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Friday, February 18, 2011


Nova Scotia Canada- treasure hunters will have to fork all findings to the provincial government law will only promote illegal relic hunting historical artifact will get smuggled out of canada and sold to private artifact dealers by treasure hunters.

Does the nova scotia government expect to treasure hunters to pay for the cost and the risk of life in searching for treasure wrecks or even buried treasure? I don't mind historical items been kept in curators control in museums. Nova scotia should make government grants easily obtained if this is the case of putting the Jesse James to treasure hunters?

Well this new law of the government takes all treasure finds and gives it to the people don't bother me. What really concerns me is what the museum of natural history in Halifax has in there possession? I know they have valuable information that could recover many treasure's and they know it?

In my time in nova scotia in 2005 I visited the museums out there and my investigations led me to believe museum curators are not up front with anything they have in confidence. But I would bet what they have hidden in there museums will help get to the bottom of any wrecks buried treasures what so ever.

As for me and searching for treasure of any kind its the notoriety that I normally want and its quite satisfying to me to have, otherwise I'lled probably not be so up front with my research findings.

I believe the nova scotia government knows there is something really big in the midst of finding something of extreme value on the horizon in nova scotia.

Keith Ranville

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Earthquake in epic center vancouver b.c soon? Febuary 15th 2011 6.47am 2.9 a rumble quake locale between vancouver & vancouver island, are we expecting the big one soon well why not. I live in vancouver it would be quite the experience to get shaken big time by like a 7.0+ I will be recording it and its aftermath on my iphone and being of some help too of course. reference to excerpt

Ranville of Vancouver

Monday, February 14, 2011


Oak Island money pit a potential underground makeshift bunker? 100+ depth shaft with a shore line tunnel entrance; explosion readiness quick access from smiths cove down a a hundred foot shaft tunnel into a labyrinth underground bunker. Sake of what may happen in mahone bay at a later date, just what may be hidden in the oak island area in nova scotia?

Item found in the money pit seems like the money pit was made to be for a short stay like trunk luggage?

Denver new world order commission airport freemasonry bunker is a secret escape plan from a future earth threat perhaps oak island is related to such an event?


Birch island a short distance from oak island in mahone bay n.s maybe very well apart of a event to take place in relation to the mysterious oak island?

Nova Scotia from light into darkness

Keith Ranville

Oak Island.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Egypt, Cairo-
a direct link from ancient Egypt to America inclusive evidence that Egypt’s lost ancient secrets are in USA. New port tower beholds ancient Egypt’s past astronavigation also known as Celestial navigation should unlock planet earth’s mysterious past.

File:Marine sextant.svg

astronavigation also known as Celestial navigation should unlock planets earths mysterious past.

How this egypt america code breaking should work by using a Celestial navigation tool at point of triangles in egypts and at mysterious newport thus birch island triangle alignment with edge of tahrir square circle and newport castle circle and right angle of birch island (oak Island triangle)we should get some sort sequences of relating star alignment or earth destination combination.

Ingenious genius Work at play here, What happened in the past on earth is going to happen again soon, whomever(s) designed this part of Egypt hence, designed newport castle too in the U.S someone knows something about this code or did at one time. Code breaking Tutelage – Like what the Americans recently said to the Egyptians the people must work things out for themselves? Same here with understanding our ancient past and for to a preparation to a global paranormal event to take place; some enlighten supreme beings are perhaps saying the same to us in code. That we must work things out for ourselves to carry on. Unscripted Research


Keith Ranville

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Egypt who's next? America wages a internet war on vulnerable countries; Barack obama administrations uses internet election tool to over-throw governments using cnn as acting bulldog in nwo conspiracy.

Barack obama pioneering the use of Web 2.0 and social networking technologies to elect himself, in recent uprisings and take over of mubarak government regime was inspired using internet social network strategies? with american corporations cnn thrown into the mix and of course don't forget inc. devious role in this new political movement phenomena that has many countries feeling uneasy about America's new world order war strategy to dominate the world one country at a time in cyber world like the board game game risk.

Is it no wonder china hacked google recently, china is years beyond google and the u.s in internet technologies I would imagine this is where the buck stops with American internet propaganda.

Things are a lot different from the 80's pre-internet technologies social networks it'll be the death of us soon "starting right now".

News Column

Keith Ranville

Friday, February 11, 2011


Forbidden ResearchAliens & lost ancient worlds conspiracies, theories news on ancient times to today’s & tomorrows worlds. Blog forbidden; in archaeology reports and also in mainstream media news subjects. Why is this blog research is forbidden? Cause its very controversial and also its opinionated and that what makes it to controversial to be aired on television and in other major media sources.

This is perhaps what makes this blogs mysterious research fairly unique it treads on the unknown and unscripted also in a un-edited version form. However it challenges on what is portrayed in the media on many theories in what archaeologist and educated scholars alike believe on many subjects concerning the unknown or the mysterious.

This research blog is probably the most interesting controversial information study site known it coincides with today’s news and has controversial subjects as well and its filled with many interesting discoveries and has the latest reports on various news subjects from around the world.


Keith Ranville

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Egypt, Cairo - Tahrir square oak island triangle connection may have a link to egypt's recent uprising in coded symbols, birch island treasure triangle mystery is perhaps the key to answers middle east laests crisis.

Birch island triangle is showing up in many places of importances around the world? Is my first nations native research giving signs in mysterious ways. My intuition suggests so, that saying the earth is maybe speaking to us in symbolic code.


NEWS Children, or Egypt's (U.S) democratic fervor movement 2011-12? Secret muslim brotherhood member wael ghonim & 2012 prophetic AlQaeda Inc. A.K.A Muslim Brotherhood v. 2.0 regime conection:wael ghonim says 2.0 code word on cnn a muslim brotherhood Alquaeda sleeper soldier code. Google Inc. marketing executive wael ghonim is a muslim brotherhood terrorist a plant to help mustard up protesters to over throw Egypt's government regime. 2.0 CODE

Muslim brotherhood, Alquaeda are attempting to repeat middle east's past using google terrorist wael ghonim as there patsy (sleeper soldier) to internet plan revolution on egyptian government USING DRAMATIC CROCODILE TEARS? 2.0


The 5th Crusade [1215-1219] - The 5th Crusade’s goal was to capture Egypt, but the drive was unsuccessful. The pathetic failure of the Children’s Crusade in 1212 ignited the religious fervor of the fifth Crusade.

The 6th Crusade [1228-1229] - Led by the excommunicated Roman Emperor Frederick 2nd, the “Christians” on the 6th Crusade were allowed by the Sultan to repossess Jerusalem in 1229, although they had to agree not to refortify it. During this time it was becoming clear that the great age of the Crusades was over. The Christians were able to maintain Jerusalem only until 1244 when Muslim soldiers fleeing the Mongols again regained the holy City. While the Crusades were being unsuccessful, the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia under Hetum I, gained international status and was trading to major ports in the Mediterranean and to countries in the East.

Native Code Breaker

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Re: Wael Ghonim, cnn reports wael was prepared to die in his cyber war on Egypt that he began oddly he was reluctant to inform his cult google/facebook following thus 300+ dead civilians that innocently died in Egypt cities streets of his suicide mission pack with himself?

Googles marketing executive implored a internet following from google via facebook under a assumed name to secretly put together a plan to overthrow the current Egyptian government regime.

Internet crying out loud drama this young middle eastern man Wael Ghonim brings to the world media, and with a surprise bizarre way of introducing himself if indeed that is his real name? Inc. has yet to comment on its marketing executive mr. Wael Ghonim's mysterious internet bizarre behavior that sadly cause many deaths.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Earth to sun viewable in 3 dimensional NASA has interest in sun's activity 24/7, major plasma/solar flare on earth's horizon soon?

A 2012.21.12 advance solar storm warning precaution sign, that we may have a expected solar flare lash out from the sun? But are we ready for a full solar plasma blast from the sun, a article suggests we are not prepared for such of an emergency coming 2012?

Mayan Calendar ends 2012 we are in uncertain times I believe the sun is an entity like many past ancient civilizations before me did? This maybe why nasa is monitoring the sun messages carefully in these fewer days to 2012. Sun God, is the giver of life on earth its a mysterious living entity full of energy thus why past ancient civilizations believed it was there god.

Keith Ranville


Cairo, Egypt-Not since moses left ancient egypt with his enslaved people there's really hasn't been such a memorable cry out for freedom out from egypt's pharaoh's thus regimes? Egypt's recent revolt is maybe in need of a leader to really pull things together? In ancient times moses used sorcerery to halt ancient egypt's vital resources and in today's weeks long egyptian demonstrations many of the people of egypt is using peaceful protesters to stifle egypt's economy.

Dictator Hosni Mubarak if he stays till the next egypt'spossible rigged elections he'll most likely appoint himself as prime minister or chairman as like Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin ex-president of russia and now ruling prime minister of russia thus chairman done? This is why egypt needs a strong leader to head up there politicle revolt cause egypt's government is already corrupt next egyptian election will no doubt be rigged for dictator Hosni Mubarak appointee to win?

To many chiefs not enough warriors.

Keith Ranville

Monday, February 07, 2011


Cairo, Egypt- Google’s employee wael ghuneim under alias blog lead egypt into bloody revolution meanwhile journalists caught in brutal street riots leaving many people dead over days on end throughout egypt’s cities.

Lately things appears to be calm periodically in cairo this may only a calm before a storm like how previous clashes went on in cairo’s central Tahrir, or Liberation Square lately. Wael ghuneim of made a guilty confession upon after being released from egyptian authorities but unconfirmed reports say wael ghuneim of stated; he is the one that began egypt’s revolt online under a alias bloggger’s name and he is very sorry for causing the death and destruction among the egyptian people, does this mean is responsible for manipulating or instigating a blood bath in the streets in of egyptian cities?

What comes around goes around
After all google knows how to get fights started on the internet by them using the same argument play book that they caused and are infact the blame for with this hideous egypt crisis that left many people dead and injured in the streets. For google it was all fun and game until someone loses an eye or a life(s). This event in the middle east may cause much more ongoing battles in egypt thus an other countries it surrounds like a domino effect. Google internet Tabloid.

“This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”
Hopi prophecy


Keith Ranville


Making middle east the way the west was won, u.s google battles for the land of the east, googles Wael Ghuneim helped organized egypt's recent uprising "conspiracy?" internet shut down by egyptian government may have not been over reacting after all? Is amercria and egypt like how europe was to israel in centeries crusades before?

Stephen hawkin quotation
Hawking compares making contact with alien species with Native Americans' first contact with Christopher Columbus - which didn't turn out brilliantly for the Native Americans.
"I imagine they might exist in massive ships... having used up all the resources from the planet below," Professor Hawking says.

Keith Ranville

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Jesse Ventura Conspiracies News 2012

Jesse Ventura visits new world order commision airport in denver and finds out about a end of world scenario, but not for the elite people just for the average tax payer they are doomed? Exclusive Video the government don't want you to know?


Keith ranville



Whistler B.C 100 of mans best friend sled dogs executed after 2010 winter olympics was over this news horrified dog lovers around the world . 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS CANADA CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION INQUIRY? Or they maybe should be made accountable?

Related Story: CTV News 100 healthy sled dogs slaughtered in Whistler, B.C.


Keith Ranville

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Preceding a global catastrophe America will begin a rapture Egypt's latest uprising was a drill exercise to a American Apocalypse. People mysteriously missing news Internet black outs people getting killed in the streets with no follow up to there aftermath?

These unfortunate situation will begin like whats happening in Cairo has anyone notice there was no followup by the news on the conditions of the people who got mowed down by speeding vehicles in cairo into crowds of people? journalists quitting cause of them forced to deliver in accurate news to the public (80 million+)? americans and canadians leaving there place in egypt at a moments notice or disappearing in the minds of unknowing of whats going on by egyptians with about 79 million people not even knowing of egypts uprisings cause of media black outs. It just seems surreal or well scripted in whats going in in egypts I believe america will have a simalar endgame situation but a more elaborate one?

2012 May just be a relatity watch out for the signs

Observer & Unscripted

Keith Ranville

Friday, February 04, 2011


Egypt's Hosni Mubarak terrorizes own government & Americans while u.s stands-by in guilt for oil "hypocrisy bamboozling"; barack obama administration defines terrorism as like there is white collar and blue collar terrorists or if you have something america wants its o.k to bomb/vandal foreign government institutions (Egyptian museum of antiquities) like whats going on in Egypt's cities lately.

Is America's government throwing the once peaceful Egyptian protesters thus journalists under the bus or should I say like in egypt's case under the fire engine? Conspiracies are in the thoughts of many peoples minds world wide is terrorism like 9/11 and whats going on in Egypt is it all related to oil deals for america big business's and the middle eastern dictators and not morals?




Keith Ranville

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Many people have tried to change the face of egypt like napoleon his troops is believed to have disfigured the sphinx's face? Latest Egyptian uprising faceless dictator brutally corrupts Egypt & induces violence on to its own people.

Egypt's ancient past has been plagued with destruction and ensued battles among them selves and with to others in the middle east over the many centuries. Is it fair to say with all that is going on in the middle east we are at a time of rumors of war's that could disrupt the whole world economically in a short time. It may be all quiet on the western front for now for north Americans but with our dependency on oil its should matter to us in whats going on in the middle east crisis to our pocket books, or should I say it will have something to do with the price of butter metaphorically speaking?

"Man fears time, but time fears the Pyramids."

My interest in Egypt is its ancient history and its treasures and what surrounds it and also not to mention its spectacular timeless pyramids that with stood many wars/battle confrontations in there past, where of all places to ignite a finale battle but there in the middle east ? Maybe man really does fear time for the middle east is where time may prelude an end of time for man neared to the pyramids. Prince of darkness will open the final seal to Armageddon soon? Jaguar God of the underworld enlighten spirit.

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Terror in the streets in Egypt once again journalists get caught up in the uprising cnn's anderson cooper gets roughed up aswell, Egypt's riot is taking no prisoners anti-pro mubarak's clash at a once peaceful demonstration that turned bloody deadly as the u.s's bought and paid for egyptian army just stands by carelessly.

As I mentioned in previous posts "middle eastern man in masonic Denver airport mural" is the faceless dictator causing the violent slash and burning of the recent Egyptian cities by using his anonymous thug instigators to cause anarchy in the Egyptian streets like Cairo. Something tells me this Egyptian uprising is long from being over this is something that will spread through the middle east like influenza over time like a domino effect.

Could of barack obama's freedom speech in Egypt prior to his presidency speech be the cause of these middle eastern uprisings? All that I can say there is no bartering with dictators. Mubarak is the cause of the bloody violence in Egypt's cities I foreseen this and showed it in mural pictures in hand.

Reporting, Commentating

Keith Ranville



Learn the latest news developments on oak island & to the mystery that surrounds its money pit, treasure sought on alternate island elaborate native research describes oak island as a scheme to attract interest to a folklore tale rather an actual treasure hunt oppose to actual real research going on in mahone bay nova scotia.

There is only one reason oak islands money pit is a lucrative attraction cause that is where the money i$, as long as the oak island treasure hunt is focused down the money pit there will be no treasure ever found.

Oak island has been in Gilligans island fever for well over 200 years such people as professors, millionaires, actors could not get there mindset dreams off from finding oak islands legendary treasure in its past, its like the blind leading the blind to a none existent treasure on the isle cause the treasure is believed to be on a nearby island in mahone bay.

Of course we got quacky destroying reputations & over sensationalizing the oak island money pit by stirring the minds of mystery enthusiast's with google ragging emotions against one another in order to gain Internet status to there search engine. This ruthless behavior only adds to the oak island phenomena by exaggerating oak islands treasure hunt further thus deceptioning the treasure search even more so? Its common knowledge there is no treasure on oak island, and we all now know birch islands triangle is the finale footprint to solving oak islands treasure mystery.

So why the obsession to the oak island money pit well because of its rich history of lost lives, broken dreams and over-exaggerated monies spent on oak islands money trap hence tourist trap? People should be better intelligent these days or better informed and take notice birch island triangle is vital to understanding this nova scotia treasure hunt altogether.


Treasure Hunter Foundation

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Cairo's Egyptian museum of antiquities mummies curse; disturbed burial tombs usually have afterlife ritual prayers Dr. Zahi Hawass don't understand disturbing ancient burial chambers whether they are recent or ancient will have some cursing reprisals to whom desecrates them, however if ancient mummies tombs were just examined and recorded and resealed, perhaps tomb curses will stay within the tombs itself? That is why they are sealed?

The recent 2011 riot in Cairo semi explains of a learning experience on how powerful the energy of mummies corpses can be especially when tensions is at a high point already. North American Native burials or sacred grounds work in the similar matter to, and if you disturb native sacred grounds "it will upset the spiritual nature of the surroundings of the resting place to its dwellings and so forth."


First nation

Keith Ranville

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CAIRO -- Egypt's museums and ancient monuments, including the Pyramids of Giza, are secure despite upheaval in the streets, and officials recovered nearly 300 archaeological items that were plundered by armed Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula, the government said Tuesday

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