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Friday, February 11, 2011


Forbidden ResearchAliens & lost ancient worlds conspiracies, theories news on ancient times to today’s & tomorrows worlds. Blog forbidden; in archaeology reports and also in mainstream media news subjects. Why is this blog research is forbidden? Cause its very controversial and also its opinionated and that what makes it to controversial to be aired on television and in other major media sources.

This is perhaps what makes this blogs mysterious research fairly unique it treads on the unknown and unscripted also in a un-edited version form. However it challenges on what is portrayed in the media on many theories in what archaeologist and educated scholars alike believe on many subjects concerning the unknown or the mysterious.

This research blog is probably the most interesting controversial information study site known it coincides with today’s news and has controversial subjects as well and its filled with many interesting discoveries and has the latest reports on various news subjects from around the world.


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