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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturn Coral Castle Bermuda Triangle

How is coral castle related to Saturn’s hexagon phenomena recent new research on edward leedskalnin it gave better understanding to ed’s dynamic secrets? Triangle, box saturn theory stood on the fenced of being related to coral castle literally, as ed leedskalnin forefronts of my triangle box coral castle theory as he stands in alignment of my triangle box theory in photograph.

Saturn rising - age of Saturn, a hexagon box on Saturn is giving wonders to unsolved mystery researchers world wide on just what is happening with this supernatural phenomena going on - on saturn, has it happened on other planet before like ours? Maybe it has? It could be how the life of a planet begins like how ours did billions of years ago?

Coral castle has a statue of Saturn on top of a circular thick flat stone and a square dimensional box beneath? coral castle is situated at or near the Bermuda triangle.

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