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Sunday, July 25, 2010


"..Giza's pyramids of egypt connection to the new world americas, north atlantic offers geometric patterns in triangle thesis form....." Oak-island-mystery+bermuda's-triangle's mysterious layout puzzled together? Six triangles lined up side by side in the north atlantic it pieces together an elaborate treasure map that may lead to answering a unsolved world famous treasure hunt? (Oak Island)

What may have been in the egyptian pyramids or king solomon's Jerusalem temple at one time may have been taken by hoarders of spiritual relics, and now the relics' they could very-well be hidden somewhere in the north atlantic's latest new treasure mystery theory? (Birch Island) Referred relic items pertaining to treasure search; like the ark of the covenant, holy grail.. and perhaps there maybe other unknown ancient lost mystic relics to add to the list to this treasure search from this ongoing native crusade quest of mine; towards the great understanding of ancient lost knowledge thus given from the great architects of the universe.

- Keith Ranville

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