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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


October 13th 1307 knights templars disbands and forced to leave europe due to heresy charges? Freemasonry are they behind killings thus knights templars in order to make good men better of the once warrior monks? Freemasonry fraternity may have came to existence from as early as 1482 in Scotland up to the death of stuart king james 1 in 1625. 1717 in England is the believed date the freemasonry craft came to be? But I figure they have been looming around much longer in the shadows of society than the time said.

Stone mason workers legacy work force is as old as the pyramids if not older? And whomever governed the ancient stone mason workers monopolized the business eras of many past ancient civilizations. Knights templars to the mid-evil days stone masons workers may have been like jimmy hoffa to the teamsters union? Mr. Jimmy hoffa like the knights templars both mysteriously disappeared under ruthless conspirator circumstances?

Mob like masons and gains of power fro wealth

Like how the the mafia got rid of jimmy hoffa for them to have a control of the teamster union - Freemasonry order may have done likewise to the knights templars to gain control of the stone mason workers tallied up net worth and to gain the ancient stone masons workers prestigious legacy$

The king of france and the pope were later both killed or died mysteriously?? with in a years after the knights templars round up, this was maybe in order to keep them silenced for them to never tell of who(s) was really behind the ploy to rid of the powerful knights templars society from existence.

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