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Saturday, October 23, 2010


La Maná, Ecuador pyramid connection to oak islands treasure mystery is related in code breaking context, obscured native readings explain elaborate description of what this inscription found beneath this ancient artifact pyramid really means (above) it reads beneath in basic descriptive linguist: Below to, it meridian goes to surface at an angle, meridians to highest above at that angle in that constellations direction in star map above.
Research Reference
Resonance Mandalas of La Maná

La Maná, Ecuador pyramid symbol translation in the most basic terms. A larger relic pyramid to the small pyramid exists somewhere in north America locale birch island triangle. A wise man inscribed these symbols beneath this ancient pyramid relic cause he may have knew that his own language may one day be lost like many languages before us. So he wrote it so someone just as wise can figure it out. (In descriptive patterns) this event told beneath the small ancient pyramid will happen again.

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