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Sunday, August 08, 2010


In the early days of this oak island treasure hunt for me, there wasn't much new going on with this money pit mystery who would believe there's more to this unsolved puzzle? mahone bay, nova scotia -mysterious capital of canada a attraction place filled with 2 treasure islands among about 350 other unsearched isles in the mahone bay waters. So what's going on in mahone bay n.s and is there any phenomena happening there like pirates of the Caribbean that is some of the questions that I've been asked before? Well I interpreted a pirate monk character out of a stone that was found on oak island and the stone was recalled as to being the skull stone.

It does sparkle the mind to why I am the only one to come up with some of these most intriguing oak island theories and discoveries? because many of oak island treasure hunters hasn't elaborated to the extent of my native research in the past - Why? My answer to that is no treasure hunter before me or even now has been as open with opinion on this treasure hunt as I am that is my truth. What I am saying you have to be up front with your findings no matter how off beat it may be and also be unafraid of mocking jeers I have the courage say and do as I feel to have a say in this elaborate oak island treasure hunt this is what makes me so charismatic as a treasure hunter, if I wasn't so different from other treasure hunters I wouldn't be getting so much attention world wide.
Iconic oak island treasure hunt; its now 215 years-old this summer since Daniel McGuinnis and a crew of two organized this curio treasure hunt from a suspicious round looking marking in the ground beneath the branch of a large oak island tree, and many years later the treasure mystery is still evolving from that day on to this very summer of 2010 as it has expanded to nearby isle birch island and to as far south as the Bermuda triangle and possibly to the planet Saturn, this is certainly something star trek's leonard nimoy would be in search of knowing?

Is oak island much bigger than a elaborate excavation of treasure? or is the treasure hunt a connection to many mysterious mysteries of the world? If you may think the holy grail or ark of the covenant is somewhere in this oak island treasure hunt you would have to think about these possibilities, one who embodies these treasured values in heart could only wield such a treasure.

- Keith Ranville

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