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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The first perspective first nations news websites blogger pulls INAC Minister John Duncan's leg using wikileaks part of joke? Hoax

No laughing matter "satire article was pulled" it was remove at the request of the department of Indian affairs Canada? But not before the sully hoax went viral on the Internet and on social networks like facebook and twitter.. it was some crazy horsing around done by news blogger Obidiah.

The article was tittled:
"What the Wikileaks says about the Minister and Indians" on the first perspective news website and written by "Obidiah, Investigative Reporter."

Here is a synopsis that was in the first perspective article: “Aug. 9, 2010: It was bad enough being secretary under (former Indian Affairs minister Chuck) Strahl, now I gotta suck up to all those chiefs…Some of whom make a hell of a lot more than I’m gonna make on this job,” the posting said. “The annual pow wow at Black Sun Dog is coming up. I really don’t look forward to sitting cross-legged for an hour….”

"Chretien and Trudeau had it right in the 69 white paper. The only hope for them is assimilation into the mainstream culture. And the gradual decline of numbers residing on reserves. I mean, what hope is there for a community on the Hudson Bay? With not even a road in? And polar bears!" Although it is satire, in language and tone it is not very different from the authentic cables of US diplomats published on Wikileaks, especially those from Bolivia, Chile and Brazil. There's the same arrogance and white privilege.

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