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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


British columbia law enforcement have they become drunk with power using the motor vehicles act as a strong authority tool to arrest and seize vehicles grossly.

The average b.c driver that consumes alcohol is usually under the legal limit but does not drive period now due to these new harsh b.c drinking and driving penalties that could ultimately ruin anyone british columbian financially if fined under these new b.c drinking and driving laws, Economically in the resturaunt industry they are sure feeling the pinch with people going out for dinner less for of fear of getting busted after a drink or two after dinner.

It so appears since gordon campbell stepped down as bc's premier a convicted drunk driver himself, b.c canada is to now be amending or relax the new tough drinking and driving laws, and was ex premier gordon campbell a once caught drunk driver did he toughened the drinking and driving laws in british columbia to clean up his own image as drunk driver?
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