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Monday, December 06, 2010


Jesus Christ makes debut may 21, 2011? CNN HLN reports its possible? Another charlie brown great pumpkin scenario?

Well the mayan calendar 2012 12, 21 endgame is near why not throw jesus christ into the shuffle to stir the pot further? But if jesus is a no show we can then maybe also wager December 21-2, 2012 would be another day to much like any other day?

I myself is superstitious and I don't discount anything and I also would like a foot in the door on anything miraculous going on like possibly running into jesus in my lifetime or being there for the Mayan 2012 mysterious prediction phenomena, and monitoring these days up to 2012 and beyond will be kinda interesting to experience cause its unsolved mysteries that intrigues us?

CNN HLN Link to Jesus Second Coming Story

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