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Thursday, September 30, 2010


☠Skull & Bones ahead of the most powerful country in the world, bonesmen marking on white house lawn may raise public concerns; Illuminati, bonesmen, freemasonry where does america stand in all this secret society mayhem? American national monuments may divulge vital clues on who may just be behind the secret organization(s) running the American government or in maybe other countries as well.

Skull & Bones fraternity maybe older than it perceives?

☠Skull and Bones old yale fraternity place, hence movement to the white house where✘marks the spot. Is there a turf power struggle with the worlds most powerful secret societies gone corporate on who wants to run america, to accomplish a new world order it would start by the running of the most powerful country in the world the good ol' USA.

- Keith Ranville

The Ranville Code Breaker moves to America in great significance.

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