it from sinking? while this was going on I believe secret tunnels were made leading under and across the river yamuna then sealed that lead to the general area of X marks the spot or beneath the taj mahal's reflection?

Vancouver B.C, Canada

Treasure Hunter/ Researcher

Keith Ranville

Black Taj Mahal found in Rivers Reflections?

The lost mythical black taj mahal maybe found floating in its rivers reflection? A Keith Ranville Observation too

simalar theory in link

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Japan's latests earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami to think it can't get any worse radiation is thrown into the mix? As nuclear power plants leaks radioactive material into japans environment to perhaps dangerous levels leaving people fleeing japan"s earthquakes aftermath not from the quake itself but from released deadly radiation into japan's atmosphere!

In 2009 I came up with an idea that may lessen the severity of a tsusami using speed bump barriers hopefully a serious look at my idea would be considered in other earthquake prone places in light of japan's latest 8.9 destrutive earthquake causing massive damage and lost of life

My sincere most prayers goes to the good people of Japan.

Native Researcher

Keith Raniville

Published on Iphone



The georgia guidestones are just maybe a symphony harmony orchestra to message the gods or terrestrial advanced life.

Keith Ranville


Vandals need not to vandalize georgia guidestones anymore the megalithic stones are a ancient sound message instrument.
The geogia guidestones delivers encoded sound messages, I would think the dynamics of the megalithic stones is solved. Now the next part is what patterns of sounds comes out of the georgia guidstones? Its a mystical trumpet, and perhaps a finale message to the world that may put the world in a harmonic balance a balance in nature that we have stayed away from over time. My dreams tell me its harmless but informal and should be hence respected for its in genius design rather than it purpose. "Cree Code Breaker"
Native Intuitive Researcher
Keith Ranville

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keith Ranville Brad Meltzer's Decoded Georgia Guidestones Tunes

Georgia megalithic guidestones are encoded in tune with sounds rather than in astronomical dimensions? Its 4 billion+ rather than 1/2 billion cause its says it per language, why I say + 4 billion cause of the ancient writing written on the top square slab of the georgia guidestones its suggests middle eastern different people as well so they would be in the population count more than 4 billion? I would imagine?

I think, and this is just a theory; is that hole in the center pillar of the georgia guidestones it branches outward in a V triangle shape like a speaker of sorts and sounds come out of it thus through the other side of the pillar? And radiates out ward delivering a message code of sorts? That this puzzling man R.C Christian dude wanted us to figure it out ourselves, I would think R.C Christian not his real name was a musical instrumental genius of some kind and lives(d) in the u.s and was once a church choir boy in his past, but I can get his jive lingo even though music is not my thing but I do enjoy listening to it.

It’s the final trumpet! In Stones

Native Genius

Keith Ranville


Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 per language written in 4 billion R.C Christian meant more or less to maintain perpetual balance with nature. Problem is languages on the georgia guidestones they already exceeded the 1/2 billion people scribed in stone

Keith Ranville of Vancouver B.C Published on IPhone Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 n perpetua blllalance with nature. Guide reproduction wisely improving fitnes and
Diversity Unite humanity with a iving new language. Rule passion, faith, tradition and all things with tempered reason

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Georgia guide stones a mysterious musical note decoded “sacred harp” harmony’s treble, alto, tenor,bass!

Georgia guidestones align with sacred harp

Fa triangled, sol oval like circle, mi diamond, la rectangle. Since there is a circle like hole drilled in center pillar that would be where sol would begin on either side of the drilled hole?

Who's who?
R.C Christian would most likely mean Christian Rhythm chords (chorus)? The georgia guide stones are in code tone with the sacred harp each pillar represents treble alto tenor bass.

The Stone Words
maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. There were already 4.5 billion people on the planet, meaning eight out of nine had to go (today it would be closer to 12 out of 13). This instruction was echoed and expanded by tenet number two: guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity. It didn't take a great deal of imagination to draw an analogy to the practices of, among others, the Nazis. Guide number three instructed readers to unite humanity with a living new language. This sent a shiver up the spine of local ministers who knew that the Book of Revelations warned of a common tongue and a one-world government as the accomplishments of the Antichrist. Guide number four—rule passion—faith—tradition—and all things with tempered reason—was similarly threatening to Christians committed to the primacy of faith over all. The last six guides were homiletic by comparison. protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. avoid petty laws and useless officials. balance personal rights with social duties. prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite. be not a cancer on the earth—leave room for nature—leave room for nature.

Keith Ranville says the guidestone are place to be in harmony to our world in one man's opinion in who set them in place?

Cree Code Breaker
Keith Ranville

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

G Stone America's Stonehenge Sacrificial Table

Video footage of ancient america's stonehenges sacrificial table, oak island g stones show a remarkable resemblance to each there own with both having a mysterious rectangle groove on both items?

Keith Ranville


Oak island g stone related to New Hampshire american stonehenges sacrificial ancient stone table.

Grooved rectangle around oak island g stone and on american stonehenge ancient table seem to be related? Although it is unknown to whom put the rectangle around oak islands g stone apparently the g stone was discovered by dan blankenship in 1967 neared to the money pit east to smiths cove whether its infact a G on the oak island g stone is still remained to be said? After not everything is not what it seems to be on oak islands treasure isle? The oak island skull stone taught us that it was not just dagger marks on it it was actually a crest emblem.
the mystery deepens?
Keith Ranville

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


America on a brink of dire cost of living to blame, googles search engine began middle eastern war. Googles employee WAEL GHONIM is the cause of the upsetting battles going on in the middle east and that is a fact.

What we will see in the month’s to come is the cost of gas hike as it gets passed on down to the consumer’s wallet and people that are already just getting by will feel the crunch mostly, and if any unrest of woes to come in concerns of canada and america being thrown into a depression we should look at google and solely blame there internet search engine for its propaganda war causing tatics. Cyber internet can be a dangerous tool if not used right, like I said it before it will be the death of us. It is of no wonder tv companies does not want the internet combined with them.


Keith Ranville

Thursday, March 03, 2011


UFO Jerusalem machu picchu dome of the rock connection extensive research explains peru Jerusalem have relations.

Extraterrestrial research should further machu picchu's dome of the rock before Jerusalem's dome of the rock is looked into as a phenomenal event as a ufologist significance research as proof to evidence to the existence of extraterrestrial life that may therefore be among us..

For the most leading research into Jerusalem's dome of the rock and its relations to the new world ancient peru thus machu picchu.

For further information on my Keith Ranville native research read the following

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


America Canada cruising into a trap by deploying warships to the middle east this is what the Saudis want, Saladin crusaders battle tactics was to draw crusaders into battle further out then letting the elements weather them thus poisoning there water supplies. Templars knew of these strategies but had no clout to intervene then when complained they were deemed traitors cause of them refusing to engage in bad leadership in the art of war.

If you look on the mural at the freemasonry denver airport it clearly shows a dictator with all weapons drawn lashing out in desperation that america are harassing. America and canada are falling into a trap in the middle east america is extending themselves to far out this will leave them vulnerable for a final battle that they will lose cause of bad strategies in warfare.

And as for the children in tears in the masonic denver airport mural this will be what children will be dreaming for generations after all is over on earths surface you see there will be no real survivors after a global extinction for who ever survives?

These middle east people have been in war since past the biblical times we are kids compare to there crafty war techniques.

Best to leave them be or we may suffer a greater hurt.

Templar Warrior

Keith Ranville

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


U.S and dictators in the middle east why isn’t u.s rescuing people in poorer countries oil cause maybe? Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi of libya is the next dictator to be over thrown I guess since Hosni Mubarak was kicked out of egypt? using American sneaky propaganda.

The reason why the u.s don’t want to help other countries that suffered genocide by dictators cause of money resources, in fact America thus Canada obtain north america using genocide using germ warfare on the new world original natives of the land.

News media’s are practically run by the governments don’t be fool what you see and hear on the media the media is bias or full of hypocrisy and I do feel for the people in the middle east and there woes.. and to go a little further I don’t think they are turning on the there t.v and watching with concern about whats happening in the u.s or canada.

Keith Ranville


Keith Ranville gold treasure crown for sale (history) it originally fell out in 2005 while oak island exploring investigations - expedition 2005 nova scotia, but I was to on the go to have it put back, since then I had a another crown done. It'll be a cool collectors item, own a part from a treasure hunters exploration journey concerning oak islands infamous money pit (canadian history). Highest bidder takes it.

Serious Inquiries Only Please

Keith Ranville

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