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Saturday, July 30, 2011


The juwes are the men that will be blamed for nothing for Americas debt default freemasons founders_of America George Washington 1st U.S president 13 following?
James Monroe,Andrew Jackson,James Polk,James Buchanan,Andrew Johnson,James Garfield,William McKinley,Theodore Roosevelt,Howard Taft,Warren Harding,Franklin Roosevelt,Harry Truman,Gerald Ford.

America's economy is going down in freemason ritual as president barack obama is blind to whom is bringing him down as the men doing wrong to him are the men that will be blamed for nothing done by the spiteful deeds doings of the republicans. Even if the u.s dept default ceiling is somewhat solved the damage is done e.u may merge in one dollar? Templars world bankers? as they were the first bankers?

Our true enemy has yet shown its obvious face our last days don't have to be we have a choice.

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The hunt is on for the Cadborosaurus sea creature discovery channels monster hunt provides startling film footage evidence? [New Bloggers] CANADA

Referance to Story
Global News- Cadborosaurus footage sparks Discovery Channel 2011 special - As elusive as the Loch Ness monster and Ogopogo, jaber jaw, although perhaps not as famous, the Cadborosaurus is believed to be a sea serpent living in the waters off British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.
The Cadborosaurus, or Caddy for short, was believed to be spotted in the Fraser River last year


Keith Ranville

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Treasure hunting in nova scotia should there be guidelines to abide by? oak island money pit 7 men dead. [News Bloggers]

The joys of treasure hunting is proven to be deadly in nova scotia’s past so why is there no safety measures taken in the search of treasures, birch island is the latest treasure isle that has many of treasure hunters that are just full of curiosity to know what riches lies beneath its large triangle shape on the island? And there has been many people that already has visited birch island and probably without the landowners permission, many of the many islands in mahone bay n.s are private property and the south shore n.s islands proprietor[s] should be contacted by whomever wants to visit there island? Mr. Christopher Ondaate owns birch island and any request to mineral mine or search for treasure or just visit his island should be asked by him formally? of course there hasn’t been any such doing on asking permission’s to search-explore or dig for treasure on the islands that surrounds the the legendary oak island lately by curious treasure hunters or explorers? and many news reports on the oak island money pit are reluctant to mention that anyone that visits oak island they need landowners permission get on oak island or to enter the many private island that surround the oak island mystery?

The oak island treasure fever seems to not stop the most feverish treasure hunter or fortune seeking prospectors? There are guide lines that you must follow before any such mineral prospect treasure hunting is done on other peoples private property in nova scotia? Like getting the landowners permission to search or dig a meter deep and devaluing there land?

Nova Scotia mineral prospecting landowners rights
Birch island triangle is dense marsh land and I believe there is dangerous toxic gas pockets down below it that could injure or kill anyone that plans to dig there like some over zealous amature treasure hunter. Money pit deadly poison gas tragedy .

”Remember be respectful to other peoples properties you won’t want anyone one day coming and digging up your back-yard out of the blue?”

What Are the prospecting Jurisdictions?

There are many jurisdictions across Canada and the regulations covering mineral exploration are largely similar, but with regional differences. Normally, ownership of the surface land is separate from ownership of the sub-surface (including mineral rights). So, just because someone owns the surface does not mean they own the sub-surface mineral rights below the land?
Privately owned land includes, among others, farmland, city land, and Aboriginal-owned lands, including Indian Reserves. Access to privately owned lands is prohibited unless consent is given and compensation is paid to the surface rights holders. Nova Scotia laws may vary
Department of Natural Resources
Drilling For Mineral Exploration Notification / Registration

Department of Natural Resources
Mineral Exploration: Licence
Before the licence is issued:
The applicant is required to submit Licensee Information (Form #7).
Proprietorship / Partnership / Syndicated Corporate applicants must be registered with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies

Warning Before work begins:
“The applicant requires the landowner permission before entering on any land for purposes of exploration.”

In case of crown lands: The applicant needs permission of the Land Administration Division of the N.S. Department of Natural Resources.
For drilling, a drilling notification form is required.
For pitting / stripping by mechanized means or by manual means at depths greater than 1 meter, Mineral or Treasure Trove: Excavation Registration, N.S. Department of Natural Resources, is required. This Registration is also required for any underground exploration work.
All work conducted pursuant to this Registration must be done in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Environment Act, and all other pertinent legislation.

Founder Of The Birch Island Triangle link to Oak IslandKeith Ranville



NDP leaderJack layton fights another bout of cancer should he seek alternative medicine? suzanne somers believes chemotherapy therapy's are toxic and there are other better and less toxic therapies out there? Canadians medical plan should allow holistic alternative therapies or medicines we should have that option of choice in medial treatments its our bodies.

Kevin Trudeau
the medial mafia controversy? drug companies has has strangle hold on how medical cures should be withheld from you for financial gain.


What doctors don't tell you? usa today

cnn suzane somers knock out

Medical Mafia Exposing the truth about the CANCER disease youtube footage.

People should wake up and take a stand on how we should have choice in how we should be treated by how are doctors?


Keith Ranville

Monday, July 25, 2011


BREAKING NEWS oak Island treasure news websites failures to report a national news story concerning the money pit? [Blogger News]

Ross lord of global national news recently reported a oak island money pit story pertaining to a over 200 hundred year-old ongoing treasure hunt in nova scotia? However forum oddly defaulted in adding the the "latest" oak island national news story to there website cause of gimmick reasons? and its not like this misguided u.k oak island website has any such story reported on there websites that has ever reached national news status like this recent oak island theory that mr. sabine of nova scotia has attracted to his treasure hunting research?

Related Oak Island Money Pit News Story: Terry Sabine AND his 70 foot crop circle dead freemason tale


Reporting the news that matterS to all oak island enthusiast.

Keith Ranville

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Markawasi Peru, the mysterious images in stone also appears in land masses in nova scotia thus Vancouver Canadian coastal land areas [NEWS BLOGGER]

Vancouver Stanley Park seahorse head upper picture is of a buffalo in nova scotia its very mysterious?

Mysterious stone monuments in Markawasi Peru Youtube video documentary

Oak Island Mysterious pirate monk related to oak island treasure hunt. There is perhaps some kind of anomaly that can manipulate earths surface - or stones some god like entity is also perhaps telling us a story in pictorial riddles?

Birch Island Triangle earths latest big mysterious place in Canada.


The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru

The Mystery of Markawasi

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Solar eclipse may have been the UFO reason battle of April 14, 1561, east of Nuremberg Germany was a lunar eclipse [News Blogger Theory]

Mexico solar
eclipse ufo activity?
it seems ufo's have a liking to show themselves during solar event maybe cause there shield are down and they become visibly vulnerable, like the camouflage ability the Cuttlefish have extraterrestrials may have adapted off the cuttlefish shape-shift survival technique?


Nuremberg Germany UFO Battle (1561)
One of the earliest of documented sightings of aerial phenomena took place on April 4, 1561 at dawn over Nuremberg, Germany. What was described as a war in the heavens, with a wide variety of craft ranging from spheres to spear-like cylinders to crosses and "plates". The sky was apparently filled with the machines, clashing in battle for well over an hour. The battle was such that a winner was perceived as well. Spheroid UFOs were seen emerging from cylindrical 'motherships'. At the conclusion of the battle, it seems a magnificent, black, spear-like super-ship of some kind came upon the scene. An ancient woodcut (click image to view full-size picture) was created by Hans Glaser to document the event. A second woodcut was created by an unknown artist (see below) that depicts the same event. rest is in link

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville

Friday, July 22, 2011


Terry Sabine the latest nova scotia treasure hunter global news picked out of the internets zany oak island forums? freemasonry is the code this time around?

At dinner time last night I turned on the tv and global national news made this big hoopla about this guy
Terry Sabine but global news reporter ross lord does not have any depth or explanation to the oak island freemason code that he was pitching to his tv viewers other than deceptions, this is the oak island con game that people been playing for years on oak island forums or the tease game to allure suckers into the scheme of finding treasure by forgiving small pieces of information's to get your tail wagging? I myself put the cards on the tables when is comes to treasure hunting if you don't do this you should not be in the treasure hunting field, put up or shut up its my saying as a treasure hunter, or get the funk out .

Birch island is the oak island code hands down now that is the real news behind the oak island mystery..

Keith Ranville



Old Style Pilsner beer native man breaks its da vinci like code; griffin & phoenix coming out of train engine "holy smokes" Folks! [NEWS]

Not intended for Advertisement but for perception research in the job searching field

Cree Code Breaker

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Just who will be the lucky arse to win cash from $41.5 million worth of grants to better the sir john crapper? Bill Gates foundation offers anyone that comes out with the better mouse trap idea invention to revolutionizing the porcelain toilet?

This is something else to think about while sitting doing your business on the bathroom throne? [Blogger News]

Reference or prize contest details

Gates Foundation: 'We need to reinvent the toilet'

Sir John Crapper History and controversy?

Myth Busted: Sir Thomas Crapper Invented the Flush Toilet

News Blogger Reporting

Keith Ranville

Monday, July 18, 2011



Native Treasure Hunter believes he may know where the lost city Atlantis is hidden? ancient petroglyphs describes map co-ordinates in_detail.

Cancho Roana; documentary research youtube video details,

Note: ancient petroglyphs seems from a different time from cancho roano’s era or its seems not consistent with the temples art? More research is needed to determine further analysis of this archaeological ancient site, and also the same goes to for investigating the whereabouts of the lost city of Atlantis relating to cacho roana [Spain] is, or who's the man in cancho roana ancient petroglyph is from that whom showed up on cancho roana’s temples door step? at a days notice, or so it seems.

Published Research Journal Paper



News Source: Cancho Roano is accepted as a Tartessian site that may have been a palace or a place for ritual. The site, which dates from the sixth century BC until about 370 BC,


First Nations Researcher,

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Sunday, July 17, 2011


NOVA SCOTIA, Oak Island Money Pit Mystery: its a treasure hunt that would leave you mystified to a certain extent, over the many years people have heard of this intriguing treasure hunt that's just off the coast in nova scotia, canada with it being heard about mainly just through word of mouth or from old books and films, but with the use of this internet now available oak island has considerably risen out of obscurity into the main-steam media somewhat over the last five years. To learn more about this mystery and to get current ongoing OAK ISLAND RESEARCH I would suggest that read my up to date research on this enigma here. First Nations Researcher, Keith Ranville


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Questions are being raised is cash cab game show even safe as to texting-phone talking & driving? promoting driving with_&_un-due-care_of_attention is this what the discovery channel is trying to say that its o.k to take your attention off the road while operating a motor vehicle? Is ours roads in Canada or British Columbia already dangerous enough already as it is with taxi cabs already weaving in and out of traffic to get that fare passenger ect.., and on top of it to add insult to injury a fake mocked cab going around out streets and filming some kind of reality taxi sideshow circus t.v program on top of it at the expense of the safety of others on the road? The question to the the discovery channel and to the cash cab? "What is Road Safety?

Last Friday night or this weekend while off the production set of cash cab a unnamed producer of cash cab of the game show drove there fake cab to a storage place from the film production set when he or she? struck a 61 year-old man from surrey b.c. [Blogger News]

Full Story: Acciate Press

Keith Ranville

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Edward Leedskalnin coral castles rock gate into the 4th dimension? Mystery box on triangle makeshift quarry crane? Research News.

Coral castle related to the Bermuda Triangle of island medians thus saturn as mr. ed leedskalinin has Saturn in his rock-gate park as a clue to his incredible mason building abilities?

Youtube Footage

Coral castle has something to do with the phenomena going on in the Bermuda triangle and the birch island triangle mystery, oak islands money pits latest grand discovery.

Reference: Perpetual motion

Keith Ranville


Friday, July 15, 2011


"Native Man" Seeks part-time work, lives in New Westminster B.C, Canada area [Actively Doing Research]; Prefer odd jobs to financially help continue my First Nations Native Explorer Research Studies: Contact Me For Further Information


Native Explorer

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Thursday, July 14, 2011


MACHU PICCHU, PERU- Stone structures sinking meant to happen stone builders may have known this was going to be a problem? Machu Picchu situated on fault lines and cause of this the designers of machu picchu most likely left building leeway with them knowing that the carved stone mason slabs was going to fall out of alignment cause of future natural events? But, then then they would [supposed] re-align there architectural structure some, and push up the mason'd stone building blocks together due to a future seismic earthquake?

After-all there is no building stone martyr used? so it would be easy to re align the machu picchu stone structures after they finished completely sunk or was raised due to fault lines
seismic earthquake activity?

The garden staircase leading up to machu picchu they were cleverly built to with stand sinking? So why couldn't of this be done under the machu picchu building? "simple" they were expecting other than sinking of ground to happen in that specific area perhaps? earthquakes also push up-wards and that a known fact.

Research Reference

Keith Ranville


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Prime-Minister Stephen Harper made Native Chieftainship & Keith Ranville a Native Treasure Hunter; unique crossover First nations headdress for_Indiana_Jones fedora & whip.


Keith Ranville

[Blogger Canadian News]

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Myspace 63 million users gone? traffic significantly dropped reason why; not user friendly? & its confusing to average user's also? Straighten out these two issue's then we may see a gain of myspace traffic users again

1. make myspace quicker and simpler to operate like or better than facebook this would be my strategy to gain myspace popularity back.

I have been on myspace and other social networks over the many years, and I figure myspace just has to many bells and whistles to it for its own good and this what may slow down its operating system? P.R [Blogger News]

My Myspace profile

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Genius Problem Solver

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


It is what it is? magneto kid, objects magnetically stick to him or so it seems? Sticky boy needs a bath, & no shirt you notice & why isn't anything sticking to his shorts and why can't anything stick to his chest when his shirt is fully on? SKEPTICAL INQUIRE [Blogger News]


Croatian boy age 6 be stills the world by sticking stuff to his upper slope of this belly, thus chest?

Investigating Reporting,

Keith Ranville

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Well why am I not surprised of this latest news journalist scandal to happen I-phone hacking, news of the world [u.k] is just one of the few media organizations that more or less that has gotten away with this hacking crime over the many years, but they're the ones that I guess that got caught with there hands in the cookie jar?

I am sure this also goes on in North American news journalism as well, I should think or speculate Whatever it takes to get the story and this is the lengths that the media will go I think the media is way out of control these days.

Nancy Gracy is a perfect example of bad journalism news, disappointed John King U.S.A of CNN interviewed nancy grace; I was wondering when a house was going to drop on her head like the wizard of oz's wicked witch? [casey anthony news]

Nothing is secret in this day of age of corrupted technology users, and I also believe the ancient people from our past kept things simple for this simple reason?

Related Story News of the World


Keith Ranville

Friday, July 08, 2011


Casey Anthony news media circus kangaroo court "Winning" is HLN tabloid lawyers & witnesses jurors alike they're murderers of society media wise.

Even the losers out of this unfortunate murder trial will become famous in this media blood lust news lusting, thus witch hunt.

Running Man or woman there is no escape from the news media concerning any event big or small story, cause its all about ratings money or greed for them$ news tabloid characters, sure the news tabloids [cough HLN] act like they care about the little victim (Caylee anthony) the baby girl behind the latest casey anthony murder trial that was recently won by her and her legal team, but folks what it all boils down to is ratings money for the news media' if anyone actually cared about there wrongs of this mocked courtroom made for tv drama involving the people verses Casey Anthony they should just turn off there tv and go to a another program? like another reality television show theirs plenty of them out there?

I knew the prosecutors were going to to lose I said it before the jury was out on my facebook

The Running Man Youtube trailer Staring Richard Dawson and
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Simpsons Bart Lawyers up

Casey Anthony latest news


Keith Ranville

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


MUMBIA, India- Discovered temple vault rewards India 22 billion in age old treasures lost from_16th_century.

Greed curses this elaborate treasure hunters treasure trove find on in who should have it? Padmanabhaswamy Temples treasure discovery wealth perhaps could dwarf many ongoing treasure hunts like what can be found in the oak island money pit's treasure hunt for example, or should I say {Birch Island Triangle hunt} [Blogger news]

Full Story Beneath a Temple in Southern India, a Treasure Trove of Staggering Riches


Keith Ranville

Monday, July 04, 2011


Can it be that the legendary Bigfoot can be found in a another dimension in time, see but no Sasquatch evidence found? First Nations people of
British Columbia, Canada people believe they are-wild people of the woods? An also the first nations myth also goes that woman are usually suspected in being taken by these Bigfoot perhaps cause of there pheromones smells?

My Bigfoot Thesis

But me as a first nations man, I believe the mysterious bigfoot phenomena they are remembrances of being creatures from another time from our ancient past? And I do believe what people are seeing phenomenal wise like ufo's, bigfootS ghosts is perhaps are real in what they are saying that what they may have seen?

Ghost to Sasquatch Connection

Pungent smell is said to be a sign of a bigfoot being around this is what some people have reported = and some people have also report different odors after seeing a ghost this is another clues why I think the bigfoot is from the ghost phenomena or dimension?

George Noory - Negative Magnetized Anomalies Areas Earthly portholes

Dr. Anna Nekaris, Dr. Bill Sellers, Dr. Ian Redmond, Dr. Jack Rink, Dr. Jeff Meldrum led a Bigfoot expedition for the discovery channel inter-dimensional was on there mind it had to be, cause there prehistoric creature Sasquatch that they were explaining was from another time and place on the globe like North American and its Sasquatch, in the Himalayas Yeti, then the Florida Skunk Ape, and and maybe finale the Sumatran Orang Pendek.

Like, ghost ships they seem to appear and disappear momentarily for people? Like for instance: On the OLN channel creepy canada there's a report segment on that show of a ship that shows up in a specific area every 30 years on August 15? Like Bigfoot sightings this is maybe how these Sasquatches or even ufo's blends in with our world periodically this is an interesting theory to how the legendary bigfoot is able to have one big foot in both worlds? And why they are like catching the the wind too?

Referance Found: Baltimore Ghost Hunters on The USS CONSTELLATION for TV Show CREEPY CANADA: PT 1

YOUTUBE FOOTAGE ABOVE, SUNCHILD — Strange sounds this spring in the forest at Sunchild Reserve have some local residents baffled and a bit afraid.
So far, the legendary Big Foot has been ruled out — this time.

Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide: Discovery Channel

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