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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Voynich manuscript is perhaps a traders log book obscured in artistic camouflage whom traveled the silk road hence dealt in prostitution, spices, silk, & selling to many kinds of merchants. The oldest profession was most likely in-tuned with the zodiac time-line according to the voynich manuscripts observations.

Silk road was known to export import exotic spices; plants, seeds, aphrodisiacs (drugs) voynich manuscripts somewhat illustrates them in detail.

Traders would have persian like rugs, fabrics, abode painting ect.. they would have unique designs to showcase to merchants so there merchandise could be sold or tailor made in custom to each specific design as this folded paper map appears in regarding the voynich manuscript (In picture above) .

Reading into the mysterious voynich manuscript writings some of it seems like a unique accounting book that would only make sense to' the how would you say the bookie? (trader accountant). A seller to buyer book in personal code. Al Capone had a bookie accountant that kept track of al capones organized crime behaviors his booking is how capone was linked to tax evasion maybe this is the same kind of principle going on with this elaborate voynich manuscript? eh'

- Keith Ranville

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