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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Is it a reality the president barack obama will make a formal press announcement that alien extraterrestrial life is among us-publicly, rumors says its possible. 2011-12 is it the years that we will be officially confirmed by the American government that what many people's were seeing in the skies in the past were indeed ufo's and from another world or dimension.

The truth is out there; a V scenario - X-Files Gets put on the table?

Alien ET life, its been said
extraterrestrials has been around for millenniums and there is speculations that they had been apart of many past ancient civilizations.

(Questions) And is technology we use today is it alien technology? Or what about religious people how will they react? plus do we trust any such beings that were voyeuristic to us like how many governments has been being big brother to us? These are some of the questions that would be needed to be answered to the public? When such an eyebrow raising time takes place.

Reference to UFO/ET Claim

"I myself believe in the existence of ET's and I believe they are telepathic due to there highly evolved minds. This Indian guy just maybe not so crazy after-all? for believing in UFO's. Cause I know what I saw in the past in our skies it was highly technological advanced ufo crafts. "

I will be not as shocked as many people would be when such ufo news is confirmed to people world wide in any formal announcement. I'll be the one of the few people saying I told you so. Intriguing mystery investigations is how I roll.


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