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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keith Ranville Brad Meltzer's Decoded Georgia Guidestones Tunes

Georgia megalithic guidestones are encoded in tune with sounds rather than in astronomical dimensions? Its 4 billion+ rather than 1/2 billion cause its says it per language, why I say + 4 billion cause of the ancient writing written on the top square slab of the georgia guidestones its suggests middle eastern different people as well so they would be in the population count more than 4 billion? I would imagine?

I think, and this is just a theory; is that hole in the center pillar of the georgia guidestones it branches outward in a V triangle shape like a speaker of sorts and sounds come out of it thus through the other side of the pillar? And radiates out ward delivering a message code of sorts? That this puzzling man R.C Christian dude wanted us to figure it out ourselves, I would think R.C Christian not his real name was a musical instrumental genius of some kind and lives(d) in the u.s and was once a church choir boy in his past, but I can get his jive lingo even though music is not my thing but I do enjoy listening to it.

It’s the final trumpet! In Stones

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