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Monday, July 18, 2011



Native Treasure Hunter believes he may know where the lost city Atlantis is hidden? ancient petroglyphs describes map co-ordinates in_detail.

Cancho Roana; documentary research youtube video details,

Note: ancient petroglyphs seems from a different time from cancho roano’s era or its seems not consistent with the temples art? More research is needed to determine further analysis of this archaeological ancient site, and also the same goes to for investigating the whereabouts of the lost city of Atlantis relating to cacho roana [Spain] is, or who's the man in cancho roana ancient petroglyph is from that whom showed up on cancho roana’s temples door step? at a days notice, or so it seems.

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News Source: Cancho Roano is accepted as a Tartessian site that may have been a palace or a place for ritual. The site, which dates from the sixth century BC until about 370 BC,


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