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Monday, September 13, 2010


Freemasonry, freemasonary mysterious Societies a deception of deceit or brotherly blame on one another, or a faceless pyramided stacked fraternity? oak island illusiveness freemasonry roll-plays certainly each-either beyond unanswered bizarre ploys incomprehensibly. Home of the greatest treasure hunt is perhaps home to freemasonry corruption? Sworn to secrecy an oath held to a greater order, and with rituals to have a religious experience to forte yourself in fellowshipping. Has oak island freemasonry (ary) broken a code among themselves and with the universe that they proclaimed as a universal freedom to each there own. To make good men better this freemasonry task of there's only applies to white people not to other cultures according to oak island Nova Scotia's corrupted money pit area.

(Regarding oak island research)
Cult or Fraternity to oak island freemasonry & hooligans they have done nothing but done harm (stifle) to a canadian native first nations man that may perhaps have a freemasonary Scottish connection through his Sinclair linage.

A strong letter that will only grow in strength,

-Keith Ranville

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