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Sunday, April 03, 2011


Amen for lenny bruce and his hard act to follow 12,21,2012 he may get his last laugh yet after jailed December 21. 1964 2 days before I was born years later?.

Leonard Alfred Schneider dob October 13, 1925 to August 3, 1966 better known as lenny bruce one of Americas most treasured memorial comedy stage acts whom himself open the doors for many other great comedians after him. Although mr. lenny bruce was blacklisted later in his short lived life from many big named stages throughout the show business bookings in fear of stage owners getting thrown in jail themselves or shut down?

Lenny bruce may have been vulgar some on stage but its nothing compare to what we see on television these days? Even in the art of theater these days there are people that fear originality you see this same kind of ignorance in treasure hunting/researching. And I would bet in treasure hunting research years down the road while people watching tv or learning about research and say' that I remember there was this native guy doing the same thing putting things together cleverly in on his own deal without ordeal.

December 23, 2003 on my 37th birthday lenny bruce was granted a posthumous pardon by a one New York Governor George Pataki

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