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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Oak Island-Wikipedia, free bogus encyclopedia or a bad information tool to carry out any investigation regarding oak islands treasure hunt. When free things are to good to be true then Wikipedia Encyclopedia would fit that category. Would I recommend them as a treasure hunting search tool NO. But if you are interested in furthering your oak island treasure hunt knowledge then I would suggest you skip Wikipedia Encyclopedia and go elsewhere.

I placed a news link concerning my radio interview in nova scotia and it was deleted by Wikipedia Encyclopedia idiots?

And also links to websites pages that support my birch island triangle theory were deleted too. Like Myth and Mystery What is so bizarre about this ordeal is websites that support my oak island birch island theory, deal in other subjects of mystery other than the island money pit mystery? I am very transparent in my research not like these oak island bogus websites and let me tell you there is something very ignorantly wrong with these so called oak island treasure websites they in-fact are embarrassing to themselves. By with-holding information its just bad as lying to you. Birch islands triangle is the "TRUTH THAT'S BEING IGNORANTLY HIDDEN FROM YOU' .


Keith Ranville of Vancouver B.C, born in Winnipeg Manitoba in the mid 1960's, late 1960-70 mr. ranville and his family kin traveled west to british columbia, canada where he basically grew up in the city of vancouver b.c and has been there since.

Mid 2005 Keith Ranville had traveled to nova scotia in a years journey in query to investigating a treasure mystery in relation to the 1795 mahone bay oak island money pit treasure hunt.

Upon many of Mr. ranville's findings a intriguing island with a enlarge triangle image was found on it in relation to this oak island mystery clues, this new treasure isle is called birch island. The island itself is as old as most of the islands in mahone bay n.s but its very large triangle on it is what diverse's it from all islands that surrounds the oak island money pits island.

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