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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Sir Isaac Newton 2060 doomsday code hidden in his 47 sins that he can remember? 2060/2013/{time2012}/1964- 47 sins of isaac newton counts [repents back 47 years] fro 2060 to 2013 to time [2012] then times 47 more years back to a specific date of coming of the code breakers to his elaborate code [1964]


The 47 Sins of Isaac Newton, as Recorded by Himself

mathematical/physical work by Sir Isaac in its 5,000 or so words--is the almost impossible inclusion of a list of what Issac Newton could remember of the sins that he had committed. He finds [47] transgressions within his memory. odd#

Prophecy Revelations

King Solomon

TIME, TIMES AND HALF A TIME already is, and is yet to come.

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