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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oak Island inscription may confirm to whereabouts the money pits treasure is? Mystery solved? Recent buried ships shape found in mahone bay nova scotia, canada has related image to the oak islands skull stones treasure maps description that was found on oak island, put a sword through the newly discovered ships haul in mahone bay (hobson island) and it may x mark the spot to where the oak island treasure bullion is?

Congrats to Finders Keepers to his research (Denny) Above

Read more on this Great Canadian Novas Scotia Treasure Find


Keith Ranville

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Viking ship in mahone bay could it be possible? June 2010 a explorer known as finders keepers made a expedition to nova scotia's hobson island situated a fair distance from birch island oak island treasure islands area. But I believe there is plenty more to be explored in regards to this mysterious money pit treasure island outward. And as I previously said in past explanations that there is a scuttled ship in the mahone bay area somewhere, infact the oak island skullstone has a sword through a ships haul its a clue to the oak island treasure isle? This is maybe not the ship from hobson island but I would be curious to see whats going on there as a treasure hunter.

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A second search expedition is in the works spring 2011 for in search of possible viking artifact? Or even treasure?

For further information on a another possible treasure island called hobson isle visit treasure net

Get oak island treasure money pit treasure island news here for the latest news that other websites don't have or choose to ignore cause its not in there best interest.

- Keith Ranville

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Crying out loud baby gets shaken to death cause the infant was interrupting the obsessively addictive facebooks game farmville? "wtf" that's ludicrous.

Further details on story excerpt- ctv news


Keith Ranville

Friday, October 29, 2010


This is something that I think everyone may have experienced 'dropping food?' I think ice-cream is the common or more famous story people hear? when it comes to dropping food

Would you pick up food and eat it if it fell on the floor? if you did pick up food after you dropped it would you look around and see if anyone's around then pick it up and eat it?

I don't think people in third world countries wouldn't think twice about not picking up food and not eating it? And I am sure man vs. wild guy could care less about nay eating food that fell to the ground in the wilderness? This brings up the situation its where you drop the food that may factor; like washrooms or in some dingy alley I think the the 5 second rule won't apply too. I would guess the most common place that food is dropped is in the kitchen or dinning-room?

And I think guys are more guilty of this act then girls? of committing the minute man 5 second rule in relation to eating food after it has fallen on the ground then chowing down on it?!

Article author

Said By Keith Ranville

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Indiana Jones Atlantis Sequel

Would be another step into a once more like knights templars last crusade film, bermuda triangle may have something to do with its mystery depths, as water obscures bermuda triangles canyons true drop offs by eye? Going off the edge of these many depthly canyons hidden by water could subconsciously give someone (or possible sensitive navigation instruments) the feeling of descending like how dr, indiana jones felt in the movie the last crusade during his leap of faith.

Indiana jones secret book, a grail knights templars crusader book on how to cross a deep canyon a trust in your journey may path you like a land-bridge.

Keith Ranville



Freemasonary Eternal Vampires

Visual proof claims likewise with vine root growing from coffin shows freemasons have vampire ties, eternal life through blood letting rituals this maybe why they go back to as far as the king solomon days and to the age of the great pyramids of egypt - every lost civilization may have encountered them and there mysterious ways like how we do today.

Keith Ranville's research also chronicles intriguing wonders of the world and tells of forgotten lost ancient knowledge in amazing excerpts. A native man's Journey intrigues followers.

Folks have a safe Halloween

Reference to story Searching for Vampire Graves

Monday, October 25, 2010


Keith Ranville of vancouver b.c seeks lost treasure information from the oak island money pit, it was originally founded in 1795 but the mystery to where the actual bullion is "nobody really knows?" Lucky for new canadian native research the odds of recovering such a treasure has increased considerably. Since 2005 when a first nations native man set out from his vancouver abode on a quest to solve one of the worlds greatest treasure hunts that has ever been put before scholars treasure hunter alike, now a native man believes he has the answer to out smarting the relentless oak island money pit by basically using unique native cleverness.

It is now 2010 and over 5 years later since new native oak island research began, and the treasure hunt is glad to tell you that this oak island treasure search has made promising strides in accomplishing treasure in fact the treasure hunt has since continued from the money pit off oak island to a more intriguing neighboring island called birch island, by describing the new treasure island it has a distinguished large triangle proportioned to most of the isle and it also resembles clues found on oak island. At this point the the 215 year-old treasure hunt it stands idled and it may need your help in solving the lost and needing to be found treasure cache.

1.Television/Movie Producers may find great interest in this native treasure hunting story as its of original chronicle from an actual real and famous treasure hunt.

2. If you have any old documents records - old oak island treasures manifests; in relation to the nova scotia oak island treasure hunt this may help procure further research to this oak island money pit treasure search?

3. If you know of someone that could grubstake an second native research expedition to mahone bay, nova scotia from vancouver british columbia, but in a investigative documentary format to later to be set for exclusive publication.

Any of the above 3 requests could help support further research from a already 5 year-old first nations study .


Native Treasure hunter

Mr. Keith Ranville

vancouver, BC craigslist Post expires in 45 days

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Lost airplanes in the Bermuda triangle theory, pilots may have experienced confusion due to instance altitude syndrome? Flying over ocean canyons five miles deep could manifest that the pilot is much higher in altitude without the pilot even knowing? Commercial airliners that are already five miles up don't get effected by the Bermuda triangle phenomena this could be why because they are already 5 miles up?

Investigation to Unknown Research

Keith Ranville

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Ancient La Maná, Ecuado stone treasure map maybe related to nova scotia's 13,0000 year era it may predate oak island money pit area, Mahone Bay, Canada.

Ice age receding over the thousands of years diagrams.

Alex Putney | Human Resonance, Sacred Sites, Pyramids & Standing Waves

Keith Ranville


Good news google map offers better quality viewing of oak island treasure isle in the past it was mysteriously obscured to public eye. Internet mapping of oak island improved recently its better viewing in all my 5 years of investigating oak island.

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For more information on the latest oak island mahone bay n.s Canada research, or if you would like to contribute to ongoing native research studies in regards in to oak island in some way feel free to do so, full details on top of page.


Keith Ranville


La Maná, Ecuador pyramid connection to oak islands treasure mystery is related in code breaking context, obscured native readings explain elaborate description of what this inscription found beneath this ancient artifact pyramid really means (above) it reads beneath in basic descriptive linguist: Below to, it meridian goes to surface at an angle, meridians to highest above at that angle in that constellations direction in star map above.
Research Reference
Resonance Mandalas of La Maná

La Maná, Ecuador pyramid symbol translation in the most basic terms. A larger relic pyramid to the small pyramid exists somewhere in north America locale birch island triangle. A wise man inscribed these symbols beneath this ancient pyramid relic cause he may have knew that his own language may one day be lost like many languages before us. So he wrote it so someone just as wise can figure it out. (In descriptive patterns) this event told beneath the small ancient pyramid will happen again.

Cree First Nations Native Researcher

-Keith ranville

Friday, October 22, 2010


Randy Quaid Refugee from American injustice so he claims while running from a Hollywood witch hunt thats accusing him of redrum consumption (Story Retraction). Is this a white o'j simpson grandstanding situation but held in hollywood north, vancouver b.c canada?

reference to story
Actor Randy Quack Quaid seeks refugee status in Canada

Reporting from Vancouver,

Keith Ranville


News-Oak Island Mystery, Ecuador ancient artifact recodes money pits treasure hunt, new mysterious symbols further decodes treasure search: Pyramids once unsolved lost symbols connects oak island to the new treasure island birch island in mahone bay nova scotia, Canada.

This artifact was found 300' feet down a a tunnel in 1984 by gold prospectors in Ecuador

Oak Island stone triangle set at an angled degrees.

Jeff Rense and Klaus Dona mini documentary ancient artefacts gives discussion of intriguing pyramid-translation flawed? Re; symbols that was engraved beneath a ancient miniature pyramid that was found in mana ecuador.

First Nations Native researcher

-Keith ranville


Oak Islands #1 best Research Get it Here.


Mark Zuckerberg portrayed in his movie as a arrogant emotionless male computer nerd womanizer slash internet social network tycoon. The movie seemed to be ejected with plenty of Valium'd up scenes and with little excitement. The show consists of college kids on a trust moral code with a blend of bad business dealings concerning a research project gone limitless financially?

Review: the movie is about how the facebook came to be, and the way it got underhandedly established by a group of college computer geeks that were involved in computer hacking in a unique illegal way, the intent was to in them getting into other network data bases to gain internet traffic status to the facebook scheme of there's.

Achieving a billionaire social network like the facebook, or no amount of money can't change a ruthlessness persona one beholds or in fact give you love according to the over hyped the social network - the facebook entertainment movie.

Read more on Facebook

Keith Ranville,

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Plato's description to where; mythical ancient Atlantis is it may have been described in own personal metaphor tutelage -an impassable mud shoal, inhibiting travel between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Maybe in Meaning preventing travel towards the Moon?

The moon and lost Atlantis theory it sounds crazy but it maybe true?

Like Christopher Cross song

Best that You Can Do.

When you get caught between the Moon and New York City.. (Atlantis)
I know it’s crazy, but it’s true
If you get caught between the Moon and New York City
... (Atlantis)

By Keith Ranville


Could the search for Atlantis have been obscured in the lunar heavens? new moon aerial surfaced footage details plausible theory?

Keith Ranville


Moon NAZCA lines has more relation than nasa tells, according to lunar encounter? ufo alien fingerprints? Keith ranville Native IN QUERY Research.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lunar activity on the moon is there any connection to earth from a triangles point of view? possibly there is more than we know or what was informed on to us to know? then the what government wants us to know?

Birch island triangle may have a bigger significance than we can comprehend right now? Oak Island money pit is more of an mystical event to take place rather than a treasure to be found.

-Keith Ranville


Alien life on our moon? would this go for alien life going on, on saturns moon titan to? it maybe many moons until the truth is told. Good speculations says our solar system is being occupied by advanced extraterrestrial life and its been happening for some time. The earth and moon connection I would suggest saturn and titan would have the same kind of planet to moon relation, planetary base wise?

Perhaps there is a grand operation going on that's involving out solar system? Saturn-titan = Moon-earth are we in days of what I would say a unnatural solar planetary evolution change that's impending on us.

-Keith Ranville

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Vancouver news- Justin Bieber rising child star from you tube, has assault investigation charges pending on him for him hitting some 12 year-old preteen kid in the head or face over a video game apparently?

Kids will be kids, but not when it comes to being a famous kid.


Keith Ranville,


Oak Island-Wikipedia, free bogus encyclopedia or a bad information tool to carry out any investigation regarding oak islands treasure hunt. When free things are to good to be true then Wikipedia Encyclopedia would fit that category. Would I recommend them as a treasure hunting search tool NO. But if you are interested in furthering your oak island treasure hunt knowledge then I would suggest you skip Wikipedia Encyclopedia and go elsewhere.

I placed a news link concerning my radio interview in nova scotia and it was deleted by Wikipedia Encyclopedia idiots?

And also links to websites pages that support my birch island triangle theory were deleted too. Like Myth and Mystery What is so bizarre about this ordeal is websites that support my oak island birch island theory, deal in other subjects of mystery other than the island money pit mystery? I am very transparent in my research not like these oak island bogus websites and let me tell you there is something very ignorantly wrong with these so called oak island treasure websites they in-fact are embarrassing to themselves. By with-holding information its just bad as lying to you. Birch islands triangle is the "TRUTH THAT'S BEING IGNORANTLY HIDDEN FROM YOU' .


Keith Ranville of Vancouver B.C, born in Winnipeg Manitoba in the mid 1960's, late 1960-70 mr. ranville and his family kin traveled west to british columbia, canada where he basically grew up in the city of vancouver b.c and has been there since.

Mid 2005 Keith Ranville had traveled to nova scotia in a years journey in query to investigating a treasure mystery in relation to the 1795 mahone bay oak island money pit treasure hunt.

Upon many of Mr. ranville's findings a intriguing island with a enlarge triangle image was found on it in relation to this oak island mystery clues, this new treasure isle is called birch island. The island itself is as old as most of the islands in mahone bay n.s but its very large triangle on it is what diverse's it from all islands that surrounds the oak island money pits island.

A treasure hunter

Keith Ranville Discoverer of Birch Islands Triangle

Thursday, October 14, 2010


900 hundred year-old skull proves to be part alien ancestor to us humans 2010 dna results may prove ancient astronaut theory. Extraterrestrials among us, maybe hybrids are in some of us already?

The star child 1/2 alien skull was found in Mexico around the 1930's but is wasn't until 1999 the intriguing star skull was put to research by researchers Ray and Melanie Young.

Starchild project

Keith Ranville


Assessment of oak island n.s should be done before any such further blind drilling? archeology grid oak islands surface; meter indepth search investigate grid areas area by area.

1.Nova scotia exploration permit license allows you to excavate in one meter in depth - Good for a year and allows four extensions if need

2.grid oak islands surface like a archaeological exploration dig - Log all information

3.carefully go through each grid area a meter in depth - Sift through surface debris and maybe get the soil tested.

4.After a full surface exploration of oak island or during the meter controlled treasure search dig, run a ground penetrating radar (GPR) along oak islands meter down excavation - a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the underground surface. This non-destructive method uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band ufh/vhf frequencies) of the radio spectrum, it detects the reflected signals from subsurface structures. GPR can be used in a variety of media, including rock, soil, ice, fresh water, pavements and structures. It can find underground objects, changes in material, and (underground cavities) voids and cracks.

GPR would extend your meter depths oak island treasure investigative search that your permit allows by maybe up to 15 more meters? 15+1= 16 meters = 53 feet. If evidence of possible treasure is found in oak island after this investigation then a treasure trove license permit should by applied to do further investigations.

- Keith Ranville

Mineral Exploration Special Licence N.S

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

215 Years Who'd Remember You?

A couple of hundred years from now would you be remembered? If so by who? Maybe you'd be remembered by family stories handed down from generation to generation, that may shed some light on your current life's history. In the past a family quilt was made in remembrance of family kin, or if and event took place like a flood earthquake drought blizzard ect.. or maybe heirlooms, photos it may ajar past family names. Or a good listening to your elders would do the trick to dig up the past' in which would be your grand kids-kids that whom will be telling your past living story maybe down the road?

However, everyone has a past so therefor people have a history, many of common people somewhat generally know of there family generational history mainly just names and maybe what that person done career-wise.

This is the problem with this oak island treasure hunt there is no substance memory wise when it comes to personal accounts? Basically all we know that past oak island treasure hunters only existed? I refuse to be lost in memory like them, as a treasure hunter this is why I tell of my adventurous oak island experiences, its unforgettable.

A thought into Time.

Keith Ranville

Monday, October 11, 2010


Titans moon light beckon and saturns hexagon are in evolution together 2004 cnn reported this news before my oak island quest began. Birch island mahone bay n.s south to bermuda triangle plays a role in this treasure hunts expansion to another planet. Meaning saturn.

My intuition tells me an event is going to take place that will effect our solar system soon, starting from saturn?

My quest was not all about a treasure hunt.

Keith Ranville

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I would like to go back to Mexico with what the knowledge I know now.


tikal would be on top of my list of places to go to in Mexico- (mayan ancient culture exploration). I have unfinished business over there in Mexico research wise.

There is more to be adventured beyond my oak island/ birch island treasure quest and answers may lie in tikal, native mysticism gives treasure hunting an exciting adventurous attraction..

Keith Ranville, Grin

Happy Thanksgiving Day weekend Folk's

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Not receiving microsoft updates & getting redirected to google and other spam websites its a virus, paid anti-virus's don't solve the issue I have a free solution, antivirus cocktail. I surfed the internet and looked for free spyware malware removal computer programs and many of them had a buy upgrade scheme to them, I pretty well kicked them kind of free bogus antivirus's to the curb, well also because I was running norton 2010 already? But it was was shamefully ineffective to the spam web browsers google redirect virus ect..

I contacted a norton representative and they basically redirected me to there malware spyware department and they tried to hood wink me for 99 dollars more on top of there bogus antivirus that they already sold me' they told me there more sophisticated program will run a more intense scan on my computer and its guaranteed for seven days I think they said that Smile with tongue ? and smarty pants me I said to them " at a better cost I could just reinstall Microsoft software back into my computer?"

So I took my redirect virus removal quest to the internet like a investigation. And I did find a solution.
Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) and it pretty much solved the problem my windows microsoft updates that was blocked got restored and google redirect malicious virus seemed to be gone. Although I used Spybot - Search & Destroy©® a free antispyware that runs on donations like how this oak island research blog does, I installed it before the microsoft's malicious software removal tool. These two programs combined that I just mentioned I call them my antivirus malware spyware cocktail a effective remedy and its free. But don't forget to download a extra microsoft download it will prevent any such malicious spyware viruses that may block your microsoft windows updates in the future. I think it tells you to do so when you install the Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) program.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks; Windows Vista, WIndows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 computers for and helps remove infections by specific, prevalent malicious software—including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom. And Microsoft updates the malware spyware antivirus every 2nd tuesday of the month.

I find it odd that Microsoft don't advertise this free crucial program and also Microsoft securities essentials

My computer a research tool has been running great since I installed these free antiviral programs go figure?


Keith Ranville

Friday, October 08, 2010


News- Oak Islands seeing eye pyramid looks out at us through mystery treasure hunt in-code, native man revered national treasure hunter. Cree Code breaker of codes of encodes.

Oak Islands recorded aligned stone triangled treasure relic found south of the money pit it plays a clue role in the the oak island treasure hunt, its out a few degrees.

Birch Island locale a short distance east of oak islands money pit isle. Birch island triangle is the last stop in solving this oak islands worlds greatest treasure hunt. Oak Island stone triangle clue is out a few degrees as like the pyramid on the American u.s dollar bills pyramid coded angled facade.

The Last Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville


News - Oak Island stones cross/stone triangle, native translations connects ancient mysterious treasure relic formations together in logical prospective.

-Keith Ranville

Thanksgiving Long Weekend, Cheer's Folks.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Oak island tunnel system depthed down about 100 feet from smiths cove to money pit but inland further than thought; new research explains oak island shore line receded over the centuries this information may help in how the money pit was created?

Oak Islands smiths coves first old ancient dam may have been a actual natural shore line rather than a man made dam at one time? And the money pit tunnel system exit may or has been in land further from the beach area borders at one time over the century's due to erosion of beach front.

Knowing how the oak island money pit worked is in understanding its geological past.

- Keith Ranville


Geological Survey of Canada

Geological Survey of Canada - Atlantic
Understanding Nova Scotia's Coastlines

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Alien extraterrestrial invasion or a H.G wells hoax, it appears to be true according to the reputations of many news media groups? 12,21 2012 mayan calendar are we in days of a event to a end? Just whats going on "contact with alien life"

UN ambassador appointed to confront such extraterrestrial life from another world. Hopi Prophecy? The list goes on, on what may happen in the next few day or years with this planet. Could a native man have drawn them aliens out of obscurity cause of his shamanic knowledge?


Keith Ranville

Reference to Story


Keith Ranville - Oak island treasure hunt some may have heard about it, but for the people that are new to this treasure mystery a native man has added intriguing information to this mysterious treasure hunt locale off the coast of nova scotia, mahone bay, canada.

Birch island a once of just many of islands in mahone bay n.s until a new native theory included birch island into the infamous oak island money pit treasure hunt. A large mysterious triangle on birch island pertains to the oak island mystery through following elaborate treasure clues.

For more information on filming or supporting this amazing story told above in some encouraging way please contact me Keith Ranville at


Mr. Keith Ranville

Money Pit Submerged Camera

Dan Blankenship tells what's up beneath oak island in murky video footage; a treasure hunters senile money pit perception explanation of a treasure chest? What tha? I saw nothing of the sort? Re: Oak island investors nova scotia treasure trove is this the questionable research that they are going on in digging the money pit further? On nothing more than old timber debris thrown down the age old money pit over the centuries?

View the following for mini oak island money pit documentary's 2/6

Birch Island has the most reasonable research that has gone into the oak island money pit its not guess work the triangle on birch isle explains that.

- Keith Ranville

For more information on the latest oak island research contact me at:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


CBC NEWS- Jesica brown on paid idiot leave from cbc to get a bigot t!tty massage by ignorant oak island racist assholes; danny hennigar d'arcy O'Connor old foolish queer laughing stalk money pit freaks aka oak islands finest corrupts.
( stupid dummy's) falls for for oak island fools.

Dan Blankenship points to treasure? or in pull my figure mode

Oak Island mystery's bogus documentary looks down on nothing?

Get the real story behind oak island not tourist trap nonsense.

Birch Island is the treasure story, so lets get to the root of the treasure hunt locale birch isle where logical research marks X marks the spot. people.

Keith Ranville

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