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Saturday, July 09, 2011


Well why am I not surprised of this latest news journalist scandal to happen I-phone hacking, news of the world [u.k] is just one of the few media organizations that more or less that has gotten away with this hacking crime over the many years, but they're the ones that I guess that got caught with there hands in the cookie jar?

I am sure this also goes on in North American news journalism as well, I should think or speculate Whatever it takes to get the story and this is the lengths that the media will go I think the media is way out of control these days.

Nancy Gracy is a perfect example of bad journalism news, disappointed John King U.S.A of CNN interviewed nancy grace; I was wondering when a house was going to drop on her head like the wizard of oz's wicked witch? [casey anthony news]

Nothing is secret in this day of age of corrupted technology users, and I also believe the ancient people from our past kept things simple for this simple reason?

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