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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zodiac Killer Code Breaker

The zodiac killers emblem looks to be his rossetta stone to his multi symbol encryption?

-Keith Ranville

Roswell Oak Island Triangle Connection

News - Roswell has long been associated with a famous ufo alien crash but does it have a connection to the oak island mystery, triangle wise? Birch Islands triangle also has been recently discovered through using satilite technology same as to these newly found triangles found in roswell's landscape?

mysteriously found triangles found in roswell - Birch island is as equally intriguing, what kind of message is going on here?

Roswell Triangle on Google?

Birch Island Triangle

Keith Ranville Native Research

Monday, June 28, 2010

911 N.Y Trade Center Theory

U.S stargate program did or does it exist, A look into the future may have been useful in the case of 911's terror attack on america? If so the stop of 911 did happen how would our lives be today? And if the u.s used a stargate program for the stop of 911 in new york city by using a phenomenal futuristic psychic development made by the u.s government.

Lets just say if there was prevention to of 911 terror attack by using supernatural abilities, then there would be a chance we would create a parallell universe from this now life to with a life that would of been. Conspiracies arise from the 911 terror attack in the u.s mostly against the u.s government, just mainly on how it has handled during such unfortunate event.

There is no time, to play around with time.

- Keith Ranville

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