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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


On the coast nova scotia canada may lie a mysterious buried treasure bullion in a small isle, over the centuries men have risked there lives in hopes of finding this oak islands eluding curses treasure. Alaska gold rush best describes oak islands feverish treasure hunt, fortunes of wealth dreams has memorized just about every treasure hunter that ever challenged this godforsaken oak island money pit.

Up to now no in real-time treasure hunting film footage has ever been recorded from this oak island treasure mystery by any past treasure hunter this blog is as good as it gets in learning oak islands previous history I also report treasure news on regular bases along with oak islands latest research theories. Nobody realizes it but the best part of searching for treasure is recording it, like how these American Alaska gold rush bound gold prospectors have done it, there real life high stakes adventuresome gold rush expedition to Alaska can be watched on film/television for generations to come its a brilliant idea on there part.


I believe I am on to something to this oak island mystery?

For more information on the oak island mystery or if you would like to learn more about the latest oak island new theories like birch island triangle you can contact me.

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