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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Donald trump the apprentice of attention whoring seeks sideshow birther racist clowns to help win white-house in-2012? "Rubbish" american politics sinks to a whole new low in the election mockery and to have reality television cornballs trump formative distinguished political candidates is just plain bizarre?

Apparently donald trump is now on president barack obama's case about his past education status since his messed up media rants concerning president obama's birth certificate. However, my opinion is its these major media outlets like cnn hln news that are at blame for hoisting these pointless media circus reality shows sideshows to the American people nobody else.


Today john king of cnn spent an hour b.sing with donald trump's toxic exploitations to tell you the truth I fell asleep watching it I have a short attention span when it comes to nonsense? This is just a sample of what you will be exposed to on cnn hln news.

Celebrity apprentices reality shows is donald trump's fantasy entertainment nothing more there's better channels out there with far better programs.

Donald trump for president of united states of America common now who's going to be his running mate Gary Busey? PFFT..

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