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Thursday, September 30, 2010


☠Skull & Bones ahead of the most powerful country in the world, bonesmen marking on white house lawn may raise public concerns; Illuminati, bonesmen, freemasonry where does america stand in all this secret society mayhem? American national monuments may divulge vital clues on who may just be behind the secret organization(s) running the American government or in maybe other countries as well.

Skull & Bones fraternity maybe older than it perceives?

☠Skull and Bones old yale fraternity place, hence movement to the white house where✘marks the spot. Is there a turf power struggle with the worlds most powerful secret societies gone corporate on who wants to run america, to accomplish a new world order it would start by the running of the most powerful country in the world the good ol' USA.

- Keith Ranville

The Ranville Code Breaker moves to America in great significance.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


White house a secret skull and bones cult fraternity, white house's front yard explains that in code? Keith Ranville cree code breaker solves america one clue at a time.

- Keith Ranville

The Ranville Code Breaker moves to America in great significance.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We may just be extraterrestrial beings and not know it? david icke suspects of world leaders being alien beings lizard like? Alien abductions cattle mutilations ufo sightings whats going on? Are aliens in telepathic communication measures with us maybe through alien implants? The ufo phenomena is something we do not dare discuss openly only because of ridicule. I myself is open to all kinds unexplained matters.

However, I believe as technology moves forward we may have to accept in believing in the alien ufo phenomena, cause we may just be on the path of alien fed technology already, what I am saying alien encounters wont be so eerie if ourselves were not as closely advanced to any such extraterrestrial life forms themselves?

Governments hiding the fact that there is unworldly alien beings among us? This is nothing new, I bet many past ancient civilizations has done the same thing before too among there fellow civilians. The question is why ?Perhaps the fall of many past ancient civilization is due to with a clash with alien beings or maybe alien confrontations with past civilizations it was a shock to the system and rebellions ensued among the people against betrayal people caused by alien manipulation thus maybe this is why the ending happened in the destruction of many past civilization? Will there be another rebel with them with this planets largest civilization ever ?

Why is that I know so much?

- Keith Ranville

Monday, September 27, 2010


Adsense/google scam rips off blogger when it came to payment time, adsense used my blog to generate money but when payment was due to me they disabled my account? Bogus explanation: AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense account.

What happened is that adsense and there advertisers took the money and ran like crooks with masks, I could care less about the money that they owe me & but I do care about a explanation they owe to the readers to my blog on this matter, its the principal of the matter; you just do not go around swindling people knowing that you can get away with it.

And to adsense insult to injury its google's 12th anniversary? them money savvy freaking crooks anyway. Someone(s) should sue them big time for there money scam scheme or dubious antics.


Keith Ranville


American government related to ancient stone chambers in Hudson valley & who is behind the most powerful nation? Illuminati freemasonry alien beings, united states of America has an ancient secret that is derived from a ancient civilization hence the stars, the hidden truth to America is obscured in the midst of the American national monuments and its perhaps in code out in the open as a mystic mysterious message to unravel .

What is known is these stone chambers in the Hudson valley were made long before early settlers came to america. The native american natives would have the feel to whom are the makers of these mysterious ancient stone chambers that are kind of located along the east coast area's in the united states.

The Ranville Code moves to America in great significance.

- Keith Ranville


Atlantic Southeast Airlines Delta; emergency scary landing seems like a script out of the twilight zone? Fiery wing sparks would give William Shatner or John Lithgow chills as the delta airplane makes a dangerous skidding landing at JFK airport.

Twilight Zone: Nightmare At 20,000 Feet

Twilight Zone The Movie - There's Something On The Wing

Full Story News Feed


Keith Ranville

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Many religions/cultures have many interpretations in god even secret society's somewhat do believe in a higher existence to themselves? The universe is still misunderstood but the human being strives to unlocking its secrets. Then we must ask ourselves whom is god can anyone riddle me that without an deception? Dire straights a vancouver rock group has a lyric in there tunes it goes; two of them say they are jesus one of them must be wrong. the lyric must be referring to alah Vrs. Jesus the religious thing is a controversial issue because it expects you to just go on faith? It is sad religious wars killed more people than recent conventional wars. One thing is for sure everyone will sooner or later meet the almighty in time if in deed he does exist.

Sunday Sermon

Keith Ranville,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Keith Ranville - Cloned engineered salmon. A fish story' or a reality, genetically modified alien protein catch of the day on your plate in the near future? Its now gone public our seafood chain in the salmon stocks maybe getting engineered without our say or knowing? I've heard strawberries have being genetically modified and mixed with salmon genes?

Messing around with gods creation, has created mutant science-fiction gone rogue factual in reality? Hybrid food chain animals may be a Pandora's box in the making?

Keith Ramville of First Nations

References to story groups push for label for modified salmon


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Monday, September 20, 2010


Tale of two ancient lost cities rome & olmec cascajal block? archeology can only look towards elaborate treasure hunting technique ciphers? eh'

Several pieces of the world's oldest and largest unsolved jigsaw puzzle, a 2,200-year-old map of Rome made of thousands of marble fragments,

- Keith ranville

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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Internet search engines like google merging with cable tv networks in the near future; late 70's did video kill radio listeners, new cable era will kill internet traffic perhaps? Beta never caught on as a replacement for video it took cd's to become available to replace videos. So will cable kill the internet star like late 1970's music song "video killed the radio star". Time will only tell if cable will change the way we experience the internet in the near future, the merge may very well attract cable users to the internet this will be a interesting combining venture for both the internet & cable companies. And how will this benefit the cost$ of cable, cause cable is usually billed together with internet and phone already - but now in one complete package charge? this will be a interesting choice for the consumer?

Google's Android software - Intel chips - Sony's TV hardware and Logitech's strength in computer peripherals will let you CHANGE between watching normal cable television or your favorite tv shows, with next-generation content such as Youtube videos and whatever else you can put in from the Internet to the tv screen. That includes Facebook, news content, instant sports stats, google certainly has high stakes in this INTERNET cable merge.

The Buggles, Island Records released as their debut single- 7 September 1979,

How much of a threat is Google TV to cable providers?

Google: You ain't seen nothing' yet

- Keith ranville

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A treasure, a treasure beyond all imagination, a treasure that has been fought over for centuries by tyrants pharaohs emperors warlords every time it changed hands it grew larger and then suddenly "in a snap" it vanished? It didn't reappear for a thousand years when the knights from the first crusade discovered a secret vault beneath the temple of Solomon' you see the knights that found the vault believed that the treasure was to great for any one man not even a king.

They brought the treasure back to europe and took the name the knights temlpars. Over the next century they smuggled it (treasure) out of europe and formed a new brotherhood called the freemasons. In honor of the great temple, war followed by the time of the american revolution the treasure was hidden again by then the masons included men like george washington Benjamen franklin paul revere they knew they had to make sure that the treasure would never fall into the British hands.

So they devised a series of clues and maps to its location, all the time the clues were lost or forgotten until only one remained and that was the secret one that charles caroll entrusted to him thomas gates "Charlotte" should the secret lie where Charlotte.
Written out of context from the national treasure film in a youtube scene by Keith Ranville

Starring Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, John Voight, Harvey Keitel.

What is not explained in the national treasure movie scene about the pyramid on the us dollar bill is that like birch island its also surrounded by water? birch isle triangle the finale oak island answer.

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William Shatner weird or what? That would be the explanation for mysterious internet disappearance of AltNews? conspiracies can only arise on what happened to the controversial has it become to popular for its own good or did the hideous powerful secret societies of the world shut it down due to AltNews's showcasing controversial blogs?

Is there a oak island mystery connection to the gone missing since friday the 17th 2010 news bolg, we may never know what happened to the lost blog news source until AtlNews resurfaces and self explains its mysterious alienation to its many readers on just what really did happened to them? Until then I will continue to go on bloggting at the best oak island mystery news source.


Keith Ranville

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Throughout the decades native Indians were portrayed as not marketable as the adventurous type; Keith Ranville's treasure hunting experiences changed that largely.

First Nations story: In 2005 it was oak island treasure mystery news articles concerning a unique native treasure translation that caught the attention of mystery readers worldwide; cause at the time oak island itself was believed to be a lost cause for a procurement of any kind of treasure what so ever by many?

But since then the oak island money pit mystery has grown logically off the oak island attraction grid to another island close by (Birth Island) through by piecing together oak islands stir'd up evidence and then placing them into proper perspective' what you can say a native man's achievement in treasure hunting actually saved oak island from being forgotten in memory, or in fact new native popular research re-famed the mysterious treasure island in a much better transparent light.

In the national treasure movie; it shows of the u.s one dollar bill with a mythic looking unfinished pyramid but the movie it does not mention that the stealth looking pyramid is on water either? The unfinished pyramid on the u.s dollar currency is perhaps supposed to be built where birch island is located in mahone bay nova scotia, Canada, it to has the geometric u.s dollar bill marking pattern as well? And it too is surrounded by water.

- Keith Ranville

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Friday, September 17, 2010


Oak Island treasure mystery journals into the mysterious world of the unexplained & unsolved ciphers, never before has a treasure hunter adventured into the unknown in a nomadic quest to unravel the greatest unsolved wonders the universe has to offer. The internationally famous keith ranville blog investigates the ancient mysteries controversies this is where very few to no treasure hunters ever really dared to tread.

This here continuous oak island internet site tours you into adventure and gives you the gripping feeling that you are actually in the surroundings of a real treasure hunting experience first hand. Five years+ of a first nations canadian native man is in journaled in this nova scotia oak island money pit treasure hunt already this is something that you wont find anywhere in this treasure mystery or in this world in fact. A native man has finally changed in on how treasure hunting should be logically done and it mostly done in real time. eh'

Birch Island is the oak island finale answer to the treasure mystery.

- Keith Ranville

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Voynich manuscript is perhaps a traders log book obscured in artistic camouflage whom traveled the silk road hence dealt in prostitution, spices, silk, & selling to many kinds of merchants. The oldest profession was most likely in-tuned with the zodiac time-line according to the voynich manuscripts observations.

Silk road was known to export import exotic spices; plants, seeds, aphrodisiacs (drugs) voynich manuscripts somewhat illustrates them in detail.

Traders would have persian like rugs, fabrics, abode painting ect.. they would have unique designs to showcase to merchants so there merchandise could be sold or tailor made in custom to each specific design as this folded paper map appears in regarding the voynich manuscript (In picture above) .

Reading into the mysterious voynich manuscript writings some of it seems like a unique accounting book that would only make sense to' the how would you say the bookie? (trader accountant). A seller to buyer book in personal code. Al Capone had a bookie accountant that kept track of al capones organized crime behaviors his booking is how capone was linked to tax evasion maybe this is the same kind of principle going on with this elaborate voynich manuscript? eh'

- Keith Ranville

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Oak Island theme attraction is it possible Erich von Däniken has a theme park I have my own treasure mystery showcase museum blog on the internet ,ufo, secret societies, ancient mysterious worlds, treasure ciphers, unexplained, conspiracies ect; all intriguing subjects. I am quite satisfied with what I've accomplished in my 5 years of ups and downs in the treasure hunting research field. Las Vegas has a treasure island theme casino Benjamin (Bugsy) segal dream't up las vegas and built the flamingo hotel and ironically the idea ended up killing him? Planet Hollywood there is one in downtown vancouver. British columbia, Canada.

Many movies are based on a treasure island scenario they all include all the trimmings - pirates, villains. romance ect... national treasure was the blockbuster along with captain jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean and indiana jones sequels but can oak island mystery pack the same kind of adventure punch as the movies mentioned? documentary-wise I would say no. But an pirates like treasure hunting movie based on oak islands treasure hunt it can be done.

For more information on my research or my endeavors you can email me at

- Keith Ranville

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sacred feminine secret encode hidden in the oak island mystery, birch island may hold; mary magdalene jesus bloodline in its triangle formation?

Da vinci's virutian man oak island stone cross code obscures female male characteristics. Da vinci virtutius code of foot out circle gives Leonardo Da Vinci a new controversial code.

-Keith Ranville


New world order oak island stone cross skull stone will rise above all cults like freemasonry, illuminati and all secret societies before them with a universal message of order to obied by. Keith Ranville code breaker ciphers treasure messages through his unique research. The oak island spirit being that roams the oak isle area is no mere mortal for he holds the true secrets to the oak island treasure mystery.

This oak island stone cross was once ignited in a almighty glorious flame at each of its 5 coned shaped stones, as the oak island mortal with an knights templars sword in hand by him striking the plush skull-stone in the center of the stones fiery cross' thus leaving his image in a flash in the skull shape stone in a instance his journey travels into the spirit world to only one nightly evening to reemerge as a prince with immortal godlike energies.

Prince of Darkness

The Greatest Treasure Story Ever Told.

-Keith Ranville

Monday, September 13, 2010


Freemasonry, freemasonary mysterious Societies a deception of deceit or brotherly blame on one another, or a faceless pyramided stacked fraternity? oak island illusiveness freemasonry roll-plays certainly each-either beyond unanswered bizarre ploys incomprehensibly. Home of the greatest treasure hunt is perhaps home to freemasonry corruption? Sworn to secrecy an oath held to a greater order, and with rituals to have a religious experience to forte yourself in fellowshipping. Has oak island freemasonry (ary) broken a code among themselves and with the universe that they proclaimed as a universal freedom to each there own. To make good men better this freemasonry task of there's only applies to white people not to other cultures according to oak island Nova Scotia's corrupted money pit area.

(Regarding oak island research)
Cult or Fraternity to oak island freemasonry & hooligans they have done nothing but done harm (stifle) to a canadian native first nations man that may perhaps have a freemasonary Scottish connection through his Sinclair linage.

A strong letter that will only grow in strength,

-Keith Ranville

Saturday, September 11, 2010


911 world trade center terror attacks, pyramids of giza could hold relation to the conspiracy of the airplane crashes into WTC's. U.S Government conspiracies may be related to ancient egypt, freemasonary is rumored to have secret knowledge from the ancient Egyptians to them having king Solomons lost artifacts?

The "Illuminati" could there be a turf war going on with them & the Freemasons in the U.S government system for a balance of power in order to control America, or even a secret society's quest going on for a new world order domination?

America has monuments that are related to ancient Egyptian structures ever wonder why? WTC 1-2 7 building seven falls mysteriously? cause of a ancient Egyptian connection a pyramid layout relation.

- Keith Ranville


Horus eye of ra ancient sun god hieroglyph could it be a alien spacecraft landing as to the mysterious nasca lines-peru egyptian god a alien being- extraterrestrial origin from the stars?

Ancient Gods Star Related

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


The mysterious world of freemasonary behind the conspiracy to commit computer hacking, defamation against a first nations man; oak island treasure mystery freemasons apart of a evil cult, its known freemasons were behaving badly in a famed Internet racial motivated attack from as early to 2005 up to mid-summer 2010 - 8/16/2010, nova scotia oak island freemasons were no doubt behind this coo to defame this first nations oak island native researcher many of them are still lurking in the crept shadows of the oak island mystery with them evilly hiding in other oak island forums; friends of oak island society - they are corrupted oak island websites in my opinion.

[Oak Island mystery 911 terrorism internet hackers]
This oak island freemasonary conspiracy to attack a canadian native first nations man on the internet could be like the jack the ripper conspiracy ("The juews are the men that will not be blamed for nothing") oak island mystery evil deeds has the same M.O as jack the ripper bizarre graffiti. As these defaming internet hacking posts were not made by me but the postings tried to make me say untrue words about the freemasons? The Oak Island Mystery men will be blamed for internet terrorism / nova scotia oak island freemasonary evil thugs and hooligans they are greatly suspected in the blame of committing these internet vandalizing acts by stealing blog,forum passwords to make defamation postings to defame a native first nations man.


- Keith Ranville

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