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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Chupacabra mysterious wild animal on the loose or elaborate prank of dog wearing a elongated muzzle? affraid


I believe the chupacabra mythical cryptozoology story could be a hoax maybe to manipulate property value? Well every dog has its day, until the chupacabra decides to show up other than on the run from the cops, well then we will then understand the meaning behind the chupacabra fanged KFC chicken eater?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


scientist's believe that we will make contact with aliens in 20 years? B.S There here already. [BLOGGER NEWS]


Keith Ranville

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Aztec nopal cactus its better than all diabetic medication that I have taken over the many year, first nations people fall victim to hideous diet related illness. Diabetic neurpothy is what troubles for it for me; there's most of the loss of feeling in the lower leg and also the pains are darting phantoms pains coming out of the foot region? Diabetic infections are my most pet peeves I barely escaped amputations on numerous occasion.

These new clinical trials is years away to whole cure diabetes Well I am a researcher so Im taking out file om the quest to save people from this nagging devastating illness
The government can save alot of 0f money by investing in preventative medicine for first nations people its a the cure for themselves and then They can grow nopal cactus's to it'll save even more money it's also know as prickly pear and nopalea but many pf these product are hard to get in health food store in canada this is only of regulations at the boarder, atzec nopal is what I found, most of the Vancouver lowmainland health stores were 0blivious knowing about nopal or prickly pears so far the aztec nopal has taking down the inflammation in the feet regions for me this is was done in 3 day?.. Go figure I believe this cactus concoction is my salvation.

Keith Ranville

Research stats

Data from the 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet (released Jan. 26, 2011)

Total prevalence of diabetes

Total: 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes.

Diagnosed: 18.8 million people

Undiagnosed: 7.0 million people

Prediabetes: 79 million people*

New Cases: 1.9 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in people aged 20 years and older in 2010.

Race and ethnic differences in prevalence of diagnosed diabetes

After adjusting for population age differences, 2007-2009 national survey data for people diagnosed with diabetes, aged 20 years or older include the following prevalence by race/ethnicity:

  • 7.1% of non-Hispanic whites
  • 8.4% of Asian Americans
  • 12.6% of non-Hispanic blacks
  • 11.8% of Hispanics

Among Hispanics rates were:

  • 7.6% for Cubans
  • 13.3% for Mexican Americans
  • 13.8% for Puerto Ricans.
Research data

In response to the epidemic incidence of type 2 diabetes among Native Americans and Alaska Natives, the United States government this month launched a diabetes awareness campaign to encourage these populations to take steps to reduce the incidence and severity the disease.

In the United States, type 2 diabetes disproportionately affects African Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, and Native Americans. The campaign, sponsored by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), is part of a broad effort to target high risk groups, using promotional materials developed for each population.

American Indians and Alaska Natives are more than twice as likely to develop Type 2 diabetes as non-Hispanic whites of similar age, according to statistics compiled by the National Institutes of Health. Research in recent years indicates that many Native Americans are genetically predisposed to diabetes but also shows that changing one’s lifestyle can help prevent or delay the onset of the disease.

Over the last thirty years, researchers have compiled detailed health and genetic information about one group of Native Americans in particular—the Pima Indians of the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona.

This population has the highest known reported prevalence of diabetes anywhere in the world: half of the adults have type 2 diabetes. Data gathered from the longitudinal study have helped scientists confirm that obesity significantly heightens the risk of developing diabetes.

Nearly all of the adults with diabetes are overweight. The Pima Indians also tend to have low metabolisms, which, together with a sedentary lifestyle and high-fat diet acquired in recent years, may predispose individuals to being overweight.

For any population, the genetics of diabetes is almost certainly complex, with a number of genes contributing something to the overall risk. As with so many common diseases, any hope of finding a single gene responsible for susceptibility to diabetes gave way long ago to a more realistic approach that presumes genetic complexity.

Some of the susceptibility genes for diabetes are likely to be specific to certain populations, while others may be more “universal,” or common to multiple ethnic groups, says Leslie J. Baier, a researcher with NIDDK in Phoenix, Arizona.

In recent months, her group and their collaborators have identified regions of two human chromosomes that may contain susceptibility genes among several populations, including a group in Finland, the Amish, and the Pima Indians. Although the genes, if they exist, have yet to be found, the researchers are encouraged by the fact that the same regions were identified in the different groups.

Studies of two groups of Pima Indians—one in Arizona the other in Mexico—support the idea that individuals can lower their risk by changing their lifestyles, despite their genetic background.

The Pima Indians of Mexico, who are genetically similar to the Pima Indians of Arizona, have a more active lifestyle and a low-fat, lower calorie diet. They also have a much lower incidence of diabetes than their relatives to the north.

The new campaign by NIDDK notes that moderate exercise for 30 minutes five times a week, eating less, and healthier food choices can go a long way toward preventing or fending off the disease.

Still, many Native Americans have fatalistic attitudes about developing diabetes because so many of their family members and friends have it, according to Tom John, Director of the Chickasaw Nation Health System’s Diabetes Care Center in Ada, Oklahoma.

“They think it’s not a question of whether they’ll get diabetes, but when,” John says. “We’re showing them that it’s not necessarily true that they’ll get diabetes, or that, if they do, the disease will progress to the end stage.”

<!-- Citations table, add rows ass nesc.-------vv--------------------------> Leslie J. Baier and Robert L. Hanson. Genetic Studies of the Etiology of Type 2 Diabetes in Pima Indians: Hunting for Pieces to a Complicated Puzzle. Diabetes 53, 1181-1186 (May 2004).

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Southwest airliner rant ain't no family guy giggity giggity goo, pilot error literally brings down airplane flying to new level? Airing personal laundry mile high club?

Glen quagmire couldn't of said it better during a southwest flight of a rant from this mysterious un-named pilot flying troll [cough] laddies man player that a southwest spokesman refuses to name? words uses; gays grannies and grandes ect.. And said on a open mic frequency for all the world to hear! Do girls do this to? don't know for sure, however Facebook started off as a womanizing score checklist to rates girls at the beginning then it became the biggest social media chatline on the internet? Go figure?

Everyone probably knows someone that blows off steam in there lives but there is a time and place to do it? tracy morgan is a example.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone At Stanley Cup Rioters? Anarchist targeting riot employers stifling Vancouver's economy further? Anti Vancouver rioters become thugs themselves by witch hunting people that were involved in the 2011 Stanley cup riot by using threats and intimidation's this is a another form of rioting and its tarnishes Vancouver's reputation further, a thug is a thug that's my opinion? Let the law deal with handling in dealing with these vancouver riot hoodlums the answer is not becoming a hoodlum yourself.

If any ones job that should be at risk it should be who that the Vancouver people elected in office? christy clark, gregor roberts and chief chu to, they should bare full responsibility or be held accountable. [Case in point] ?When someone babysits and the kids burn down the house who should the parents ultimately blame for the house set a blaze? maybe the kids some, but I am sure the babysitter ain't going to be recommended to any other babysitting jobs by the parents?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Atlantis, can a old ancient Nevada petroglyph give glimpse into a underwater America? Falling man appears water fluent not falling? [Cree Code Breaker]

Ancient glyphs in America tells of a mysterious past that north America may have been partially underwater at one time or another- [ATLANTIS LOST IN AMERICA]


Keith Ranville

Monday, June 20, 2011


New native research suggests that south western ancient American native petroglyphs_is_depicted_through_water_reflection's obscurely

Desert south west America land may have been a oasis of water at one time from a flood perhaps? this is according to ancient water reflection petroglyphs drawings? new Latest Research.

The 1200 year old ancient falling man rock art in nevada petroglyphs is in my opinion actually underwater man, man can't fly then' common now? - Keith Ranville Theory.
Rock art “is abstract, and made by prehistoric hunter-gatherers some 1200 years ago. The images are symbolic, and even though archaeologists can’t interpret most of them, they still had meaning for the migratory people who once lived here.” The images may have functioned as territorial markers, as ways of telling stories and documenting events such as the falling man. Once this area was covered with archaeological features such as agave roasting pits and a prehistoric campsites although now only the petroglyph’s remain. Trail Guide Getting to the Trailhead The Falling Man Rock Art Site is located way out in the Gold Butte Region at the northeast end of Lake Mead, about 2.5 hours northeast of Las Vegas in a wild, remote, and scenic area. From Whitney Pocket , in the Gold Butte Recreation Area turn around and drive back north for 1.4 miles to a dirt road to the west , which is just past a large sandstone crag with campsites around the base. Turn left and drive west on Black Butte Road. A number of side roads branch off from Black Butte Road, but most are obviously not the main road. However, at 1.2 miles from
Falling Man Petroglyph Sitethe pavement , take the left fork in the road. At 1.9 miles from the pavement, pole fencing on the south side of the road delineates a parking area . Park here; this is the trailhead.


First Nations Researcher

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Vacouver B.C Canada- Where we will fight to keep you Americans entertained its our way of saying we love our hockey more than our selves. [Late Night Jimmy Kimmel News]

TMZ - Vancouver B.C Gets world wide Press Medi News Attention in how Canada acts- corny crazy behaviors in the name of the NHL lord stanley cup? Blame it on Canuck Fever?

Reporting From Vancouver,

Keith Ranville


Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner CNN hands jobs him a new career in broadcasting? New York Governor Eliot Spitzer cut the same sex scandalous deal, and he rebounded his career as a political commentator on cnn?

He That Is Without Sin Among You, Let Him First Cast a Stone.

Anthony weiner, I guess would have no problem in finding a new day job in the entertainment world America likes the best of come backs, and it wasn't like weiner was doing anything illegal himself he was just being a cocky congressman on the internet? Late Night televisions got a boost in ratings from weiners internet chick twitter gallivanting around stunts and even president barack obama even says weiner will bounce back? I wish anthony weiner well in his next job position. [Blogger News]


Keith Ranville

Late night jokes post from

Anthony Weiner Jokes

"It turns out that one of the women Congressman Anthony Weiner was communicating with was a porn star. When asked how it was possible to get involved with someone in such a sleazy business, the porn star said, 'I don't know.'" —Conan O'Brien

"Congressman Weiner is in a lot of trouble since he tweeted those pictures. But good news for him, he just found out he'll be allowed to keep his porn name ... Anthony Weiner." —Conan O'Brien

"Anthony Weiner admitted to sending inappropriate messages to several women via Twitter, text, email, and Facebook. I think the lesson here is that if you're going to send explicit pictures of yourself, send them through MySpace, where no one will notice." —Jimmy Kimmel

"51 percent of New York voters think Congressman Weiner should keep his seat in office. The other 49 percent think that he should disinfect it." —Conan O'Brien

Saturday, June 18, 2011


B.C Premier Christy Clark faces prosecution for allowing a unsafe assembly to manifest during vancouvers 2011 stanley-cup championship game? Jail terms christy clark cries wolf on to win next election votes? [BLOGGER NEWS]

The tale of the tape tells the point of view of one ignored family man with family members trapped in vancouvers latest 2011 stanley cup riot mob. “Were was the security” would be the first questioned asked and why was the downtown stanley cup gathering exceeded past its capacity limited allowed?

Its seems by this youtuber that the Vancouver police wanted this riot to happen? He was ignored by the stanley cup policing staff when he inquired his concerns about the wrong and dangerous going on’s at the stanley cup screen watching areas?

There is some tough questions to be asked to christy clark and the Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, why wasn’t the public better protected at a city sponsored assembly? Instead they point fingers at the rioters? to decept any further blame from themselves? there typical politicians.

After the stanley cup game was over people began to riot in a crowded area cause perhaps they were confined or locked in like cattle? all bridges were shut down leaving or coming into Vancouver’s downtown area? This alone was a recipe for disaster? It is no wonder the riot mob intensified further this vancouver stanley cup riots fault is solely should be blamed on who was in charge of the planning of the stanley cup cities gatherings?

We have many people facing charges relating to the Vancouver riot, and peoples careers ruined, shop and property owners left just devastated from the Vancouver riot financially I should think we should look to who was in charged of this poorly monitored operation that went on june 15th 2011 in downtown vancouver b.c. that is one of Canada’s most attractive cities before any punishment are implemented.



What vancouver don’t want you to know about the stanley cup 2011 riot VPD caused it. Media, lawyers, politicians wins overall in this NHL money game there is no such thing as bad publicity even if the vancouver canucks won the stanley cup they would of not received as much attention as what the riot did? There something not right this video above helps to explain that the vancouver police may have wanted this vancouver riot to happen _ closing off bridges allowing over crowding of game watching areas ect…

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Friday, June 17, 2011


Talk about love in a dangerous time a couple manages to find time to find romance in the midst of anarchy [Vancouver news]

Riot 2011 over shadows Stanley cup boston bruins day in the sun due to a vancouver riot? Related story [Vancouver Sun]


Keith Ranville



Vancouver ufo's unexplained mysteries, I lived in vancouver most of my life and flying saucers started-happening recently it-seemed- to start to happen over-the-last-two-decaded for me? Over English bay vancouver b.c, I and an a friend seen a multi-color object hoovering over the bay one evening then it seemed to drop some illuminated slag into the bay. [2001-2] Blogger News.

You tube Video; above unrelated to story

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Nightmare continues in the aftermath of the 2nd Vancouver 2011 Stanley Cup riot 1st riot was in 1994 game 7 to ironically; is this the actions of all Vancouver hockey fans and the answer is no! This 2011 downtown Vancouver riot was a planned terrorist act perpetrated by a group of individuals that was responsible for the 2010 winter Olympic riots. [VANCOUVER BLOGGER NEWS]

[Full Moon June 15th]

I never went downtown Vancouver to watch the game I preferred to watch it on television because I had this intuitive feeling something bad was going to happen from this downtown vancouver stanley cup celebration? I could of went downtown instead cause I really wanted to record this event so badly but logic told me it was not worth it to go into the downtown core, and I am glad I listened to my intuitions cause it was a dangerous volatile time to be in Vancouver last. I mentioned it on facebook a couple a times that it maybe dangerous to go to the stanley cup celebration too you can read my post here. FACEBOOK

Stanley Cup Riot In Vancouver - 1994

Vancouver a 3 time stanley cup game 7 - 3 time losers but tonight after the boston bruins and vancouver canucks game we vancouverites may have lost more than the game of hockey itself there are no real words to describe the behaviors of some so called canuck fans I myself was so ashamed in what transpired from this stanley cup game in vancouver it was like the 1994 stanley cup riot all over again but worse.

People must understand not all Vancouver hockey fans are bad like in any big city there is always some bad apples but in vancouvers case there were barrels of them last night.

Reporting From Vancouver B.C

Keith Ranville


Vancouver B.C loses more than a stanley cup hockey game thugs destroys vancouvers good reputation over night mayhem is best to describe this 2011 stanley cup sieged riot

Dozens of people have been injured. Looting, vandalism cars burnt two were police cars? And all this over a hockey game? Social media may have played a roll in this latest vancouver riot with iphones been used used as a fuel to take pictures of people posing for photos while vandalizing the downtown vancouver streets?

Iphone Reporting

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Vancouver b.c news riots breakout in downtown vancouver with fires cars vandaled after canuck stanley cup loss to boston bruins. Fans burning there jerseys this is mayhem


Keith Ranville



News- The pressure is intense for both teams canucks & bruins with 3 wins a piece at home ice advantages, but now with canucks getting the game 7 at home ice? This only puts more pressure on the vancouver canucks to win. The scenario's are endless in what may happen today?

Odds maker have the 2011 finale stanley cup game at 60-40% chance that the canucks will win the stanley cup?

Reporting From Vancouver B.C at Stanley Cup Game 7 day 2011

Keith Ranville

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


CHACO CANYON- Mysterious ancient lost culture migrated to Arizona spiral ancient clock glyph relates together? [News]

My past native research seems to puzzle together; ancient celestial calendar in Chaco Canyon area does co-relate to Arizona's ancient petroglyphs celestial calendar.

And my elaborate know how discovery of how these ancient celestial ancient clocks works is a added bonus to how I know they are related? The hole on nearby spiral glyphs of both photos [above] aligns with a stick in the the hole in the same principles.

[Related research]

For more information on my latest discoveries feel free to contact me in person.

Canadian Native Reseacher

Keith Ranville


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Mystery Hole in Eastern Washington Cookie Cutter Phenomenon is perhaps made from a megacryometeor aka ice debris falling. [News Story]

Megacryometeors have been known to crash into houses and vehicles and are known to cause devastating damage to peoples properties over the past recent years. This mystery hole phenomena that happened in western Washington in 1984 is probably related to this falling from the sky megacryometeor falling ice chunks in my opinion.

This is why the smoking gun to what made the Washington hole is no where to be found cause it melted away shortly after impact and caused a hole cookie cutter shape cause ice is riggedly sharp? This is a logical theory to what went on in this Washington field of dreams and wonders I would imagine?

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville

[News Related Story]

Discovery Channel
Davis Jones a vancouver meteorologist believes the mystery behind ice falling falling from the sky is related to megacryometeors [wierd or what william shatner program]


Two articles on the Washington state 1984 event:

Strange Happening - Scientists are baffled by big 'mystery hole'

No one can figure out how, but a chunk of earth weighing tons was plucked out of a wheat field, as though someone used "a giant cookie cutter," and put down, right side up, 73 feet away. "All we know for sure is that this puzzle piece of earth is 73 feet away from the hole it came out of," said Greg W. Behrens, a geologist with the Bureau of Reclamation at Grand Coulee Dam. The displaced slab, mostly soil held together by roots, is about 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. Its thickness varies from 2 feet at one end to about 18 inches at the other. The shape and thickness of the piece exactly match the hole that was left behind, just like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, though it was rotated about 20 degrees. There are no marks to indicate machines were used, the Seattle Times reported Friday, and the land is fairly flat. "You'd think that, whatever the cause, the chunk would have traveled in a straight line," said Don Aubertin, director of mining for the Colville Indians, whose reservation is near the site. However, a scientist "found where pieces had dribbled from the chunk as it moved. The dribblings traced an arc from the hole to where the chunk was found." The site is on a farm in north-central Washington operated by Fred Timm and his sons. Two of the sons, Rick and Pete, discovered the displaced earth Oct. 18 while rounding up cattle in an area known as "haystack rocks," where huge boulders were left by a glacier that covered the area thousands of years ago. The Timms believe the chunk was moved sometime after mid-September, when they harvested wheat in that field. There was a small earthquake in the area during that one-month period, at 8:24 p.m. Oct. 9. It measured 3.0 on the Richter scale of ground movement, and its epicenter was about 20 miles southwest of the displaced earth. However, University of Washington scientists ruled out the possibility that the quake somehow could have moved the chunk. The work of a meteorite also has been ruled out. "There was no sign of impact," Aubertin said. "The hole was not a crater. It had vertical walls and a fairly flat bottom. It was almost as if it had been cut out with a giant cookie cutter." But even that couldn't have left such a hole, he added, because roots from plants in the piece that was moved still dangled from the walls of the hole, indicating they were torn apart rather than cut. Behrens wondered if bedrock could have focused the earthquake's seismic waves on the displaced chunk.Focusing can occur, said UW geologist Stephen Malone, but it could not provide enough energy.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Extraterrestrial psychic wars a reality, can aliens shape our destiny? read our minds implant suggestions? I believe so.

Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory research's these methods of how government agencies are already using alien technology to infiltrate the public's private thoughts? I believe extraterrestrials are able to read our minds through advanced technology

Hey who knows I may be getting my own code breaking knowledge from aliens themselves through advanced messaging? Well the science is in the youtube videos how it can be done this is not any kind of science fiction its science fact.

[My Story]
I can recall in past blogging of me mentioning that when I was on the stairs at my home [vancouver b.c] 2005, I was doodling in my research book of a diagram and as I was looking to the skies during this to there were objects in formation of that same pattern in the sky of my drawings?

Our technology these days is alien technology we are not supposed to be this advanced by any means yet.


Keith Ranville

Friday, June 10, 2011


Could it be possible atlantis will never be found cause its lost to earth's geology fault lines? machu picchu example's this theory? Earthquakes animals seem to have a sensitivity to know when one is coming on? We may have that same natural ability in us to, but in form of us being attracted to fault lines?

Fault lines crushing of Teutonic plates may radiate a source of energy vital to the human Psyche? simalar to like the story of delphi?

Getting to these mysterious ancient lost cities can perhaps unify lost knowledge in the human spirit, the [vrill] done it and so can I' the real Indiana Jones/National Treasure Hunter .

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Nasa recording sun's activity in 3d dimensions only leads me to believe: they are expecting_a earth's_global_killer solar_flare storm? "SOON"

Space News
The reason nasa has the sun investigated in 3d with satellites is because they are waiting for a up coming solar flare event that will be a direct hit to planet earth? Many of the latest sun's solar storms have been off to the side away from a direct hit to earth, now if we were to experience a full frontal solar storm direct hit it would be catastrophic to our planets wellbeing on many levels!

Mayan 2012 Calendar "Warning"

Referance : NASA

Native Resercher

Keith Ranville

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Sir Isaac Newton 2060 doomsday code hidden in his 47 sins that he can remember? 2060/2013/{time2012}/1964- 47 sins of isaac newton counts [repents back 47 years] fro 2060 to 2013 to time [2012] then times 47 more years back to a specific date of coming of the code breakers to his elaborate code [1964]


The 47 Sins of Isaac Newton, as Recorded by Himself

mathematical/physical work by Sir Isaac in its 5,000 or so words--is the almost impossible inclusion of a list of what Issac Newton could remember of the sins that he had committed. He finds [47] transgressions within his memory. odd#

Prophecy Revelations

King Solomon

TIME, TIMES AND HALF A TIME already is, and is yet to come.

The Ranville Effect

Keith Ranville

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Well if you were truly interested in finding the this infamous oak island money pit treasure this_is_the_place_to_be ..

What I have noticed in the past few years is that this oak island mystery has grown in popularity did this blog play a significant role in bringing this oak island money pit to a grander audiences I would suggest that'll be a yes.

So where does this treasure mystery go from here? The money pit is thrashed beyond to even know where the actual money pit was? But new investigations already determined there is no treasure on oak island altogether? However, through extensive research shows that the oak island money pit cache perhaps lies on a nearby treasure island X marked as birch island and this is where a enormous triangle figure also lies?

For more information on oak island, and to all recent un hideous oak island money pit stories its all here thats told boldly from a actual treasure hunters point of view an all un sugar coated not like most of the treasure hunt its interpreted to be told by tale tellers of the oak island mystery for financial purposes.

First Nations Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville


Sunday, June 05, 2011


Vancouver Canucks the Stanley Cup champions after about 40 years and 2 games 7 stanley cup loses? [MY PERSONAL HISTORY] Vancouver canucks joined the NHL league in 1970 since then my parents uncles and aunts thus brothers and sisters have been canuck fans, and to finally see the Stanley cup in Vancouver B.C does feel like a blessing' of course Vancouver is two games shy away from the actual winning of the Lord Stanley Cup this does seem kinda premature to celebrate? But I am confident the canuck talent and speed will win the Stanley Cup ultimately.


To see Winnipeg back in the the NHL makes this hockey season all the more exiting since I am from Winnipeg originally, but my life is in Vancouver.

Keith Ranville

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