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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


New world order oak island stone cross skull stone will rise above all cults like freemasonry, illuminati and all secret societies before them with a universal message of order to obied by. Keith Ranville code breaker ciphers treasure messages through his unique research. The oak island spirit being that roams the oak isle area is no mere mortal for he holds the true secrets to the oak island treasure mystery.

This oak island stone cross was once ignited in a almighty glorious flame at each of its 5 coned shaped stones, as the oak island mortal with an knights templars sword in hand by him striking the plush skull-stone in the center of the stones fiery cross' thus leaving his image in a flash in the skull shape stone in a instance his journey travels into the spirit world to only one nightly evening to reemerge as a prince with immortal godlike energies.

Prince of Darkness

The Greatest Treasure Story Ever Told.

-Keith Ranville

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