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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now you can't leave the Mystery

Upon the early times of oak islands new native theory a group of evil thugs from the were instructed to purge the internet to attack first nations research savagely, mildly retarded behaviour would describe threats & intimadations given by the insane ranters. Did there ploy to control the oak island mystery internet status work?

Well it wasn't until the intrusive started to crumble around themselves along with the oak island website forums that were involved in this oak island coo to attack first nations native oak island research relentlessly. With all these bizarre personal attacks on the internet led by the they reached unconscionable levels for normal people to even understand there retarded behaviors?

It wasn't until the internet roped all the estrange oak island characters and quartered there b.s across the internet, at this time there was no going back on there hateful regrettable deplorable actions of there's at this point, the key to there bullshit turned behind them and the door locked; meaning now nobody leaves now?

A tale truer than A Bronx Tale

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