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Monday, October 25, 2010


Keith Ranville of vancouver b.c seeks lost treasure information from the oak island money pit, it was originally founded in 1795 but the mystery to where the actual bullion is "nobody really knows?" Lucky for new canadian native research the odds of recovering such a treasure has increased considerably. Since 2005 when a first nations native man set out from his vancouver abode on a quest to solve one of the worlds greatest treasure hunts that has ever been put before scholars treasure hunter alike, now a native man believes he has the answer to out smarting the relentless oak island money pit by basically using unique native cleverness.

It is now 2010 and over 5 years later since new native oak island research began, and the treasure hunt is glad to tell you that this oak island treasure search has made promising strides in accomplishing treasure in fact the treasure hunt has since continued from the money pit off oak island to a more intriguing neighboring island called birch island, by describing the new treasure island it has a distinguished large triangle proportioned to most of the isle and it also resembles clues found on oak island. At this point the the 215 year-old treasure hunt it stands idled and it may need your help in solving the lost and needing to be found treasure cache.

1.Television/Movie Producers may find great interest in this native treasure hunting story as its of original chronicle from an actual real and famous treasure hunt.

2. If you have any old documents records - old oak island treasures manifests; in relation to the nova scotia oak island treasure hunt this may help procure further research to this oak island money pit treasure search?

3. If you know of someone that could grubstake an second native research expedition to mahone bay, nova scotia from vancouver british columbia, but in a investigative documentary format to later to be set for exclusive publication.

Any of the above 3 requests could help support further research from a already 5 year-old first nations study .


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