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Monday, January 31, 2011


America evacuates out of Egypt crisis freemasonry Denver airport mural prophecy's U.S fleeing out of Egypt in panic.
Masonic Denver airport wall art depicts rogue middle eastern armed man wielding weapons in frightening manner and in coincidence Americans are order to leave middle eastern country (Egypt) prepaid$ by airport (Airplane) promptly.
This week Americans and Canadians and other countries were advised to leave Egypt at once by all means, this recent American evacuation does sound like a serious situation for America for them to leave Egypt at a moments notice? Is America assuming the worst case scenario possible for the middle east scene?
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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Cairo- Could the recent attempt looting of Egypt museum of antiquities be a leaning experience for archeologists, looters behaviors hallmarks hasn't changed hence tomb raiders will always take an advantage of a vandal breakdown situation of a civilization.

Whether if its in the ancient past of lost civilizations like Egypt or now, by watching this recent outbreak of lawlessness in Egyptian cities and by looking at the patterns of whats going on we can maybe see into Egypt's pasts? In what may have happened to ancient tombs in Egypt and first hand learn why was the destruction of lost ancient artifacts was done?

Story Reference

Egypt's military secures famed antiquities museum

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Oak Island News

America Egypt at Armageddons crossroads? west of megiddo’s crossroads lies america’s obelisk in Washington DC as to Egypt’s monumental ancient structures. This may mean nothing at all or it may mean a finale battle is on its way or at a crossroads to it? Middle east conflict will ensue like time after time in its pasts?

“The hill of Megiddo, located west of the Jordan River in north central Palestine, some ten miles south of Nazareth and fifteen miles inland from the Mediterranean seacoast, was an extended plain on which many of Israel’s battles had been fought. There Deborah and Barak defeated the Canaanites (Judges 4 and 5). There Gideon triumphed over the Midianites (Judges 7). There Saul was slain in the battle of the Philistines (1S. 31:8). There Ahaziah was slain by Jehu (2K. 9:27). And there Josiah was slain in the invasion by the Egyptians (2K. 23:29-30; 2Chr. 35:22).3″

Keith Ranville

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Atlantis Saturn Hexagon

The Beginning of new world of Atlantis is in the makings; Saturns hexagon there is a vortex at earths pole to' it exists. I believe there is more to our earth that is not being explained to us? Adam and Eve project just maybe on its way on saturn just as much as the way earth began?

Hole in earths north pole is the entrance to earths core or to earths time and space dimension setup?

Keith Ranville

Friday, January 14, 2011


H.A.A.R.P could it be blamed for a Moscow's latest bizarre mysterious unexplained cloud?


"People have been left baffled by a circular light, seen hovering high over Moscow. Scientists have rejected claims of UFO activity, saying the white cloud was no more than an optical illusion." ?


1795, 3 young men came across the money pit; not 2 fishermen that experienced strange lights on oak island then investigated it & later disappeared wrong lore story? Daniel McInnis, Anthony Vaughn and Jack (John) Smith, as far as anyone knows the McInnis treasure hunters never experienced paranormal going on's like bright light screeching out of oak island upon or prior to discovering the oak island money pit over 200 years ago?

History rookie channel blooper buggers up oak island big time right from the beginning because of using of bad research characters in the oak island documentary, hysterical channel best describes history channels bungling portrayal of the most mysterious treasure hunt in the world, the oak island money pit.

Old 1720 Pirate Tale Story told Instead of the original Daniel McInnis and treasure hunter friends oak islands treasure story that was pitched by the history channel? wrong tale.

Canada's 1720 Nova Scotia mahone bay oak island pirate tale that was once told, but the story my vary slightly?

Late one evening lights were seen burning on Oak Island of the year 1720. Local legend at the time alleged that pirates were burying bullion treasure. Area fishermen were curious. Two of them set out to explore the strange lights. They disappeared, presumably murdered by the supposed pirates on the island. The story was forgotten by the local residents, but not by their wives.

Oak Island Buried Treasure Mystery

Uncovering the Old Secret of Nova Scotia's Money Pit

This is common knowledge?

Reporting Latest Oak Island News

Latest oak Island Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Money for nothin' and your chicks for free Dire Straits Banned

Canadian rock group Dire Straits music banned for being to vulgar; song banned from youtube facebook canada; states unavailable in your country McCarthyism? For decadesDire Straits music has been played without any such controversy? Dire Straights music banned wow they lived right up the street from us in Vancouver BC.. Now decades later they decided to banned a song of there's decades later whats up with that? Why don't they start with banning cartoons like family guy .. south park ect,,? they are way more vulgar?

Dire Straits News

This youtube link works for Canadians? but for who knows how long?

pre 1990's those were the days when the whole album was a hit not like today.

When I first of heard this news of the the banning of
Dire Straits I was shocked I thought is was cause of the lyrics; Money for nothing chicks for free? its like the American controversy with tom sawyer and the N word?

I want my MTV

Vancouver News Blogger

Keith Ranville

See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy that’s his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he’s a millionaire
Dire Straits Lyric

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The first perspective first nations news websites blogger pulls INAC Minister John Duncan's leg using wikileaks part of joke? Hoax

No laughing matter "satire article was pulled" it was remove at the request of the department of Indian affairs Canada? But not before the sully hoax went viral on the Internet and on social networks like facebook and twitter.. it was some crazy horsing around done by news blogger Obidiah.

The article was tittled:
"What the Wikileaks says about the Minister and Indians" on the first perspective news website and written by "Obidiah, Investigative Reporter."

Here is a synopsis that was in the first perspective article: “Aug. 9, 2010: It was bad enough being secretary under (former Indian Affairs minister Chuck) Strahl, now I gotta suck up to all those chiefs…Some of whom make a hell of a lot more than I’m gonna make on this job,” the posting said. “The annual pow wow at Black Sun Dog is coming up. I really don’t look forward to sitting cross-legged for an hour….”

"Chretien and Trudeau had it right in the 69 white paper. The only hope for them is assimilation into the mainstream culture. And the gradual decline of numbers residing on reserves. I mean, what hope is there for a community on the Hudson Bay? With not even a road in? And polar bears!" Although it is satire, in language and tone it is not very different from the authentic cables of US diplomats published on Wikileaks, especially those from Bolivia, Chile and Brazil. There's the same arrogance and white privilege.

APTN News Follow Up Article To Story


Censored news

The First Persective The Drum


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Peru stargate related to gobekli tepe the cradle of civilization its carbon dated back 12,000 years ago. 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid & 6,000 years before Stonehenge? Gobekli tepe megalithic girth t shaped pillars has the same characteristic shape as the Peruvian stargates embossed t shape ancient emblem? So what this may mean peru's ancient civilization could be related to the middle east (Turkey).

Ancient peru stargate spans to Gobekli tepe turkey ancient mesopotamia mesoamerica this could be the archaeological discovery thesis statement of the millennium.

My knowledge beholds secrets to the ancient world, we are living in interesting times I believe our ancient lost identity will soon be revealed to us?

History Channel Youtube

Ancient Aliens - S02E08 - Unexplained Structures(HQ)

Keith Ranville

Monday, January 10, 2011


News- Facebook a world within the Internet is it possible it will collapse soon march 15th 2011 unconfirmed reports suggest its true, or is it a Internet elaborate hoax?


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Sunday, January 09, 2011


WTC 9/11 did it have a satanic relation to the devils bible? Even George W. bush himself said evil is real and it must be opposed. Was he referring to the world trade centers?

9/11 Worlds trade centers may have been targeted by the good in secret societies to rid of a lesser evil Satan himself?

Even the bizarre devils bible have twin pillars on most pages was somebody whom made it representing the characteristics looks of the world trade centers centuries ago? and with a devils portrait on one pillar in the devils bible manuscript book? The 9/11 wtc reportedly had devil images in its fiery smoke video footage explains that? not to mention ufo's flying around it?

The mysterious person(s) that created the devils bible was believed to be self taught or a amateur by expert scholars?

May God Bless us all.

A self taught Spirit less a amateur.

Keith Ranville


Phenomenon unexplained mysteries like stuff that defy the imagination, this blog explores all that & including ufo's, the odd opinion on controversial latest popular news stories, theories, discoveries is what this blog is world famous for, it has a open file on many unexplained mysterious unsolved mysteries that this universe has to offer to do with this world.

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The Devils Bible in part true National Geographic Explores Bizarre Mystery.

Youtube Excerpt

At 165 pounds, and allegedly made from the skins of 160 donkeys, the Codex Gigas is the world's largest and most mysterious medieval manuscript. Filled with satanic images and demonic spells, according to legend, the cursed text sprang from a doomed monk's pact with the Devil. Now, Nat Geo follows a team of scientists as they embark on an unprecedented quest to unravel the secrets behind the book's darkened pages. Using ultra-violet fluorescence imaging, handwriting analysis and a re-creation of the text, forensic document experts attempt to uncover the cryptic truth behind this ancient Devil's Bible.


Science & Technology




Westford Knights swords shield stone carvings, native research technique reveals better image. inverting photo color abstracts obscure detail shadows & light reversed may shed better light on suspected new world Sinclair exploring expeditions stone etchings markers.

Inverted sword and shield photo color of westford knights stone carving art.

westford knights stone carving original photo.

Perhaps not as bright reflective light of picture taken of the westford stone would give more investigative detail to these mysterious westford glyphs.

- Keith Ranville


Teabaggers Sarah Palin Jared Lee Loughner Knows nothing?

I think American politic is repeating itself to the John Wilkes Booth days one man one rogue political party changed the face of politics to violence and nobody knows nothing? (Teabaggers Sarah Palin Jared Lee Loughner Knows nothing.)

(Tucson Arizona U.S Gabreielle Gifford Shooting, Look into Americas past history and you may find justice in todays world of politics, politics may have changed but never people old fashion political underhandedness )

By Keith Ranville

History Excerpts

In 1854, members of the American Party allegedly stole and destroyed the block of granite contributed by Pius IX for the Washington Monument. They also took over the monument's building society and controlled it for four years. What little progress occurred in their tenure had to be undone and remade. For the full story, see Washington Monument: History.

In California in 1854, Sam Roberts founded a Know-Nothing chapter in San Francisco. The group was formed in opposition to Chinese and Irish immigrants.
Fillmore/Donelson campaign poster

In spring 1855, Levi Boone was elected Mayor of Chicago for the Know Nothings. He barred all immigrants from city jobs. Statewide, however, Republican Abraham Lincoln blocked the party from any successes. Ohio was the only state where the party gained strength in 1855. Their Ohio success seems to have come from winning over immigrants, especially German Lutherans and Scotch Irish Presbyterians who opposed Catholicism. In Alabama, the Know Nothings were a mix of former Whigs, malcontented Democrats, and other political outsiders who favored state aid to build more railroads. In the tempestuous 1855 campaign, the Democrats won by convincing state voters that Alabama Know Nothings would not protect slavery from Northern abolitionists.

The party name gained wide but brief popularity. Nativism became a new American rage: Know-Nothing candy, Know-nothing tea, and Know-Nothing toothpicks appeared. Stagecoaches were dubbed "The Know-Nothing." In Trescott, Maine, a shipowner dubbed his new 700-ton freighter, "Know-Nothing."


Certain Know Nothings were not content to attempt to bring about their agenda through peaceful means. Intimidation meant to keep Catholics away from the ballot box came to a head on August 6, 1855, in Louisville, Kentucky. In a hotly contested race for the office of governor of that state, Know Nothings killed 22, injured many more, and destroyed property. The Louisville riot was only the most spectacular of violent acts perpetrated by Know Nothing sympathizers in 1855.

In Baltimore the mayoral elections of 1856, 1857 and 1858 were all marred by violence and well-founded accusations of ballot-rigging.

Guess who at age of 16, young John Wilkes Booth was interested in the theater and in politics, and became a delegate from Bel Air to a rally by the Know Nothing Party for Henry Winter Davis, the anti-immigrant party's candidate for Congress in the 1854 elections.

latest news on the Tucson Arizona mass killings a second killer is suspected?

Saturday, January 08, 2011


RMCP officer brutally kicks man in face while man was down on hands and knees in Kelowna British Columbia, Canada. Victim from violent police arrest was later drag to jail all bloody and is yet to be heard from, from his concerned worried family and friends .


Keith Ranville

Full News Story

A Mountie in Kelowna, B.C. is under investigation after he was caught on video allegedly kicking a man in the face during an arrest.

In the video, the suspect is kneeling on the street beside his truck when an officer appears to wind up and kick him. When the suspect stands up, his face is covered in blood, and there appears to be a pool of blood where he was lying.

Kelowna RCMP Supt. Bill M More..cKinnon ordered a criminal investigation into use of excessive force, as well as a conduct of conduct investigation.

"In my opinion, I feel there's sufficient evidence to order a full investigation," McKinnon told reporters.

Police were responding to reports of shots fired at the Harvest Golf Club when they stopped the suspect's truck.

Officers ordered him out of the vehicle, and told him to get down on the ground before the apparent kick.

On-lookers were shocked.

"I suddenly I see him and he comes up and kicks him so hard. He never fought," said a witness, who asked not to be named.

"What was the reason to kick him so hard?"

The Mounties uncovered a shotgun from the suspect's truck, but McKinnon said he was a former employee of the golf course who had a permit to scare away geese with his gun. The man was reportedly on disability leave after suffering a brain injury.

The officer shown in the video has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is underway.


Youtube News Story


Jane Velez-Mitchell HLN CNN's gossip journalist curses the likes of you stupid in rants of discuss with issues on hln news Jane Velez-Mitchell, vulgar distasteful Internet greeting messages has sparked controversy with many outspoken woman like Jane Velez-Mitchell; "Congrats you got bad touched" is the sour satire greeting message that touched many woman feminists nerves around the Internet? But is there far more hideous material on the Internet that should get in line before comic cartoons conversational humor?

Like the Muhammad
religious Yale University Press banned controversial cartoons of Muhammad in new book about controversial cartoons of Muhammad.

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Friday, January 07, 2011


Demon in photo footage is a jaguar in my opinion. Man's wedding photo shows of a ghostly entity breathing down his neck.

Jaguar protector and transformer - man in photo was in transformation of life in marriage or in transformation of life this would be reason for jaguar mysteriously turning up in mans photo.


- Keith Ranville


Mexican government pressures American government to disclose the truth behind the existence of ufo's Mexican air-force tracks ufo's flying around Mexican air space.


Video Footage released : Mexican air-force fighter pilots in training mission & encounters a number of ufo's in the process.


Keith Ranville



Peruvian stargate translation reads its energy source is in dimension depth in from its facade, skewed square around stargate it explains that visually.

Palenque ancient cities T shape wall holes are energy chi meridians that flows throughout the soul of the ancient city.

Lost world of the ancient maya's, its secrets are hidden in nature for we are apart of this universal nature?

Canadian Native Researcher

Keith Ranville

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Ancient civilizations reasons for collapse "food shortages" planet earth is in crises with rising food costs U.N reports. Bad agriculture droughts, war overpopulation collapsed mayan ancient civilizations archaeologists believe. Could many past ancient history's civilizations be repeating itself in todays civilization?

Georgia Guide Stones

Americas Mysterious granite Stonehenge in Elbert county Georgia USA mentions: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." as of this year 2011 planet earths people population will reach 700,000,000? 2 billion over Americas Stonehenge's recommendation? And coincidently? at a time of a world food crises that the U.N figures it will be in 2011.

A Global Scare in Food Prices -With drought and flood clobbering harvests, forecasters see significant food price increases in 2011

Signs to 2012

I Internet Blogger

-Keith Ranville

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Red Bull Crash Ice, down hill winter Olympics lookout, this new adrenalin ice skate sport has a future as the next snowboarding craze. Hockey-ski combination looks & sounds exiting.

I predict this ski-hockey downhill winter sport will catch on as a professional sport in the future? Its looks so cool not to.

Written by Keith Ranville

Red Bull

Ice Cross Downhill -- Red Bull Crashed Ice 2011 Videos -- Red Bull


History channel releases oak island money pit documentary in HD Bias bizarre best describes the film, birch island not mentioned? Why? treasure mystery gets F for failure once again. Oh' but the history channel will have oak island characters pushing crackpot theories of aliens and a thermal nuclear bomb in the money pit? Although the oak island film was interesting until the point of it mentioning its money pit is radio active and gazoo was apart of the oak island treasure hunt?

There is alot of propaganda floating around this oak island treasure mystery I don't think there are bad oak island film makers and bogus oak island websites I just think they are instructed by there peers to leave important elements out of the oak island treasure hunt like thee birch island triangle. Why, most likely cause of fear from whoever is pulling there strings.

Conspiracy to keep oak island none native or birch island free exists, but the avoidance of oak islands most logical theory only keeps my theory alive and that more mysterious to why it being kept so secret from the world. "Its like mentioning the great pyramids of Egypt then saying the valley of the kings is insignificant to the Egyptian pyramids."

You would think these documentary channels like cbc, history channel so far would do there research on oak island properly and in better depth before pitching it to there viewers.

Enjoy the film this blog provided

Oak Island Birch Island Triangle Connection 2010-2011 News

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


On the coast nova scotia canada may lie a mysterious buried treasure bullion in a small isle, over the centuries men have risked there lives in hopes of finding this oak islands eluding curses treasure. Alaska gold rush best describes oak islands feverish treasure hunt, fortunes of wealth dreams has memorized just about every treasure hunter that ever challenged this godforsaken oak island money pit.

Up to now no in real-time treasure hunting film footage has ever been recorded from this oak island treasure mystery by any past treasure hunter this blog is as good as it gets in learning oak islands previous history I also report treasure news on regular bases along with oak islands latest research theories. Nobody realizes it but the best part of searching for treasure is recording it, like how these American Alaska gold rush bound gold prospectors have done it, there real life high stakes adventuresome gold rush expedition to Alaska can be watched on film/television for generations to come its a brilliant idea on there part.


I believe I am on to something to this oak island mystery?

For more information on the oak island mystery or if you would like to learn more about the latest oak island new theories like birch island triangle you can contact me.

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.


Keith Ranville


Arkansas bird and fish deaths related to u.s military poison gas phosgene WMD American people in danger by own government?


Keith Ranville



A shocking report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) states that one of the United States top experts in biological and chemical weapons was brutally murdered after he threatened to expose a US Military test of poison gas that killed hundreds of thousands of animals in Arkansas this past week.

According to this report, John P. Wheeler III, Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, D.C. from 2005-2008, when he became the Special Assistant to the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Logistics and Environment, was found brutally murdered and dumped in a landfill, and as we can read as reported by Fox News:

"Delaware Police are investigating the apparent murder of a former Bush official who also championed the fund-raising effort to build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Wheeler's body was found in Wilmington on Friday."

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Mysterious Man's Golden Radio Voice Ted Williams

I can't believe this man has no job Mr. Ted Williams from Brooklyn New York has a talented radio voice, radio producers hire this inspirational man he has a god given talent to communicate on the radio. Currently he is in
Columbus, Ohio according to a Internet search?

For further information on Mr. Ted Williams of if you wish to hire him contact producer of film footage; diyaor1985 at youtube


Keith Ranville



1859 was the last real big solar blast from the sun astrophysicists says solar storms happens every 11 years 2012or13 is the next scheduled one? Armageddon scenario, or just a nation wide transformer/satellite burn out catastrophe.

But is America or Canada prepared for any such impending solar threat whatsoever? Probably not? according to a re-noun astrophysicist.

Latest news: ten year old Canadian girl discovers super nova - Hopefully this new discovered super nova doesn't send hurdling a super plasm blast storm our way it'll most likely be a end of world scenario case for us?

Keith Ranville


Monday, January 03, 2011


Arkansas birds falling from the sky fish dying hopi prophecy:a great disturbance in nature will happen and will be amplified all over earth. News media sources has definitely has amplified Arkansas usa mysterious birds dropping from the sky and fish dying all over the Earth in the last few days.

As many as 5,000 blackbirds and 100,000 fish have been found dead in Arkansas

"The Hopi also predicted that when the "heart" of the Hopi land trust is dug up, great disturbances will develop in the balance of nature, for the Hopi holy land is the microcosmic image of the entire planet; any violations of nature in the Four Corners region will be reflected and amplified all over the Earth."

Hopi Prophecy Reference

H.A.A.R.P experiments may have cause to such as as an event like Arkansas mysterious birds falling from the sky and fish dying?

Native Researcher

-Keith Ranville

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Dan blankenship Michigan group 2010 treasure trove license time expired & Failed. Lucky birch island offers promise to oak islands mystery hidden_treasure. Read more on this amazing new NOVA SCOTIA native theory called birch island triangle.

Keith Ranville

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A Paranoid Society

But it wouldn't be a secret if I told anyone now would it? Don't ask don't tell isn't that the political policy statement of the century, "or what?" What is society coming to' secrets compiled upon secrets? I was going to say next thing you know the u.s government will be asking you to spy on thy neighbor or fellow citizens for them? But out of fear this spying Judas scenario game is already in the works by a potential neighbor or a acquaintance of yours in the name of the u.s government that institutionalizes them on to you. Reference:

And is not telling someone the truth, the same as what you don't know wont hurt you? Or is the truth just plain nobodies business but your own?

In love or war there is no defined answer to its reasons but personal opinions.


Keith Ranville

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Is it a reality the president barack obama will make a formal press announcement that alien extraterrestrial life is among us-publicly, rumors says its possible. 2011-12 is it the years that we will be officially confirmed by the American government that what many people's were seeing in the skies in the past were indeed ufo's and from another world or dimension.

The truth is out there; a V scenario - X-Files Gets put on the table?

Alien ET life, its been said
extraterrestrials has been around for millenniums and there is speculations that they had been apart of many past ancient civilizations.

(Questions) And is technology we use today is it alien technology? Or what about religious people how will they react? plus do we trust any such beings that were voyeuristic to us like how many governments has been being big brother to us? These are some of the questions that would be needed to be answered to the public? When such an eyebrow raising time takes place.

Reference to UFO/ET Claim

"I myself believe in the existence of ET's and I believe they are telepathic due to there highly evolved minds. This Indian guy just maybe not so crazy after-all? for believing in UFO's. Cause I know what I saw in the past in our skies it was highly technological advanced ufo crafts. "

I will be not as shocked as many people would be when such ufo news is confirmed to people world wide in any formal announcement. I'll be the one of the few people saying I told you so. Intriguing mystery investigations is how I roll.


Keith Ranville

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