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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Ancient Egyptian stargate turns off the light bulb theory, a star transportation device, as a kings chamber tilts towards upper chambers as one, ark action ignites event. (Diagram Above)

The oak island treasure meaning is of knowing about lost ancient knowledge this is the secret to the treasure mystery.

Gift of the Gods

- Keith Ranville


Saturday, August 28, 2010


George W. Bush - Geronimo relation, skull and bone society, there maybe more to what we think about the ritual controversy than we think? A blood relation? striking resemblance between geronimo & george w. bush in facial features may make you believe that they are related?

After-all they were both commander and chiefs of a nation and brought there people a war that later cost there people dearly?

There may have been a alternative motive for the the skull and bones secret society to retrieve geronimo's remains it may have been for family tree reason?

-Keith Ranville

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Drinking the oak island kool-aid could it be in bad taste' treasure hunting forums are you buying into a pyramid scheme by offering personal information and your good reputation that may one day later sully you on the internet? Trust issues; signing on to one of these few oak island forums is scary business even if you use a alias, and why would you even create a nonsense situation for yourself in the first place? Oak island forum chat-lines they are wolves in sheep's clothing or they claim to be friends of oak island but they are the same society that have mental issues that disbanded cause of ripping people off on joining fees don't be fooled by a change of name scheme.

In my experience while on these oak island treasure forums? They would use bizarre uncomfortable cult like cues to confront me like "our friend Keith" ect.. and this would be said from people using alias bogus names that were trying to befriend me, even way after I was long gone away from these oak island forums they would be still blabbing as if I was still in there estrange company; at this point I thought to myself what in the hell did I get myself into? I then began to understand that these idiots on these oak island forums they were deviously accumulating chat status to support there oak island website forum(s) on the internet this would explain there ridiculous personal argumentative conversations with themselves?

Follow me here there is no strings attached just read or make a comment if you wish to do so, be my guest?

You can find me here or on facebook where it is more civilized, this treasure hunting blog is internationally known and has had millions of visits from people from around the world feel free to read the many blog i-pages on a over 5 years research study on the oak island money pit treasure hunt..

- Keith Ranville


This website is perhaps the most objective oak island website that deals in treasure hunting, its a educational tool in what to expect from other bogus oak island mystery websites that are refereed to as barrels of conceded obnoxious assholes. Money pit six deaths one is needed to die and the treasure will pop out of the ground - thats a load of crap what it should say 6 idiots has died in search of the money pit treasure and one more moron is needed to die so we can get this dam treasure hunt over with? And let me tell you there is no shortages of social-pathetic morons in these oak island forum websites that are more than eligible for the task to die for the cause of idiocy.

What I am saying oak island is so dam frugal or cheap that it has already compromised personal safety in digging for treasure, improper research has also gone into the oak island money pit before any dig takes place? I am just amazed more haven't died in the grasping attempts to find the oak island treasure. This oak island website blog that you are reading is the top brass treasure hunting site in the world, this oak island blog material has an over 5 year investigation period study that dealt in just about every aspect of the oak island mystery and it offers the best theories and new discoveries stemming from the oak island treasure hunt altogether.

- Keith Ranville

Monday, August 23, 2010


Is it possible to contact god via internet? could there be a code embedded in internet technology to talk to god itself? can god talk to us in internet code? god only knows? holy grail- ark of the covenant both ancient devices that is believed to be communication relays to speak to god.

Is there a hand book on how the ark of the covenant could be wield if found? But through my understanding in dream viewing the ark of the covenant it can't be operated without the use of the holy grail cause no mortal could endure the forces with held in the ark of the covenant? The holy grail cup is the catalyst to managing the ark of the covenant.

Is god of extraterrestrial origin, but in religious mortal form for us to comprehend? Beings in other dimensions from other worlds is it possible? I believe it is probable? I must admit there has been experiences of the unexplained that I have witnessed in my lifetime; this is maybe what has gave me anointed knowledge or the ability to figuring out clever unsolvable ciphers?

(In photo above an entity was there in spirit in this house that was of the knights templars statues.)

Engulfed with wisdom through spiritual visions & dreams,

- Keith Ranville


Barack obama on the us currency would it be called the controversy currency of all-time, would he be on a us currancy bill because he is the first black president of united states? Or cause of other positive changes that he has done as president during his time in office, thus so far?
Native American Indian tee pee on the new us Ameros 5 dollar bill -

keeping them honest: These new facelift pictures on the us 1 - 5 dollar bills resembling of these two different amercan cultures; do think it will stir controversy with other amercans? If so why?


Keith Ranville

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Pyramid water contained in ancient energy covenanted in a pyramid shaped bottle, enjoy a beverage from the gods.

Enjoy Your Beverage Drinks in
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

AREA 51/49

You can expect to rely on personal accounts while enduring the oak island treasure mystery area- 51% is oak isle believed accounts and perhaps 49% is actual evidence found but who really cares? So oak island artefact's can they be trusted as being authentic? Area 51 alien secret deal = oak island it has similar mystery traits to each their own? By saying that, because of arguments on any facts to this treasure hunt there is no real common ground to elaborate the oak island findings as to being factual to the treasure search due to secret b.s and how evidence was handled when dug up overall it was done unprofessional? It would be wise to just resonate with what is visible when reading into oak island, as for historic oak island verbal evidence one should take it as only unexplained rhetoric?

Putting oak island into context' many have attempted to do so, but not without adding grains of salt to there story to evidence or to there chronological events to there oak island explanations? You have to remember the oak island money pit isn't based on legitimatize archaeological factual excavation accounts? With all due respect oak island is or was based on perhaps dubious characters that were willing to lie or add distort to the already possible manufactured truth to the money pit setup done in order to gain lubricious leverage on other treasure hunters that were also searching for the same oak island treasure? This sort of underhandedness is also sadly likewise in metaphor with these oak island websites they are ignorantly blind to new oak island research, and ridiculously they shamefully thrive on the sketchiness information to the oak island money pit treasure hunt, for there sake of gaining fame or for Internet status purposes.

Birch island triangle mystery offers a possible new slate with a archaeological twist to it; hence birch isle differ's better from the oak island mystery's unprofessionalism. Unlike oak island, birch island has a far greater visible attraction to it and its more mysterious than the money pit deception? Birch isle is the finale frontier saga to what's really going on in mahone bay's treasured waters, this native blog adventures dynamically in that direction exclusively.

Its about time we all pull a steven slater from this oak island money pit scheme and head towards the birch island triangle with a cheerful beer in hand!
Winking smile

- Keith Ranville

Sunday, August 08, 2010


In the early days of this oak island treasure hunt for me, there wasn't much new going on with this money pit mystery who would believe there's more to this unsolved puzzle? mahone bay, nova scotia -mysterious capital of canada a attraction place filled with 2 treasure islands among about 350 other unsearched isles in the mahone bay waters. So what's going on in mahone bay n.s and is there any phenomena happening there like pirates of the Caribbean that is some of the questions that I've been asked before? Well I interpreted a pirate monk character out of a stone that was found on oak island and the stone was recalled as to being the skull stone.

It does sparkle the mind to why I am the only one to come up with some of these most intriguing oak island theories and discoveries? because many of oak island treasure hunters hasn't elaborated to the extent of my native research in the past - Why? My answer to that is no treasure hunter before me or even now has been as open with opinion on this treasure hunt as I am that is my truth. What I am saying you have to be up front with your findings no matter how off beat it may be and also be unafraid of mocking jeers I have the courage say and do as I feel to have a say in this elaborate oak island treasure hunt this is what makes me so charismatic as a treasure hunter, if I wasn't so different from other treasure hunters I wouldn't be getting so much attention world wide.
Iconic oak island treasure hunt; its now 215 years-old this summer since Daniel McGuinnis and a crew of two organized this curio treasure hunt from a suspicious round looking marking in the ground beneath the branch of a large oak island tree, and many years later the treasure mystery is still evolving from that day on to this very summer of 2010 as it has expanded to nearby isle birch island and to as far south as the Bermuda triangle and possibly to the planet Saturn, this is certainly something star trek's leonard nimoy would be in search of knowing?

Is oak island much bigger than a elaborate excavation of treasure? or is the treasure hunt a connection to many mysterious mysteries of the world? If you may think the holy grail or ark of the covenant is somewhere in this oak island treasure hunt you would have to think about these possibilities, one who embodies these treasured values in heart could only wield such a treasure.

- Keith Ranville

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Reverse Engineering the phenomenal unexplained like Stonehenge, maya may have gave it principle similar to its own understanding, being motional - Stonehenge concept in theory has the same purpose as earth itself? as its in motion too.

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