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Friday, December 31, 2010


Global positioning satellite tool in ancient times?
pre-Columbian early travelers to the Americas navigated GPS using solar satellite positioning, by shadows cross triangulating a yearly solstice time alignment as a reference point? Newport mysterious tower's keystone solar alignment would be like Americas Stonehenge and it is probably the key to unlocking the mystery secrets to ancient Americas lost world. (Holy Grail in America?)

Alignment line to birch island treasure triangle marked by Newport towers arched towers shadow.

Time of day and day in solar year .. would time date of the navigation era date to oak islands alignment marker
Δ , and it may also point out and date to other traveled areas of the pre Americas areas that past mysterious old world explorers secretly scrimmaged to. Like the Prince Henry Sinclair and knights Templars expeditions.

Accumulating Lost Knowledge is the secret to achieving any treasure.

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-Keith Ranville

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)


Rhode island newport tower, birch island triangle Kensington inscribed stone Knights Templar X hooked in together elaborate treasure map.

Ironically the Newport tower is situated within a triangle walkway that's much on how the birch island triangle looks, is it a coincidence?

Is birch island the hook in solving Roslyns knights templars prince Henry Sinclair holy grails treasures to the new world. X marks the spot.

Keith Ranville Latest Research


Stone hole drilled in mid west pre-America Kensington area in holy grail America is perhaps a sun dial map co-ordinance set up?

“Vikingstyle” runes inscribed on it in Minnesota, reads; “Eight Gotlanders and 22 Norwegians on (this) reclaiming/acquisition journey far
west from Vinland. We had a camp by two (shelters?) one day’s journey north from this stone. We were fishing one day. After we came home we found 10 men red with blood and death. Ave Maria. Save from evil.”

Inscribed on the side of the stone are the words, “There are 10 men by the sea to look after our ships 14 days journey from this island. Year 1362.”

The drilled hole in Minnesota stone seems to be a directional marking in giving precise direction like semi explained in the Kensington stone glyphs sun dialed from the suns positions shadows. Opposed the drilled hole in stone to boat anchors as theorized by some scholars?

Keith Ranville

Happy new Years Folks, 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010


September 11th 2001 airplane attacks on the wtc, pentagon were probably staged to prevent a paradox, futuristic technology may have prevented the initial attacks but a time ripple effect would of have threatened our existence if 9/11 never happened?

This 9/11 theory does sound like science fiction, but then why else would anyone(s) in the u.s government would orchestrate such a hideous event to there own country unless it was meant to happen? (Theory) But maybe the original terror plot on America was already intercepted by using like a secret CIA-sponsored project called Stargate but to later only to know this was going to cause a large paradox in time or change the course of our future's history in a dire negative away.

In the wtc second airplane attack there seems to have been some kind of alien technology intervention involved in at least to one airplane crashing into one of the world trade center buildings. Or ufo action reported happening around the tragic September 11th wtc event times.

Other theory's

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UFO seems to be falling off the airplane or flying parallel to the airplane it just seemed to speed up once the plane hit the WTC II crash?

The September 11th world trade center conspiracies are amounting is there now a ufo cover up in the midst of this American tragedy? Extraterrestrials involved in the wtc assault or is this some-kind of new kind of government secret technology at play here oppose to a elaborate terrorist plot?

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Keith Ranville

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Oak Island summer 1795 a birth of a treasure hunt came to be, but what is known of this money pit mystery in nova scotia canada it has continued seasonally for centuries though birthdays Christmas's, Easter's and many other celebrations. Not to mention the oak island treasure search has gone through some of the worst weather imaginable that the Atlantic maritime storms can offer. The oak island treasure hunt has with stood the test of time that's something technology can never take credit to cause the Internet never existed then, for its oak island treasure stories people relies on in puzzling thoughts to make up there own mind on the ageless treasure hunt.

Nobody alive can ever confirm the oak island treasure hunt as complete actual fact although its the oak island stories that has been handed down throughout the generations that has intrigued fortune seekers with what if's? Many investors from all walks of life have been known to be interested in bankrolling such a world famous treasure hunt, and many believe that it could be the treasure of all treasure hidden in beneath mahone bay's nova scotia waters; like the holy grail or the ark of the covenant to black beards lost spoils of treasure?

On this day

December 23 My Birthday

- Keith Ranville

Sunday, December 19, 2010


H.A.A.R.P Does government funded mad scientist's hold planet earth in there hands by manipulating earths vital energies?

We and all living things are in balance with mother earth, if you mess with that relationship expect to see a deathly domino effect happen. HAARP experiments is like saying the kids have found another pack of matches to play with since the early thermal nuclear days. We are perhaps the earths only worse enemy threat maybe we are better off annihilated from all the rest of the natural occurring creatures on this planet' we are to full of destruction and are slowly chocking this world from its natural way of giving life..

The hopi prophecy I believe is referring to the aftermaths of the HAARP's messed up experiments, and who's to say other countries are not doing the same secret dangerous experiments to earth. I see a recipe for disaster god forbid other countries HAARP's secret experiments don't jive together simultaneously with the united states mad scientists experiments like in some more negative ignorant way.

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Keith Ranville

Saturday, December 18, 2010


New police dash cam video tells full story on gun happy Seattle police officers quick to shoot actions on a Canadian native Indian man. Slain John T. Williams a aspiring wood carver artist was gunned down by Seattle's finest in broad daylight.

As the investigation on-folds it shows that the Seattle police officer that killed John T. Williams was negligent and was in no real danger when he relinquished his firearm and shot dead John T. Williams; CSI photo explains John T. Williams carving knife was closed after the shooting incident this Seattle police officers shooting really does not add up to his seemed like a staged act for him, a reason to commit murder by over exaggerating the initial confrontation with late John T. Williams.

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Friday, December 17, 2010


VANCOUVER BC - Homeless alcoholics gets happy hour treatment every 90 minutes, study says it will alleviate the stress on the health-care system. Free heroin methadone why not booze? At taxpayers expense too.

Free liquor drinks on the house and the Canadian government buying the rounds "cheers". I was wondering when a better mousetrap treatment for alcoholics was going to happen, detouring someone from using abstinence from liquor for someone that's not interested in giving up the high life is not the solution. "Especially after all" the Canadian government deals booze legally as enablers to alcoholics which makes matters worse for alcoholics? Cause if you really think about it the government they are the actual real problem to the cause to all peoples alcohol problems in Canada. Raising the price of alcoholic beverages then you would most likely see a spike the crime rate in Canada or British Columbia - like when the b.c provincial government plans to do?

Satire drinking film

So is the hair of the dog the solution to treat anyone that has a drinking problem some may disagree, but if it saves on health-care why not give it try. Actually the canadian taxpayers will save on the cost of treatment centers hospital visits long term medical care ect.. in the long run. The government happy hour effect it seems to have worked in Ontario where they serve alcohol every 90 minutes where that booze addicts program is still ongoing.

CTV Reference to story

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- Keith Ranville

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ancient European stone markings in pyramid solutions nor game a pre-ancient structure? Keith Ranville treasure hunter. pyramid place they were never by practice but by archeology logic sites.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


School Board man revenges on board members in gun shots what is this world coming to shooter dies as a result.


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Petra nabateans ancient apprenticeship trade school of kingdoms, Petra structures stonemasons skilled from rock, lost civilizations talented stone masons came from somewhere? Petra's stone workmanship was a constant project to employ stonemason work crews to pharaohs and kings of the ancient world. Maybe this is why the Petra stone masonry had no specific civilizations trade mark to it? This was so to not offend any potential future employers for the ancient nabateans

A Archeology First Nations Native Logical Revise Newsworthy Note:

The walls of Petra was like new york time square of there time, it had what you needed like the silk road a ancient barter system to like todays stock-market.

Keith Ranville


The Nabateans (Arabic: الأنباط‎ / ALA-LC: Al-Anbāṭ; Hebrew: נְבָיוֹת | Nevayōt, also נַבָּטִים | Nabatim) were an ancient Semitic people

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Leonardo da vinci's mona lisa eyes encodes his mothers love in symbolic measures digits in eyes discovered in da vinci painting - Mona Lisa. " Keith Ranville"

Identity of model mona lisa is his mother he has his mothers eyes in more than words can say.

Paintings background- L2 = Leonardo 2nd of 2

Update to theory
Right eye- LV -" Leonardo's Virgin - Leonardo da vinci a illegitimate child and likewise to his fascination with jesus christ, this alone would lead leonardo da vinci to believe that he was born of a virgin too like the jesus christ birth story. "

Left eye- C E (B) Leonardo's mother name
Caterina a barmaid that was presumed from the village of Anchiano but most likely worked in Empoli near to Leonardo's birthplace- "Leonardo's birthplace was in the small village of Vinci located between the Tuscan cities of Pistoia and Empoli."

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Friday, December 10, 2010


9/11 attacks, john f. Kennedy(s) assassination conspiracies cover-ups America feds can contain, wikileaks a conspiracy of all time? this book is not closed yet on the internet concerning-Julian Assange vs. the American government. As this internet international hacking brawl is at front row seats to all see by internet users world wide its kind of funny how is out of service but is now revered the most famous website in the world? A mirror website just appeared on beneath called just WikiLeaks I guess its a mirrored site its reads (Above in Picture)

The internet is a new frontier or perhaps the wild west days of world wide communications technology; wikileaks released a news kind of hell on earth by them providing truthful documents concerning world relations between the America government officials and the rest of the world. Internet hardcore journalism seems like the new crime of the century it makes the people vs. larry flynt look like a simple social network squabble?

The true enemy has not yet shown his face

China cyber hacked into the american sophisticated computers and google just recently and the american government blames china on the incident? And there's nothing America can do about it, they can't go to war with them? China practically own the u.s the u.s owes china about 2 and half trillion dollars. I see a more than a debt war on the rising sun for America. I think america knows of a impending global catastrophe event that will more than likely wipe out any financial dept.

Jaguar Fire God Lives

Keith Ranville


Thursday, December 09, 2010

WikiLeaks Cyber World War III

As I predicted "war" after the U.S opened a new can of worms on hacking the internet, visa-mastercard cyber-attacked in retaliation of WikiLeaks Julian Assange jailed & a now martyr of hacktivism a worldwide sleeper group awakened and now its probably growing in numbers in light of Julian Assange been jailed and his internet accounts getting hacked closed by using American cyber technology? These retaliation to the u.s internet hacking could hamper online shopping in its peak season ect..

I don't believe there is no putting the jeannie back in the bottle on this new hacking war waged on the internet, after the U.S McCarthyism Communist actions done to the internet recently. America has been irresponsible in decision making lately like going rushing into iraq based on bogus information and now this with them hacking websites and raising there fists in the air in anger "whats done is done?" What the U.S should of done in the first place was cut there losses on the wikiLeaks cable information leaked to the press and then beef up there need to know secure private or confidential information on there diplomacy interactions.

Story's Rated Article

Jaguar Fire God

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Great balls of fire in the skies reported out of Stone Mountain near Atlanta, America.

HLN news reports only one fiery ufo - actually there was two fire objects in the sky that was almost criss-crossing each other and with a airliner plane in the background to confirm it wasn't an airplane after I made a closer examination of the you tube footage of this mysterious incident?

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Keith Ranville

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thermophile Sun Extraterrestrials

Extraterrestrial life roaming the sun's surface may have evolved so? Thermophile life thrives in earth's extreme heated oceans depths.

Alien life sun adaption it may likewise have the same principle to the life living in the environment waters spewing heated lava at the bottom of the oceans?

Reference to theory

The Fire Down Below -- Extreme Heat-Loving Organisms May Be Keys To Molecular Evolution And Origin Of Life, New Book Argues

- Keith Ranville

Monday, December 06, 2010


Ufo's orbiting the suns surface, my past visions messages from the sun are now making sense & confirms the sun's a entity a whole 93 million miles away massages. We are mostly likely surely in interesting times my best guess as of now is that we are going to have some kind of solar event soon predetermining from the sun it'll perhaps happen in the Mayan calendar 2012 time span."Ancient Sun God Alien" whatever that is going to happen to planet earth in the future will probably shoot out from the sun violently.

Advanced ufo technology is scoping the sun

Shaman Researcher

Keith Ranville


Jesus Christ makes debut may 21, 2011? CNN HLN reports its possible? Another charlie brown great pumpkin scenario?

Well the mayan calendar 2012 12, 21 endgame is near why not throw jesus christ into the shuffle to stir the pot further? But if jesus is a no show we can then maybe also wager December 21-2, 2012 would be another day to much like any other day?

I myself is superstitious and I don't discount anything and I also would like a foot in the door on anything miraculous going on like possibly running into jesus in my lifetime or being there for the Mayan 2012 mysterious prediction phenomena, and monitoring these days up to 2012 and beyond will be kinda interesting to experience cause its unsolved mysteries that intrigues us?

CNN HLN Link to Jesus Second Coming Story

Blogger Reporter.

Keith Ranville

Sunday, December 05, 2010


America initiates a new kind of war involving internet usage, a war of scandalous words warrants illegal website hacking, paypal shutdown dead or alive bounty on wikiLeaks founder Julian Assange initiated by Jeffery T. Kuhner voice of Americas Washington Times News publication syndicate

WikiLeaks proprietor Mr. Julian Assange a internet most wanted hero or a large stone in Americas and allies shoe. As I always strongly believed the next world war (III) will begin in the cyber world; like as the u.s "McCarthyism" has already demonstrated on the internet by America already using aggressive cyber attacks on financially and perhaps illegally?

In many opinions the U.S Government has over stepped there boundaries and are the bad guys in all this internet bullying involving
"Shock and aw"

For more information on the western world vs. or support mr. Julian Assange read the following links

WikiLeaks asks supporters for mirror sites shut down by u.s pressure

Reporting Blogger,

keith Ranville

Saturday, December 04, 2010


South American Jaguar considered a terrestrial fire god of the underworld by native south American Indians. Freemasonry Denver airport secret underground bunker paints grim omen picture of our worlds future?

End of world fear mongering is big business for people building underground bunkers for people that fear death or believe in end of world scenarios like 2012.12,21 - thermal nuclear war? But is there a planet earth catastrophe cover up conspiracy that only the governments and elite financial well off groups only knows about? I would say yes. This is only to avoid panic and a collapse of world markets ect..

Surviving a world catastrophe would be a hellish experience, being first to die would be humane oppose to be cooking in a underground bunker for lord only knows how long?

I don't think I would have it in me to live after knowing that other good people perished. I would rather go out like slim pickens (Major Kong) in dr. strangelove!

Winking smile

- Keith Ranville

Friday, December 03, 2010

A Date in Wait

Hallmark present gift proposal idea, how about a timely thought offer notification or maybe a gift sent on an specific memorandum festive date consented through a entrusted creditable messenger service.


Thursday, December 02, 2010


I would not be surprised to see other geometric mayan patterns coming out of saturns hexagons swirling pattern it relates to maya natures mathematics. Its ironic on how this mysterious hexagon on saturn appears in sudden years to the end of the mayan calendar 2012, and now its beginning to shape-shift geometric patterns like a restless volcano?

We are living in extraordinary days folks.

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Oak Island Nova Scotia a treasure hunt easy to follow, its characters involved that are off the hook bizarrely? Latest mystery news tied into one crazy carnival of foolish behaviors.

Over the last few years many people oddly tried to monopolize on the oak island treasure hunt on the internet? We may never know the full intent of the reason why some oak island unsavory characters tried to strong arm the oak island mystery as there own? There is something about "treasure" that schemes the mind into provoking boyish behaviors and one can see this played out over the last few years on the google internet friend foe making search engine.

Is oak island internet rants just another money pit distraction? Smoke and mirrors & treasure hunting whatever takes the focus off the treasure search, many army training exercises often have screaming yelling distractions this is only done to prevent you from folding while under certain pressures while in the field of battle.

A verbal gauntlet is best to describe this oak island mystery investigation experience after a ongoing five year study on the money pit, and of reporting my publications writings on daily to weekly bases publically 2005-2010-11.

Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Keith Ranville


Seasons Greetings folks, ✻ ✼ ❄ enjoy this months celebrations December 1-31st 2010-11 ✻ ✼ ❄ ☃ Have a safe Christmas & New Years gathering.

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