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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Extraterrestrial psychic wars a reality, can aliens shape our destiny? read our minds implant suggestions? I believe so.

Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory research's these methods of how government agencies are already using alien technology to infiltrate the public's private thoughts? I believe extraterrestrials are able to read our minds through advanced technology

Hey who knows I may be getting my own code breaking knowledge from aliens themselves through advanced messaging? Well the science is in the youtube videos how it can be done this is not any kind of science fiction its science fact.

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I can recall in past blogging of me mentioning that when I was on the stairs at my home [vancouver b.c] 2005, I was doodling in my research book of a diagram and as I was looking to the skies during this to there were objects in formation of that same pattern in the sky of my drawings?

Our technology these days is alien technology we are not supposed to be this advanced by any means yet.


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