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Friday, April 01, 2011


Leaping lizards into peoples bodies? I have yet to see david icke's lizard human transformation puppet show except in fiction movies. I believe david icke that he believes what he is saying is real to himself hopefully in time he will find the actual evidence to prove his theory of human humanoid lizard shape-shifting?

Hey several lizards has evolved to change colors under certain stresses mr. david icke claims these humanoid lizards that transforms from humans are usually under some kind of stress? Pehaps ufo's are using this lizard shape shifting method to hide there ufo crafts?

Who's to say that lizards or extraterrestrial aliens are not from a missing link from our prehistoric past? After all we have a mysterious missing link too ourselves in our evolution ladder. And I would imagine that creatures that have evolved before us would be highly of advanced intelligence and probably has some form of telepathy something that we have not fully evolve to yet?

Time will tell, but I honestly believe we are being handed alien technology by a highly evolved advanced race through our governments.

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