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Friday, April 29, 2011


Russian dog & witness to seeing little girl levitating in woods o.k first its a frozen russian alien in-snow now-this? Film footage; see for yourself & compare incidents? I see a prank pattern here hey but if its all real it'll be a good making for a x-file fringe tv show?

Additional information:
Tarzan in video is the only one named in film footage and he is a canine pooch?

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DEVILS BEAST found in shroud of turin, fanged beast encoded in the Jesus Christ burial shroud front/back discloses 1/2 images of-messiah's-real-nature. [News World Media Exclusive]

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Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding guest list involved 8 dictators from North Africa / middle east. [2011 Exclusive News Source]

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The effects of Americas latest devastating tornado's as many as 300 lives lost & personal property blown away completely begins a most tragic treasure hunt of many victims searching for there memorable family heirlooms that may have been scattered for distances of county's let alone for states from there once was homes?


There is a facebook group that is tying to do its best to connect people with there lost property be sure to check it out or read fyI articles below if you have been a victim of this American natural disaster of deadly magnitude.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Donald trump the apprentice of attention whoring seeks sideshow birther racist clowns to help win white-house in-2012? "Rubbish" american politics sinks to a whole new low in the election mockery and to have reality television cornballs trump formative distinguished political candidates is just plain bizarre?

Apparently donald trump is now on president barack obama's case about his past education status since his messed up media rants concerning president obama's birth certificate. However, my opinion is its these major media outlets like cnn hln news that are at blame for hoisting these pointless media circus reality shows sideshows to the American people nobody else.


Today john king of cnn spent an hour b.sing with donald trump's toxic exploitations to tell you the truth I fell asleep watching it I have a short attention span when it comes to nonsense? This is just a sample of what you will be exposed to on cnn hln news.

Celebrity apprentices reality shows is donald trump's fantasy entertainment nothing more there's better channels out there with far better programs.

Donald trump for president of united states of America common now who's going to be his running mate Gary Busey? PFFT..

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Go Vancouver Canucks,


Monday, April 25, 2011


Ancient megalithic sequenced stones genetic markers, mans origins maybe read in aligned stones rowed in- Le Ménec thus carnac.

Mysterious megalithic stones found in aligned positions has the hallmarks of being a elaborate genetic code of us perhaps they're a piece of a puzzle to an evolution jump to our mysterious missing link that may have been engineered together by from a possible advanced intelligent race?

After all we have not completely mapped out our own genetic makeup yet and just maybe these ancient stones in [above diagram] could be actual stepping stones in helping us achieve that scientific biological milestone?

Lost Civilizations and Secrets to Mysteries of this World lies perhaps within us?


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Carnac megalithic aligned stones a lost blind to man braille system left from a advanced ancient alien race. Landscape scroll treasure map lies in- Le Ménec.

Les Menec megalithic stones is arranged of 60 megalith stones in circle pattern Attached to about 3000 other in scrolled braille lined placed megalith stones that dates to back to 3,300 BC? Intuitive dreams tell me this area in le menec is of a beings face over a scrolled message to a advanced alien like race. (Top Diagram)

Source to theory


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Sunday, April 24, 2011


First Nations Canadian Natives living in deplorable 3rd world conditions under stephen harper conservatives crappy party 1000 feces buckets sent via island lake reserve communities.

800 water containers plus a 1000 empty human waste black buckets toilets were recently sent to 4 reserves in all to resolve a government water treatment issue. Apparently Chief David McDougall of St. Theresa Point First Nation was given a water treatment crisis situation sent from INAC to address 3 other surrounding isolated native communities around island lake, Manitoba Canada that they will be issued drinking water containers and toilet buckets as a solution to solve the ALREADY four third world reserves pluming problem?

Put him in a body bag

2009 H1N1 health canada supplied actual "body bags" to treat the treatable influenza virus to these same native reservations of island lake first nations. "Isn't that a kick in the face."

Canada is perhaps is the riches country in natural resources globally and yet many Indian and Northern Affairs Canada people lives in third world conditions we'd better get in order our on country Canada before we go hypocritically into other countries and attempted to be perhaps righteous?

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Keith Ranville of First Nations
, Canada


Friday, April 22, 2011


Alien body found in Russia's Republic of Buryatia video footage shows of a dead extraterrestrial being in snow? is it real don't know check it out for yourself?


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jesus & and his disciples to knights templars the shroud of turin could it have also been used in the holy last supper? Leonardo Da Vinci painting in codes that there is actually a relation between the shroud of turin and to the last supper painting.

Although there is missing area's to the shroud of turin's two corners that may have very well been significant clues relating to the jesus last supper? After all what better cloth to use at jesus burial than cloth from the jesus christ's memorable holy last supper?

The Da Vinci last supper picture painting suggests leonardo knew of this connection between the mysterious shroud of turin and to the last supper this perhaps why leonardo da vinci depicted encodes into his masterpiece paintings as a clue of a only "knot" in the last suppers table clothes knot corner linen that I have point out in theory in images above.

"Happy Easter Holidays Folks"

National treasure Hunter

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Saturday, April 16, 2011


National Treasure's oscar winning actor nicolas cage gets thrown in jail for drinking & beating his wife Alice Kim in New Orleans Louisiana this Saturday early morning. Gee I wonder what his next movie project will be' the buzzed life and times of charlie sheen?

Moonstruck Cher Nicolas Cage

Will actors ever snap out of it once fame kicks in' like thespians like nicolas cage they should know that they are role models as well as entertainment figures to fans of there's and they also should know the media paparazzi is always hounding them and are targets to any kind of scrutiny what so ever? especially with social media now available its hard to get out of any lime light of stardom.

The Real National Treasure Hunter Is Keith Ranville

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Nicolas Cage arrested after 'drunken assault on wife in the street'

  • Actor allegedly pushed wife during altercation last night while 'heavily intoxicated'
  • He was taken into custody this morning before posting $11,000 bail
  • Oscar-winner charged with domestic violence and public drunkenness
  • Cage and his wife were apparently fighting over where they lived


    Kate Middleton in a jelly bean image its possible oak island mystery has captured ghostly images in-stone stories of lore to oak island mystery were of a ghost dog and a pirate like druid monk it has been said by some in the oak island treasure hunting's past oak island is haunted and I captured in a first time ever of these ghostly spirits beings caught inbetween of two worlds in stone? Hey you never know the world works in mysteruious ways whether its in a jelly bean or scribed in a oak island money pit skull stone stuff like this intrigues the mind, treasure is sometimes hidden in the mysterious?

    An English couple are setting themselves up to make a little money because of a jellybean with the likeness of Kate Middleton on it. The couple were visiting the Jelly Bean Factory when they spotted a jellybean that had a design on it that had a very striking resemblance to the future bride of Prince William of Wales.

    Wesley Hosie and Jessica White say that they almost immediately spotted the face of Middleton on the jellybean. They stated that it could not have been any better time with it being so close to the Royal Wedding.

    The couple said that they plan on auctioning the jellybean on eBay where they say they are hoping at least $1,000 for it.

    First Nations

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    Sunday, April 03, 2011


    Amen for lenny bruce and his hard act to follow 12,21,2012 he may get his last laugh yet after jailed December 21. 1964 2 days before I was born years later?.

    Leonard Alfred Schneider dob October 13, 1925 to August 3, 1966 better known as lenny bruce one of Americas most treasured memorial comedy stage acts whom himself open the doors for many other great comedians after him. Although mr. lenny bruce was blacklisted later in his short lived life from many big named stages throughout the show business bookings in fear of stage owners getting thrown in jail themselves or shut down?

    Lenny bruce may have been vulgar some on stage but its nothing compare to what we see on television these days? Even in the art of theater these days there are people that fear originality you see this same kind of ignorance in treasure hunting/researching. And I would bet in treasure hunting research years down the road while people watching tv or learning about research and say' that I remember there was this native guy doing the same thing putting things together cleverly in on his own deal without ordeal.

    December 23, 2003 on my 37th birthday lenny bruce was granted a posthumous pardon by a one New York Governor George Pataki

    The Official Lenny Bruce Website

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    812 TO YUMA

    Mysteriously 812 southwest air flight gets ripped a new one from Phoenix to Sacramento then to make emergency yuma, Arizona military base landing successfully. 3 foot gash in southwest airliner sends panic throughout whole 737 airplane.

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    Friday, April 01, 2011


    Leaping lizards into peoples bodies? I have yet to see david icke's lizard human transformation puppet show except in fiction movies. I believe david icke that he believes what he is saying is real to himself hopefully in time he will find the actual evidence to prove his theory of human humanoid lizard shape-shifting?

    Hey several lizards has evolved to change colors under certain stresses mr. david icke claims these humanoid lizards that transforms from humans are usually under some kind of stress? Pehaps ufo's are using this lizard shape shifting method to hide there ufo crafts?

    Who's to say that lizards or extraterrestrial aliens are not from a missing link from our prehistoric past? After all we have a mysterious missing link too ourselves in our evolution ladder. And I would imagine that creatures that have evolved before us would be highly of advanced intelligence and probably has some form of telepathy something that we have not fully evolve to yet?

    Time will tell, but I honestly believe we are being handed alien technology by a highly evolved advanced race through our governments.

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