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Friday, November 12, 2010


Asteroid hitting earth a global killer it maybe be less severe with a opposite explosion reaction strategically at time of impact or just before.

Forrest fires are sometimes stopped in this way and this similar method of a space object hitting earth may so somewhat do the same like exploding a asteroid before it hits earth atmosphere or its upper atmosphere.

The controlled earth initial explosion will cause a lot of damage to earth but it may not be a global killer? Like what a asteroid impact alone will do like how one earth in coming object wiped out the dinosaurs.

Dynamic's, risks, Guts, will get us through a in coming asteroid global killer, pinpoint it and give it what it wants a explosion but on our terms. Cause man is famous for blowing things up and this would be the explosion of all explosions and that can save the human race.

This asteroid explosion method may have been done before in ancient times natually or a intervention explosion took place? Reference Youtube video

This would be a good a one for myth Busters or should we call it fact busters.

Earth shields are up, Cree Code Breaker.


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