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Thursday, January 06, 2011


History channel releases oak island money pit documentary in HD Bias bizarre best describes the film, birch island not mentioned? Why? treasure mystery gets F for failure once again. Oh' but the history channel will have oak island characters pushing crackpot theories of aliens and a thermal nuclear bomb in the money pit? Although the oak island film was interesting until the point of it mentioning its money pit is radio active and gazoo was apart of the oak island treasure hunt?

There is alot of propaganda floating around this oak island treasure mystery I don't think there are bad oak island film makers and bogus oak island websites I just think they are instructed by there peers to leave important elements out of the oak island treasure hunt like thee birch island triangle. Why, most likely cause of fear from whoever is pulling there strings.

Conspiracy to keep oak island none native or birch island free exists, but the avoidance of oak islands most logical theory only keeps my theory alive and that more mysterious to why it being kept so secret from the world. "Its like mentioning the great pyramids of Egypt then saying the valley of the kings is insignificant to the Egyptian pyramids."

You would think these documentary channels like cbc, history channel so far would do there research on oak island properly and in better depth before pitching it to there viewers.

Enjoy the film this blog provided

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