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Monday, July 04, 2011


Can it be that the legendary Bigfoot can be found in a another dimension in time, see but no Sasquatch evidence found? First Nations people of
British Columbia, Canada people believe they are-wild people of the woods? An also the first nations myth also goes that woman are usually suspected in being taken by these Bigfoot perhaps cause of there pheromones smells?

My Bigfoot Thesis

But me as a first nations man, I believe the mysterious bigfoot phenomena they are remembrances of being creatures from another time from our ancient past? And I do believe what people are seeing phenomenal wise like ufo's, bigfootS ghosts is perhaps are real in what they are saying that what they may have seen?

Ghost to Sasquatch Connection

Pungent smell is said to be a sign of a bigfoot being around this is what some people have reported = and some people have also report different odors after seeing a ghost this is another clues why I think the bigfoot is from the ghost phenomena or dimension?

George Noory - Negative Magnetized Anomalies Areas Earthly portholes

Dr. Anna Nekaris, Dr. Bill Sellers, Dr. Ian Redmond, Dr. Jack Rink, Dr. Jeff Meldrum led a Bigfoot expedition for the discovery channel inter-dimensional was on there mind it had to be, cause there prehistoric creature Sasquatch that they were explaining was from another time and place on the globe like North American and its Sasquatch, in the Himalayas Yeti, then the Florida Skunk Ape, and and maybe finale the Sumatran Orang Pendek.

Like, ghost ships they seem to appear and disappear momentarily for people? Like for instance: On the OLN channel creepy canada there's a report segment on that show of a ship that shows up in a specific area every 30 years on August 15? Like Bigfoot sightings this is maybe how these Sasquatches or even ufo's blends in with our world periodically this is an interesting theory to how the legendary bigfoot is able to have one big foot in both worlds? And why they are like catching the the wind too?

Referance Found: Baltimore Ghost Hunters on The USS CONSTELLATION for TV Show CREEPY CANADA: PT 1

YOUTUBE FOOTAGE ABOVE, SUNCHILD — Strange sounds this spring in the forest at Sunchild Reserve have some local residents baffled and a bit afraid.
So far, the legendary Big Foot has been ruled out — this time.

Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide: Discovery Channel

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