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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hopi native spiritual beliefs talk of a 5th world in oracles, a planet like saturn it maybe a new world one with a mystical looking hexagon box on its poles surface. Saturn a new frontiers to hold life? could the planet be in the makings of a planet much like ours? The earth created in seven days as said in the bible we may have to rethink that mere possibility until we fully understand the nature of this mysterious hexagon marking on saturn. It maybe a genesis box on a verge of creating a world on saturn in some godly way?

This same genesis hexagon box that appears to be on saturn I believe it was on earth and was apart of earths creation also, point of area locale in the north Atlantic area its also in a large hexagon box area in a geometric pattern radiating to mystical places and of where planet earth may have began billions of years ago the time according to geologist. But what is going on, on saturn with it's swirling hexagon on it, it has stymied scientists world wide on just whats going on with this mysterious hexagon on saturn? I myself feel this hexagon box is related to how earth was formed in its past, that is my theory on this matter.

Mayan 2012 prophecy grouped in with many other world ending prophecies, we are in interesting times the unexplained is certainly the big attraction these days. Bermuda triangle and other areas in the north atlantic, the phenomena reported in this unexplained vortex area around bermuda isle may have principle to whats going on in saturn's mysterious hexagon.

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