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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturn Coral Castle Bermuda Triangle

How is coral castle related to Saturn’s hexagon phenomena recent new research on edward leedskalnin it gave better understanding to ed’s dynamic secrets? Triangle, box saturn theory stood on the fenced of being related to coral castle literally, as ed leedskalnin forefronts of my triangle box coral castle theory as he stands in alignment of my triangle box theory in photograph.

Saturn rising - age of Saturn, a hexagon box on Saturn is giving wonders to unsolved mystery researchers world wide on just what is happening with this supernatural phenomena going on - on saturn, has it happened on other planet before like ours? Maybe it has? It could be how the life of a planet begins like how ours did billions of years ago?

Coral castle has a statue of Saturn on top of a circular thick flat stone and a square dimensional box beneath? coral castle is situated at or near the Bermuda triangle.

Keith Ranville

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hopi native spiritual beliefs talk of a 5th world in oracles, a planet like saturn it maybe a new world one with a mystical looking hexagon box on its poles surface. Saturn a new frontiers to hold life? could the planet be in the makings of a planet much like ours? The earth created in seven days as said in the bible we may have to rethink that mere possibility until we fully understand the nature of this mysterious hexagon marking on saturn. It maybe a genesis box on a verge of creating a world on saturn in some godly way?

This same genesis hexagon box that appears to be on saturn I believe it was on earth and was apart of earths creation also, point of area locale in the north Atlantic area its also in a large hexagon box area in a geometric pattern radiating to mystical places and of where planet earth may have began billions of years ago the time according to geologist. But what is going on, on saturn with it's swirling hexagon on it, it has stymied scientists world wide on just whats going on with this mysterious hexagon on saturn? I myself feel this hexagon box is related to how earth was formed in its past, that is my theory on this matter.

Mayan 2012 prophecy grouped in with many other world ending prophecies, we are in interesting times the unexplained is certainly the big attraction these days. Bermuda triangle and other areas in the north atlantic, the phenomena reported in this unexplained vortex area around bermuda isle may have principle to whats going on in saturn's mysterious hexagon.

Native researcher

Keith Ranville


"..Giza's pyramids of egypt connection to the new world americas, north atlantic offers geometric patterns in triangle thesis form....." Oak-island-mystery+bermuda's-triangle's mysterious layout puzzled together? Six triangles lined up side by side in the north atlantic it pieces together an elaborate treasure map that may lead to answering a unsolved world famous treasure hunt? (Oak Island)

What may have been in the egyptian pyramids or king solomon's Jerusalem temple at one time may have been taken by hoarders of spiritual relics, and now the relics' they could very-well be hidden somewhere in the north atlantic's latest new treasure mystery theory? (Birch Island) Referred relic items pertaining to treasure search; like the ark of the covenant, holy grail.. and perhaps there maybe other unknown ancient lost mystic relics to add to the list to this treasure search from this ongoing native crusade quest of mine; towards the great understanding of ancient lost knowledge thus given from the great architects of the universe.

- Keith Ranville

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kings tomb in the great pyramid of giza may have been a set up for the ark of the covenant? contents in sarcophagus could of been ancient relics?

Power source from kings chamber of the great pyramid of giza radiating to a once dome cap on pyramid, as a star communicator device?

pic's from

The layers of logs and dirt in the oak island money pit could of been a makeshift insulator like the layer slabs stones in the pyramid of giza.

Keith Ranville

Monday, July 19, 2010


You would think you know all you need to know about oak island, but do you really think so? A indepth 5 year investigation on the treasure mystery exposed ongoing corruption whistle-blower tells all exclusively. Questions raised and investigations carried out on regular basis basically on facts on oak islands treasure search, but it came apparent that when perspective research was injected into the oak island mystery and caterogized the treasure hunt into factual order like an actual real treasure hunt this kind of knowledge only threaten the estabilshment that prospered off the 1795 oak island tale financially.

So would it be worth it to solve the oak island mystery, some would beg to differ on that notion? prior to the 2000's years the oak island money pit was on a low key treasure hunt' for the people in nova scotia, the region where the oak island treasure hunt is located in canada much of the good people of nova scotia did not even know of the oak island money pit let alone the people of the world. Until the internet came readily availble to the oak island mystery but the internet alone did not only give the oak island money pit a popular stateus cause oak island was nothing more than just a treasure tale in many peoples minds? it needed an angle and birch islands triangle was the angle to give this treaure mystery a world wide attraction angle.

Selling the oak island tale was a lucrative scheme for the characters selling the money pit tale, they even put out the challenge world-wide for anyone that can solve the oak island treasure hunt? Arrogantly they believed nobody could possibably solve the 1795 oak island treasure hunt? Gatherings began to happen to a cult like following for oak island with this happening someone decided to form forums this created gangs of oak island characters bizarrely like some authority police like characters as oddly as it sounds?

(New Sheriff in Town) A new theory comes to town and it changes the oak island scheme forever, oak island solved how could this be? The oak island house of cards shimmered with the jokers that had been stacking the deck on the oak island attraction for years became frantic or threatened in thinking that the oak islands money pits financial game was about to end for them cause of this sensible triangle oak island native theory that was gainning popularity and started to take the focus off the money pit attraction. (The Downplay) As you remember in this post there is a saying of gangs cults formed in the oak island treasure hunt that thought they ran the oak island "Crowd" in there actual minds.

Gangs of New York, could this drama happen with oak islands mystery, well I guess you can say its possible? if you look back at the last 5 years of the oak island history? it tells of constant extinguishment of the oak island triangle theory? led by the bizarre oak island mystery cult crowd? The birch island triangle fever has caused the oak island establishemt nothing but hysteria thus bringing out the evil with in them. Meaning with them campagning negative propaganda against the birch island triangle theory and the researcher to it, by them using every devious method to launch personal attacks on a native man and his simple oak island theory on the internet? seemed a little to irrational.

(Internet War Zone) It seemed like everywhere the new oak island triangle theory went on the internet, radio ect.. the oak island gang cult would follow with there hideous poropaganda and unsavory mocking and why? cause of the focus was being taken off the oak island establishment or there money pit cash scheme tale? And the are nothing more than corrupt cover up artists guilty of decietful internet shenanigans using handout money to feed the internet to cover up there ongoing wrong doings.

(Integrity is none negotiable or for sale)
Getting to the bottom of the money pit consists of the following: Being a researcher when you look at a puzzle that hasn't been solved yet, you look at every aspect of everything involved in your investigation, also you investigate the people running the show on the subject, and don't forget to look at the factual exibit a evidence offered and then the history of objects or scene offered in the unsolved mystery? Sadly the best investigation on the oak island mystery in it's history exposed hideous corruption to this world famous treasure hunt.

On the path of principle,

For more recent history on the oak island money pit read the following link:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now you can't leave the Mystery

Upon the early times of oak islands new native theory a group of evil thugs from the were instructed to purge the internet to attack first nations research savagely, mildly retarded behaviour would describe threats & intimadations given by the insane ranters. Did there ploy to control the oak island mystery internet status work?

Well it wasn't until the intrusive started to crumble around themselves along with the oak island website forums that were involved in this oak island coo to attack first nations native oak island research relentlessly. With all these bizarre personal attacks on the internet led by the they reached unconscionable levels for normal people to even understand there retarded behaviors?

It wasn't until the internet roped all the estrange oak island characters and quartered there b.s across the internet, at this time there was no going back on there hateful regrettable deplorable actions of there's at this point, the key to there bullshit turned behind them and the door locked; meaning now nobody leaves now?

A tale truer than A Bronx Tale

Monday, July 12, 2010


The rod ufo phenomena has stymed believers and skeptics alike, what are they, are they extraterrstrial or fast camera lenz shutter eye floaters? Ancient petroglyphs can they shed some light on the strange flying rod activity? that's going on through out the world.

Where else to look for a history to these mysterious rods but on ancient stone petroglyphs where they may have been recorded by the ancients?

Rod Hunters who knows there may have been ancient rod hunters in the past too, and perhaps they were successful at it?

Rapid Object Darting Syndrome - Acronym

- Keith Ranville

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Triangle Code Unlocks Oak Island

▼▼%Ø Δ← ▼::▲ †:[ %◘ ▲◘% (Lost six key Money Pit codex triangle symbols that explain significance of triangles in box) Birch Island Triangle News - Keith Ranville

Same lost money pit stone symbols that was reported to be found in the oak island money pit?

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