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Friday, October 22, 2010


Mark Zuckerberg portrayed in his movie as a arrogant emotionless male computer nerd womanizer slash internet social network tycoon. The movie seemed to be ejected with plenty of Valium'd up scenes and with little excitement. The show consists of college kids on a trust moral code with a blend of bad business dealings concerning a research project gone limitless financially?

Review: the movie is about how the facebook came to be, and the way it got underhandedly established by a group of college computer geeks that were involved in computer hacking in a unique illegal way, the intent was to in them getting into other network data bases to gain internet traffic status to the facebook scheme of there's.

Achieving a billionaire social network like the facebook, or no amount of money can't change a ruthlessness persona one beholds or in fact give you love according to the over hyped the social network - the facebook entertainment movie.

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