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Friday, November 26, 2010


Daily Planet News- Illuminated seeing eye pyramid reveals itself through saturn's mysterious hexagon; architects universe looms alive in saturn's illusive hexagon's vortex. Expect further changes from saturn? The birth of a god is on the horizon, the secrets to the universe has yet to fore come upon us.

Saturn's hexagon is communicating to us in geometric dialog and in possum riddle?


Keith Ranville


Dan Blankenship treasure hunter retires after 45 years of challenging oak island money pit, 45 year old native man inherits treasure quests stamina. Elaborate mystery puzzle leads treasure search off oak island altogether "Birch Island"?

And perhaps beyond before the stars. Saturn's Hexagon phasing into position fear a worst we are in a time realm Saturn points precision.


Keith Ranville

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


McDonald's restaurant, are clowns really running that outfit? Free coffee scheme but no large coffee for the poor? Why "discrimination"

My Ronald McDonalds story began on this investigative matter yesterday, when I asked for a large coffee and they said they are only serving small and medium ones so I automatically thought they were out of large cups?

But today, when I revisited the same McDonald's food chain for another cup of coffee near 6 and 6 intersection in New Westminster British Columbia Canada - again they said the same thing to me but kinda rudely this time. I then said why do you have large cups in the coffee cup dispenser then plus I also said the McDonalds restaurant offers free coffee any size as advertised until November 28th 2010 and I am asking for a large one? And they gave me no explanation in return?

Two other McDonald's restaurants gave me a large coffee in other parts of town and I had one just a few minutes ago and then It dawned on me they give small to medium coffee's at this particular McDonald's restaurant location because its in a poorer community; with UGM united gospel mission down the road and salvation army ect..

You don't deserve a beak today at McDonalds if you are poor.

A BBB better business bureau`complaint laid would be a next step to do?

Investigator reporter

Keith Ranville

Monday, November 22, 2010


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Research Tool

This communication technology information maybe good for the holiday use, I sure wish I had this long distance information when I was on my Nova Scotia Expedition? Folks .

One mans journey is never over as long as there is road before him, this saying also applies to woman too.


Keith Ranville

Seaforth Army Mace Recovered

News Update- Good news the Scottish seaforth highlander army mace has been recovered not far from where it was stolen from a 5 five block radius from where the initial crime took place in new west b.c canada.

A happy ending to this story and a monetary reward was doled out to; woot woot..

Read More to this good news story


Keith Ranville of Vancouver

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Stonehenge pillars in theory were set on two crossing blocks pillars & large round cylinders with a off center rectangle hull they both were placed at each end of the Stonehenge pillars then the pillars in the pillars were rocked back and forth using the momentum of the rocking motion of the weighted pillared cylinder to the pillars destination which was Stonehenge. The Stonehenge layout semi describes the wobble motion from its off center and shows it in a 3 dimensional ?
The theory is not a guess it collaborates to Stonehenge
The mystery of how the Stonehenge pillars were transported to the Stonehenge area is in the design of Stonehenge itself. This new theory may solve part of the meaning to Stonehenge?
"Cree Native Code breaker"

- Keith Ranville

Monday, November 15, 2010

Megacryometeor Tunguska 1908 Explosion

Large megacryometeor to tunguska popping like ice cubes in a glass drink it would give the extra velocity to cause a tunguska meteor explosion. Falling megacryometeor to earth alone wouldn't cause the tunguska explosion but if one was to explode on its way to earth it may cause such damage like the june 30th 1908 tunguska explosion in siberia.

And it being about summer-time at the time of the warm weather would contribute to the megacryometeor exploding in mid air while on its way to tunguska, this kind of megacryometeor explosion would be enough force to rip the bark and branches off trees as reported at the epicentre of the tunguska incident.
Referance to Theory
- Keith ranville

Friday, November 12, 2010


Asteroid hitting earth a global killer it maybe be less severe with a opposite explosion reaction strategically at time of impact or just before.

Forrest fires are sometimes stopped in this way and this similar method of a space object hitting earth may so somewhat do the same like exploding a asteroid before it hits earth atmosphere or its upper atmosphere.

The controlled earth initial explosion will cause a lot of damage to earth but it may not be a global killer? Like what a asteroid impact alone will do like how one earth in coming object wiped out the dinosaurs.

Dynamic's, risks, Guts, will get us through a in coming asteroid global killer, pinpoint it and give it what it wants a explosion but on our terms. Cause man is famous for blowing things up and this would be the explosion of all explosions and that can save the human race.

This asteroid explosion method may have been done before in ancient times natually or a intervention explosion took place? Reference Youtube video

This would be a good a one for myth Busters or should we call it fact busters.

Earth shields are up, Cree Code Breaker.


- Keith Ranville



Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Relic hunter asks for public assistance for the help to the return of a vancouver seaforth highlander historical mace, ripped off from a car in new westminster b.c on october 29, 2010 at queens park arena. The regiment mace is apparently a hundred years-old, and has been used as a ceremonial sceptre since 1910 or the first world war.

The vancouver seaforth highlanders is just asking for the safe return of there mace nay questions asked, if you have any information on there stolen item please contact

Seaforth armoury 1650 burrard street vancouver b.c

A Remembrance day plea.


Relic Hunter

Keith Ranville Of Vancouver

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


British columbia law enforcement have they become drunk with power using the motor vehicles act as a strong authority tool to arrest and seize vehicles grossly.

The average b.c driver that consumes alcohol is usually under the legal limit but does not drive period now due to these new harsh b.c drinking and driving penalties that could ultimately ruin anyone british columbian financially if fined under these new b.c drinking and driving laws, Economically in the resturaunt industry they are sure feeling the pinch with people going out for dinner less for of fear of getting busted after a drink or two after dinner.

It so appears since gordon campbell stepped down as bc's premier a convicted drunk driver himself, b.c canada is to now be amending or relax the new tough drinking and driving laws, and was ex premier gordon campbell a once caught drunk driver did he toughened the drinking and driving laws in british columbia to clean up his own image as drunk driver?
Story To news Segment


Keith Ranville


Thursday, November 04, 2010


Freemasonry Armageddon triangle linked to masonic denver airports bunker is the clock ticking to end of days? Oak Island research uncovers meaning behind freemasonry intentions to a end of world scheme that has been in the works for sometime in united states and through out the world.

Would a deep underground bunkers survive a world wide solar impending catastrophic threat? the answer is nay. Can the world be saved from such a end of days doomsday "well that's what I am maybe here for?" to un-code a few answers before a endgame happens.

"Nova Scotia" in my opinion maya mean "light into darkness" otherwise a collapse star on the horizon.

Native Nomadic

Keith Ranville


Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Denver Airport underground bunker related to oak island triangles native symbol code, aerial view of birch island explains that in detail.

Oak Island Stone triangle clue related to birch island triangle.

Past old denver airport mural its looks quite graphic and disturbing for anyone to experience before they jump on a airplane.

More disturbing images of mask man with sword and machine gun "weapons" that are prohibited on airplanes by passengers' so why were they painted on denvers airport walls? Art was painted by a mayan man?

This Denver Airport was put together by freemasonry march 19, 1994 to prepare for a end of world catastrophe mayan art in the airport reads that.

2012 Mayan Prophecies/ Denver Airport Underground Bunker Conspiracy.

- Keith Ranville


Theories on unique subjects usually have a shoestring budget to them cause a theory comes through an original idea or thought? Nobody may know more than I do of the cost of creating a elaborate original theory in ciphers of codes.

For some that are unfamiliar with the oak island treasure hunt as many people are these days, this old canadian treasure hunt began well over 200 years ago in 1795 while three young men were exploring the nova scotia mahone bay islands located off the coast of canada. But it was on this one particular isle that is now known as oak island is where these three young men figured they came across a buried treasure pit, a round sunken circle on the ground along with a over hanging tree branch with a dangling wooden pulley gave the theory to the young men that there must of been something hoisted down in the ground below by someone using the tree branches wooden pulley?

This would be the actual infamous first oak island theory that Daniel McGinnis, Anthony Vaughan and John Smith the names of the three young men mentioned in the short treasure story excerpt above?

The Oak Island Birch Island Triangle Theory - Is the latest popular nova scotia mahone bay treasure hunting research ciphered from the oak island money pit, and the theory it was all basically created on a shoestring budget? Birch island triangle theory was originally read elaborately from oak island clues and like the treasure excerpt story told above birch island does also have a sunken impression in the ground also, but a triangle instead and very large.

At this time the oak island mahone bay canadian research is still ongoing on a shoestring budget.

Birch Island Media Story

-Keith Ranville


Tuesday, November 02, 2010


October 13th 1307 knights templars disbands and forced to leave europe due to heresy charges? Freemasonry are they behind killings thus knights templars in order to make good men better of the once warrior monks? Freemasonry fraternity may have came to existence from as early as 1482 in Scotland up to the death of stuart king james 1 in 1625. 1717 in England is the believed date the freemasonry craft came to be? But I figure they have been looming around much longer in the shadows of society than the time said.

Stone mason workers legacy work force is as old as the pyramids if not older? And whomever governed the ancient stone mason workers monopolized the business eras of many past ancient civilizations. Knights templars to the mid-evil days stone masons workers may have been like jimmy hoffa to the teamsters union? Mr. Jimmy hoffa like the knights templars both mysteriously disappeared under ruthless conspirator circumstances?

Mob like masons and gains of power fro wealth

Like how the the mafia got rid of jimmy hoffa for them to have a control of the teamster union - Freemasonry order may have done likewise to the knights templars to gain control of the stone mason workers tallied up net worth and to gain the ancient stone masons workers prestigious legacy$

The king of france and the pope were later both killed or died mysteriously?? with in a years after the knights templars round up, this was maybe in order to keep them silenced for them to never tell of who(s) was really behind the ploy to rid of the powerful knights templars society from existence.

To Begin a Second Order

Keith Ranville

Vancouver Halloween Million + in Damages?

Vancouver B.C Canada - Halloween aftermath gets a bang for its buck it got over a million dollars worth of fireworks damages it was just crazy out there with fireworks bangs & Booms this last Halloween night.

1.3 million bucks in property damages, we may get a ban on fireworks now..

Reference to story

Fireworks Display on Halloween Will Require Permit


Keith Ranville

Monday, November 01, 2010


Dan blankenship fred nolans gnarly past feuds; my last brief conversation with david tobias he angrily said he wants nothing to do with oak island. Hideous money pit feuds is nothing new and these nasty arguments its more than likely been going on for generations over the oak island treasure mystery's buried cache bullion.

Ever wonder why oak island forums are closely monitored, well that is cause people on these oak island treasure mystery forums can't wait to get at each others necks in a hideous under handed manipulative way? This is why that anyone of statue avoids oak island chat forums, personally I now know that was my mistake by subjecting myself to these oak island forums.


As a oak island investigator or researcher my job is find out everything about the oak island mystery this included who's involved, whats there role, and why they are doing what they are doing in this treasure hunt and break codes? Of course practically everyone is alias in this oak island mystery this is only because so they can go back to the normal world after they got there freak on in the oak island treasure mystery.

Exposing a elaborate reclusive treasure hunt at its most deepest level dug up many truths to a over two hundred year old money pit treasure hunt.

Keith Ranville


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