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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone At Stanley Cup Rioters? Anarchist targeting riot employers stifling Vancouver's economy further? Anti Vancouver rioters become thugs themselves by witch hunting people that were involved in the 2011 Stanley cup riot by using threats and intimidation's this is a another form of rioting and its tarnishes Vancouver's reputation further, a thug is a thug that's my opinion? Let the law deal with handling in dealing with these vancouver riot hoodlums the answer is not becoming a hoodlum yourself.

If any ones job that should be at risk it should be who that the Vancouver people elected in office? christy clark, gregor roberts and chief chu to, they should bare full responsibility or be held accountable. [Case in point] ?When someone babysits and the kids burn down the house who should the parents ultimately blame for the house set a blaze? maybe the kids some, but I am sure the babysitter ain't going to be recommended to any other babysitting jobs by the parents?

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