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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oak Island A First Nations Story

Throughout my life I could never recall or hearing about a native cowboy or astronaut? And for me to be described as a native treasure hunter is unheard of. This is perhaps why I spark so much interest in people in what I do as a treasure hunter. I would have to admit it is hard to get anywhere, where its dominated by the European culture as a aboriginal first nations native spirit. This is why I feel obligated to try harder and hold my expectations at a higher level than average because I am somewhat alone in a subject that no first nations native person dared to tread before in the treasure hunting world.

Hollywood has always portrayed north american natives as a lower intelligence of being, as a child growing up I never experienced some of these ignorant hollywood traits in me that was distributed through film movies about natives. In my mind I was john Wayne or Errol Flynn or some other famous caucasian character in the movies.

Would this be a possible would be identity situation? Maybe, but lately many doors has opened for first nations people with aboriginal peoples television network and natives appearing in block buster movies. Who knows maybe the stigma that aboriginal natives aren't intelligent that old hollywood cast'd upon natives in the past is maybe slowly wearing off some, as society evolves from this ignorance based on stereotyping on who should be what in who's mind.

My involvement in this oak island mystery has been quite the challenge and I also have to agree with me being a first nations native treasure hunter gives me a lot of attention, but in return I offer intriguing captivating information to many inquiring minds. This whole news spin on oak island that I made through my elaborate first nations studies is kinda remarkable even for me to sometimes believe, at times. I never thought my potential was going to be this astonishing at first at the beginning of my investigations into mystery with all this code breaking, discovering a new treasure island (birch island) who would ever think a native man was capable of such achievements?


A Proud Cree First Nations Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cree Code Breaks CIA Code "DNA"

Breaking news on cia's central intelligence agency unbreakable code; could it be a dna message, native cree research reveals a dna code that maybe written on this encrypted structure this is a code that the cia couldn't even crack themselves? It is quite possible that one of the founding fathers dna may be written in code to the encode structure, what initially gave me belief this was dna related was how it looked at first just by looking at its (S) shape? But its not the dna the code itself after all that's encoded, but maybe the digits or lost symbols in-between the dna code that maybe the message?

Find the dna template then solve the krypto encoded message?

Cree Code Breaker of Many Codes

First nations Cree Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,


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